The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out

John Coltrane Quartet – Ballads

Bill Evans Trio – Portrait in Jazz

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

The Ben Webster Quintet – Soulville

Follow your melon:


MakeAcid says:

Do one for Acid Jazz

ambertheghostdog says:

how about delta blues next? or any type of blues really, modern blues etc

Pontus says:

If you don’t like Death Grips then jazz just isn’t your thing

blackdog says:

Also check out Dave Brubeck’s Jazz Impressions of Japan. It is an excellent cool jazz record inspired by folk melodies from Japan.

Gonçalo Marques says:

Starter pack: Experimental jazz

Andrew Scott says:

would also recommend Chet Baker Sings! Def a cool jazz record.

Crab says:

No Ahmad Jamal??? Wow, ok.

Fish Man says:

dave brubeck bblleeehh

Al Rashid says:

What about Prog Rock?

Eric Diogenes says:

Kind of Blue is not cool jazz. Neither is Ballads by John Coltrane.

BallsDeepIn Spaghetti says:

I’d like a bop or Bebop jazz starter pack

John Bensinger says:

I’ve been listening to jazz since I was in diapers, but I’ve never heard of “cool jazz.” Is that a common expression used for this type of stuff?

Ron Pudding says:

Again, shit tastes.

Chris Pruneau says:

Starter Pack: Doom/Stoner Metal

20thCenturyPox says:

I reckon more apt Miles choices would surely have been The Birth of the Cool or ‘Round About Midnight. Kind of Blue is really more of a landmark in Modal jazz for me. Nevertheless, an area worth discussing, makes for a nice change.

Heart of golden glass 77 says:

Is Tommy Dorsey considered jazz?

A Solitary Soul says:

Chet Baker’s Chet is also a great album if you want to listen to a chill Jazz album.

moonhooch is my religion says:

check out moon hooch

Zaccharie Charvolin says:

What about Round About Midnight by Miles Davis? Was that in the running? Another truly amazing cool Jazz album.

Hank Bell says:


David Daniel Merkle says:

If you did a dance-punk starter pack, would you include Big Audio Dynamite?

Aidan Ahern says:

Kind of blue is one of humanity’s greatest achievements

Nathan Worobey says:

Ella Fitzgerald live in Berlin is my athstetic

TeeJay says:

New Wave starter pack when?

Eggnog The Fierce says:

Do classic Prog rock or Jazz fusion next

Astronaut Cult says:

none of the links work, good job melon

The Wormboy says:

No kelpy G???

ThtGuyNTheBackground says:

Whats the deal with none of these linked videos ever being available?

Javier Valencia says:

latin music starter pack, electronic experimental pack, noise rock starter pack, Post punk starter pack pls melon

Jesse says:

Check out Cal Tjader. Now!

reece fuller says:

Crickets loud af tonight, eh Melon?

s o c i o - l o v e - x says:

PHARAOH SANDERS, Love Will Find a Way!! Probably not cool, great gateway into “jazz”

Ben Aaron says:

Every album collection needs a copy of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue.

epiphony720 says:

I recently started listening to more Daft Punk and Deadmau5 and I’d like to know if you could do an Electro or House starter pack

Nondas8552 says:

Dear fantano,
Please do a punk starter pack. I know nothing of music outside hip hop and your channel has been a great aid to introduce myself into other genres.

NathanaelWiebe says:

Can you do a normal jazz starter pack or a swing pack

Derek Baltar says:


darknessblade1998 says:

Do like edm or cloud rappers or black metal

Sebastián Briceño says:

this isn’t jazz, it is jazzy, but it isn’t jazz

Steven Karp says:

Could I make a suggestion for a contemporary folk starter pack???

XxxGondegon 420xxX says:

Now do Free Form Jazz

Simon Barth says:

I talk with the spirits! Best album ever and I think it is cool jazz!

Hal J Smokes says:

Isn’t Cool Jazz more orchestrated and composed rather than using improvisation?

Sam Leal says:

Schuldiner lives !!!

Nicolas Joulin says:

‘Kay, that’s cool melon, that’s cool. I mean… are FRIGGIN FRIGGIN me around ?
Give me your post-punk starter pack. I want the postthony punktano.

Florian Mikoschek says:

Kind of blue is not Cool Jazz, but Modal Jazz

Freddy Takenoko says:

Starter pack: Funk?

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