The National – Sleep Well Beast ALBUM REVIEW


Sleep Well Beast is The National’s most vibrant and engaging set of songs in years.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Messofanego says:

While I also find The National to be the peak of sad pretentious hipster white dudes (that Father John Misty mocks in his music), glad to hear they’re reaching Boxer levels of quality.

mybrainidont says:

If theres anything I’m tired off with The National, its that constant, incessant…whining, I guess. While that is what drew me to them in the first place, I remember their records not being lined with misery or a freight train of depression, and having some humour and charm. At the very least some levity between tracks, like ‘All The Wine’ or ‘Apartment Story.’

This “sad, grizzled dude at the end of the bar-“schtick is getting abit old.

Art vandaley says:

the national like Gin and Wine. I can’t even support this band.

Peter Hay says:

Ok now I’m going to review that slug on your lip, ready?……2/10

Keelan Murphy says:

I like most of trouble will find me, but can understand why people wouldn’t like it. I don’t see why you wouldn’t like high violet though from an objective point of view

James Davis says:

Curious what you think of the new Mogwai!

Ivan Malek says:

Wow I didn’t expect you to like this album considering you panned their last two

Asha Black says:

I like Trouble Will Find Me waaay better than Sleep Well Beast

DJC Music says:

Sleepthany Welltano

PrinceOfTehPizza says:

You need to get glasses that fit your face better.

dojobug913 says:

What’s that album in the background?  The brown one with spirograph art on it?

BeardyNolando says:

If I was given a nickel for every time he touches his glasses, I’d be rich as FUCK!

AdamGB81 says:

I completely disagree with you. This new record is lifeless, listless, and dull. Yes, the instrumentation is loud and bold and more “rocky”, but there’s no emotion, no beautiful melodies, and just boring as a whole. Bring the weird, depressing National back!

TheLebowski5 says:

I’m actually just hearing for the first time a full LP from this band called The Nat’l; the album that was reviewed here. First impressions, and I know this opinion is going to come off as simple and maybe surface level but it sounds like Death Cab for Cutie with baritone vocals instead of tenor

Michael Delius says:

You missed the point of Trouble Will Find Me. It’s such a soft, dark, and personal album.

blackpageofspace says:

kinda wanna complain about how often you push your glasses up but i do the same damn thing lmao

i couldn’t really get into this album. i liked high violet, a few songs from trouble will find me, couple songs from boxer, but i think this one was a bit too dreary for me.

veerchasm1 says:

Trouble will Find Me kinda sucked, the new album is okay. Sounds like their drummer has been listening to too much David Gray and Radiohead. El Vy was a more interesting backdrop for Matt’s voice

Jesse A. Kluesner says:

How much coke can you do with that mustache. Put rubber bands on the ends of your glasses. Right over the ears Shit won’t slide off as much. That shit was driving me nuckin futs. Solid, solid review.

TheLejames23 says:

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – “Little Thing Gone Wild” review that shit!

Santiago Sasias says:

hey anthony you should review the new Susanne Sundfor album!

Degarmot says:


Curtis says:

Does this album not remind anyone else of Alligator ?

eNVy says:

Oh, a typo. You definitely meant to write 9/10.

Juan Feraud D'avila says:

You don’t even need to listen to it a lot of times to notice it’s a great album. For me it’s the best album from The National.

Stephen James says:

You’re lame dude. 9 out 10 easy.

Grant Andrews says:

Interesting review.

Wrong, but interesting.

Shanon Sipes says:

I love the national and sleep well beast is excellent, but i still go back to high violet, that to me is the definitive national album

Luis Faraudo says:

A fucking 7…

Diego García Ríos says:

Thanks Mr. Middle of the road (TM) that was a nice review

Awkwerd says:

I was gonna ask for a Dubloadz & The 9000 Ghosts review but maybe the upcoming Snails album could be an interesting review

Heych says:

Im a little depressed the best parts of the album came out before the album finally dropped

Yougotobelieve says:

You got it right. I really love the first three tracks. Towards the end it fizzles out.

Jimmy Dean says:

do i hate mars bars

George Rusu says:

When did Melon get married??

Χριστιανός Ορθόδοξος says:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers. Please make a review A.S.A.P.

Warping Warping says:

Good album, nice roast on Matt.

Len O'Sullivan says:

Please get a pair of glasses that stays on your face.

Thaïla Khampo says:

This should be call the National bland.

Demonomania says:

Oh look, the Bigfoot Chaser finally saw my comments and made his way down to Barnes and Noble to grab his copy of Sleep Well Beast. You’re only a week behind the rest of the world, faggot. lol “their most engaging set of songs in years”…makes you wonder what this melon-headed moron has been listening to when it comes to the National, because their last two albums were even better than this one. Fucking creepy molestache-wearing bozo. You could NEVER create anything even remotely as good as this album if your pathetic fucking life depended on it, and you know this. Bigfoot chasing bitch, lololololol

Jack Walker says:

I should live in a grain of salt

Cashew Chestnut says:

do i hate wine bars

John Kreitlow says:

Dude get some glasses that fit you properly

Jesucristo Maestro de sombreros says:

Effete dad rock for reddit obsessed white guys who desperately want to stay hip and cool with “new music” instead of seeking professional treatment for the mid-life crisis they’re obviously going through… aaaaand TRANSITION! Did you love it? Did you hate it? What you rate it? You’re the best you’re best what should I review next?

Omar Mickelson says:

Foo Fighters – Concrete & Gold album review when?

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