The Top Jazz-Fusion Albums of the ’70s!

Join host Pete Pardo for an exhaustive look at some of his favorite Jazz-Fusion albums of the 1970s! Included are the albums:

Miles Davis-A Tribute to Jack Johnson
Larry Coryell- The Eleventh House with Larry Coryell
Brand X- Moroccan Roll
The Brecker Brothers Band- Heavy Metal BeBop
Larry Carlton-Larry Carlton
Frank Zappa and the Mothers-The Grand Wazoo
Hatfield and the North-Hatfield and the North
Colosseum II- War Dance
Dixie Dregs-What If
The Crusaders-The 2nd Crusade
Lee Ritenour-First Course
Bill Bruford-Master Strokes (One of a Kind/Feels Good to Me)
Stanley Clarke-School Days
Billy Cobham-Spectrum
Herbie Hancock-Thrust
Al DiMeola- Elegant Gypsy
Alphonse Mouzon-Mind Transplant
National Health- Complete
Matching Mole-Little Red Record
Chuck Mangione-Feels So Good
Pat Metheny-Bright Size Life
The Mahavishnu Orchestra-Inner Mounting Flame
Santana/McLaughlin-Love Devotion Surrender
Nucleus- Elastic Rock
Return to Forever-Where Have I Known You Before
Passport-Cross Collateral
Oregon-Out of the Woods
Soft Machine – Third & Bundles
Jean Luc Ponty-Enigmatic Oceans
Terje Rypdal-Odyssey
Jaco Pastorius-Jaco Pastorius
Secret Oyster- Sea Son
Transit Express-Opus Progressif
David Sancious-Just as I Thought
Jeff Beck-Wired
Weather Report-Heavy Weather
Lenny White- Venusian Summer
Tony Williams Lifetime- The Collection (Believe It/Billion Dollar Legs)


Bill Niemann says:

The holy grail is Bitches Brew…

John Zunkley says:

Jan hammer with Jeff beck 1977 live. Awesome

Umberto Y Lost Trio Paranoias says:

If you like Jean-Luc Ponty take a sample taste of Michael Urbaniak with Urszula Dudziak (vocals). Album: Smiles Ahead from 1977.

Vision says:

It’s certainly not from the 70s but i’ve been getting into fusion (before I only really knew RtF thanks to Romantic Warrior’s closeness to prog, and “Birdland”) more and more lately thanks to Hiromi Uehara. “Return of the kung-fu world champion” is so damn fun. And lives are possibly even better than her studio recordings.
The funniest part is, you’d probably never guess it, I stumbled upon her by listening to Eccy’s remix of Shing02’s “Lift the fog up” (yes it’s a japanese rapper!), which samples the piano melodies from Hiromi’s “Spiral”.
In truth the whole Nujabes (& collaborators) discography is a treasure trove of jazz-sampling for hip-hop instrumentals from old jazz albums, my own favourite being Marcus D’s “Fly” (sampling “Triste” by Caldera) which I could literally sell to people as a modern jazz piece. My own grandma liked it lol. I’ll add a link in the comment if anyone is interested.

GLM GLM says:

Thumbs up for recognizing FZ in this category. SUPER thumbs up for putting my favorite Frank Zappa album and one of my all time favorite albums on that list.

Randy Watson says:

Passport was one of my favorites!

Kristopher Spencer says:

Herbie’s Thrust is out there. Love it. Sextant is awesome too.

Mike Mullins says:

How about Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express

Ben Morrison says:

My favorite jazz fusion album of all time is Banquet by Lucifer’s Friend.

Claudio Cinieri says:

Mysteries of the Revolution, check it out !!!

Rick C says:

How about Steely Dan ?

Sparky Jo says:

agree on the Brand X choice..still is a monthly listen for me on the old stereo..Wayne Johnson Trio..guitarist…..check him out

Frukwon 420 says:

So glad I just found your channel! Great video hope to see more!

Anthony Ferraro says:

Jeff Beck – There and Back and Jan Hammer – The First Seven Days

Blias Treb says:

Interesting comment about Stanley v Jaco at 14:30. Playing back then, we bassists never compared the two. They were both geniuses in their own worlds.

arnold oliver says:

I love Jazz Fusion Thank you very right now I’m buying some of your suggestions thank you

fer daneri says:

Forgot FOCUS from Holland

Fusion Hunter says:

Hi Pete if you are on Facebook please look at my group Jazz Rock Fusion. I have 33,000 members. please feel free to join in.

CBH440 says:

Gary Boyle, The Dancer.

Tony Simmons says:

TBolin, Lee Sklar, McLaughlin, DiMeola, Pastorius, Jordan, Cobham ++++ many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These cats were AMAZING!!!!! Thanks so much for not ignoring some GREAT music!!!!

Nawty Potato says:

CDs? Gross…

Jim Collins says:

Great list, as usual! Love those seventies jazz fusion albums now, but when I was in high school I just didn’t understand the genre. Back then, it was all about the hard rock and prog bands for me. Over the years though, I grew to love the genre.
My top 10 in no order:
Al DiMeola: Elegant Gypsy
Passport: Cross-collateral
Billy Cobham: Spectrum
Colosseum II: War Dance
Mahavishnu Orchestra: The Inner Mounting Flame
Allan Holdsworth: Metal Fatigue
Bruford: One of a Kind
Brand X: Moroccan Roll
Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow
Alphonse Mouzon: Mind Transplant

CD says:

Not really Jazz-Fusion…but a genre unto himself…Bo Hansson…

Herb Wandrei says:

The biggest bunch of horseshit I’ve ever seen

Andre Yakovleff says:

Just a thought, Pete, but have you come across French bands Magma and Moving Gelatine Plates? They’re wicked,
in very different senses. When I was growing up, Gong wasn’t as well known or followed as Magma, but then they’re
French, so that doesn’t cross the channel. Or the Atlantic.
Cheers, Andre

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