THE WORST ALBUM OF 2016 (Corey Feldman’s Angelic 2 The Core) [NOT GOOD]


This has to be the worst album of 2016. I mean, it just has to be, right?


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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Just a Random Guy says:

This album was created by the CIA for torture

Elton Webb says:

Corey Feldman probably watched this whole thing

Logan Raterink says:

The track Volcano from Swans’s Soundtracks For The Blind would be right at home here.

if you see murdoc niccals you're color blind says:

i don’t know what the fuck you mean this is clearly the best album of 2016, best album of the decade, litteraly the best thing in the world

An actual Lemon says:

This is still to this day one of the funniest videos you’ve made melon

MrMustacrackish says:

The today show performance is just incredible. The most geniune laugh ive had in a long time.

Espen Bohren says:

Brah you need to start with crossfit.

tricia's floral haberdashery says:

I’m actually almost gagging at how bad this is, nice

Entropathocracy69 says:

Slam an entire vegan smoothie every time he laughs.

Jasher says:

Huh didn’t know linkin Park released a new album

Shauny darko78 says:

this album is a total fantomas rip off……but sadly corey is no mike patton.

Phlip74 says:

All his songs sound the same
Questionable Beat then his growling vocals

Joseph Althaus says:

14:43 melon burp

William Yonts says:

Does anyone know that album with the primary colors in the background?

Will Rucker says:

What was the worst album of 2017??!

RealZodiacKiller says:

I’m glad that this was your favorite album of 1935, this is my favorite Styx album by far.

Shauny darko78 says:


Alexander Holland says:

16:55, did Antnee get confused and end up playing “Get Real Paid” by Beck? Just curious

Jerod Wolf says:

25:30 I️ mean, there is only so much one can stay in the presence of Corey without feeling incredibly depressed

Nick Ribali says:

I come back to this review when I need a nice pick-me-up.

Mnemosyne Gates says:

It literally has shit flute in it

Robin Johnson says:

13:52 is the sound of pure, unfiltered disappointment.

trkoby says:

Could you maybe show less wife beater chest when you do a review?

N E W E L V I S . says:


Lucas Purkey says:

Fun drinking game:
Every time melon man says “Um” take a shot.

ChlorineHeart says:

holy fuck that white people ruin everything comment was the highlight of this video

regular boyo says:


Mahatma Cote says:

‘White and Nerdy’.
Insipid electrobop

Michael Book says:

Oh my GOD seeing him pretend to like the songs and dancing along finally gives meaning to my life

Also I would pay money to find out how much snoop got paid to appear

Emily Ann Shaver says:

I made a mistake watching this…we need to start a gofundme for Anthony’s therapy

Mayukh Sikdar says:

yay! music finally has a best of the worst!!

Aiden Wood says:

I feel like Anthony is telling me my parents are getting divorced

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