Transform & Rollout Agent Meister (Jazz)

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Agent Meister is available at East Coast Toys

This is a review of Transform & Rollout Agent Meister (Jazz). where we take a look at the figure, accessories, and talk about novice vs experience.

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Artzy Kid says:

that transformation was sooooo….. x transbots

David Lenshyn says:

Great review fellow collector. Alt mode is nice. Looks great from afar.

Jimmy Hauser says:

Paint chipping. It’s why I disagree with your love of paint. Colored plastic is more durable. And his chest sticks out waaaaayyyy too far. They should have called him Dolly.

I dont do birthdays says:

I always thought this figure has the best looking car mode of all Jazzes out there. But I didn’t pre-order it because I had a feeling it was going to be a bad figure QC-wise.
So I still don’t have a Jazz on my shelf. None of them do it for me.

John Carpenter says:

I actually noticed the backdrop before you mentioned it, but could not figure out why my eyes were drawn to the seam.

Bricks and Planes says:

Yupe Maketoys all the way! Thanks for the review!

Hotrodsbeast says:

This doesn’t have to do with jazz… but I think you’ll be interested if you havnt already seen it.. its a self transforming Optimus Prime, and it’s big!

TransformsInto AGuitar says:

If the hip skirts were designed properly I’d buy this.

Jordan Harrington says:

Soooooooo…..MakeToys? lol

Ray's Reviews says:

Not a bad figure, but i feel Downbeat is superior. I am glad i got him. He feels super solid and i haven’t seen any paint issues yet.

6x6Majin says:

And once again, it seems like nobody has gotten Jazz right yet. MakeToys looks like the most quality figure and is nice and clean but it’s to the point of being too clean, as I’m not a fan of the big push to toon accuracy so the aesthetic just kills it for me. Toyworld had the look I wanted in that it felt like a proper hybrid of G1 toy with modern articulation meets the sensibilities of toon proportions, basically looking like what you would expect the characters to look like if they were “real” and that’s what MP should be in my opinion. However, Toyworld flubbed the engineering with how the backs of the calves are attached to the ankle rockers which breaks the sculpt in some bad ways, plus they have the giant gaps in the forearms where the hands flip out which is inexcusable on an MP scaled figure. Then we come to this guy who, while he doesn’t look quite as nice as Toyworld did, still has those G1 toy/G1 toon hybrid sensibilities going, doesn’t have that ankle rocker problem, buuuuuut then it has the awkward side hip skirts and even worse, the single flap front skirt…. Come on people, I thought we were past this! Just like having a forearm gap from where the hands flip out, having just a single flap for the front hip skirts is pretty inexcusable on an MP scale figure. I dunno man, it just feels like it’s still a rock and a hard place for Jazz fans here…

2007suprasport says:

Definitely a nice figure forsure!

BlackHoleAtron says:

So basically it’s an alternators figure with better paint and better articulation.

Cybertron Warriors says:

The chest seems to over hang a lot, which is my main issue with this design. I love the new background!

Mark Jorgensen says:

Happy with my Downbeat, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Uncle Skullface, it’s that if I’m happy, I win.

michael mills says:

U didn’t mention that it’s violating all the trademarks lol just saying

Ziel Felix says:

It looks like an aesthetic and engineering mess compared to Downbeat

android131c says:

is there any diecast on the maketoys Jazz? if so how much/where.? i still need Jazz, Perceptor, Jabber, Hoodlum. are any new Jazz figs upcoming? id sure love a Fanstoys.

AlphaTrion92 says:

what happened at 1:47?

jokerkidone says:

Good review Bobby!

Q's Reviews says:

I’ve been keeping my eye on this one since it was first shown (in grey scale) on the various toy sites. It’s actually quite cool (although it’s been a while) to finally see this figure see the light of day. It seems pretty good overall, however, for the time they took, it seems it should have been better. This is the “Jazz” I wanted before the Maketoys came out. Fantastic review as always it’s greatly appreciated!

Nightwingnum1 says:

It is beautiful but I will be keeping my Maketoys Jazz.

Andrew Allen says:

I wish they’d put the little porshe badge where it should be on the hood, and not on the rim of the front bumper.

jzachery says:

I want to take the head off of this one and put in on Downbeat. I won’t, but I want to.

VRHyoumaru says:

Wasn’t this thing delayed for 4 years or something like that?

Dylan Charles says:

Glad to see I don’t have to replace my Downbeat, at least any time soon. I think it’s interesting that both figures have issues with the shoulders (Downbeat’s habit of unplugging all of the chestworks if you’re not careful while manipulating the shoulders). All things considered, I think I prefer Downbeat, but it’s not like they completely blew Agent Meister out of the water.

aicdragon says:

Im surprised you didnt note the scale discrepancy in alt mode. The fact that it seems to be just slightly bigger than the other cars made(both official and 3rd party). Of course Fanstoys Hound did have this issue… But bein that there are other Mp style offeringa of Jazz it seems rather noteworthy. Particularly how much larger the wheels are than the others. Startlingly fascinating considering in bot mode hes slightly smaller than the other 2.

Eric Tron says:

Where can I find this figure?

doro626 says:

Oh yeah Bobby. You know what the people want….

stroopwafel says:

Thanks for the review. This looks good, but agreed Maketoys still wins.

By the way, are you going to cover WFC: Siege soon? Other reviewers have already done the line, but I value your perspective.

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