Transformers 3rd Party Toyworld Coolsville (Jazz)

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This is a review of Transformers 3rd Party Toyworld Coolsville (Jazz). where we take a look at the figure, accessories, and talk about why one would watch my reviews.

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crispcat says:

Thr neck brace kills this toy for me.


Oh damn. Still not sure what to get. The all seem to have flaws equally. Ill wait for one more to pop out before I decide.

David Lenshyn says:

Great review. huh looks like Toyworld did a solid job here. Is this there last decent release? Time will tell. Their Springer looks off along with their Kup.

dbad73 says:

Love this guy! Great review Bobby! Forearms don’t bother me too much, I can deal. Dat paint!!! =)

Jason Sawyer says:

Hip skirts must be eliminated! Death to hip skirts!

Bryan Toth says:

Glad I got the MakeToys version. I definitely prefer the slightly more G1 look to him. (But now that you mentioned it, I want to see that Springer review! He’s one of the few characters I’ve always loved enough that I might splurge on multiple versions.)

Joe Vogelsong says:

Great review. The alt mode lured me in and is one of my favorites. Sadly one of the hip pieces that go around the head during transformation broke on me (fixable, but not worrying about it) so I doubt Ill be taking it out of alt mode for a while.

Luis Pena says:


Toy Man 1976 says:

Great review Skull Brother!!! I love this figures look but OMG FUCK that transformation…

Irwin Pang says:

To me both maketoys and toyworld didn’t nail it. I bought this because of the blue headlights.

He is nice but not excellent.

Sportimus says:

Welcome to Coolsville. Population: Bobby Skullface. MT Let-Downbeat is so-so. Coolsville isn’t my ideal MP Jazz either, but not bad. It’s either Coolsvill or J4ZZ. I haven’t decided beyond that. Tamara will get to MP Jazz in like 2023. I’m not that patient! lol.

Thirty says:

Looking good. That car mode is selling me on it. Great review from the master of detail.

Buck says:

Ahh! I was terrified to see what you were going to say about my Coolsville! (laugh) .. But I am glad you give it a minor recommend. All your gripes you have it with are the same as mine except the visor. The transformation is a pain in the @ss but I found every time I finish (especially in into car mode) I feel very satisfied. Car mode is absolutely fantastic! The weight, how it rolls the paint. Ug.. So good.

Bot mode is where there are a few problems but what they got right overwhelms the wrong. In my opinion.

And you were spot on about why I got this one over Maketoys.. simply the aesthetics. I did not see any reviews for either. Ordered for the look.

Not sure if this link will work but I just bought a visor upgrade and I put it in yesterday and it makes the face pop even in a dim room. This is a photo of mine with the new visor.

Thoroughly enjoyed the review Skullface as always! Keep it up.

Anthony Chojin says:

Hmm, this one makes no sense to me. I thought this would be like tnr hova, which would be even more toon accurate than mt downbeat. But the headsculpt and the flap behind it just look silly. The abdomen als seems off. Imho gt j4zz and mt downbeat both are more viable depending on your wishes. Carmode looks cool though.

Nathan Simmons says:

This one looks good, but Maketoys version is so much better imo. The flap behind the head on this one is disappointing as well.

Tom Bernal Jr says:

Great review Bobby, when I first saw the pics for this fig I liked it but when they showed the car mode I totally felt in love with it! When I got it and transformed it (which I didn’t enjoy) in car mode immediately I thought the same as you “feels like a G1 car” painful transformation but the end result is very rewarding.

kalron27 says:

“Into the ocean, best be daring. The last one in is a rusty herring”

Robert Cohn says:

This is so hard to watch, so many aspects feel like a chug figure at masterpiece scale

kek23k says:

It all seems quite promising right up to the waist transformation.

Mechanic says:

Got this one just for the alt mode, which is pretty nice aside from the doors not tabbing in properly.

Michael van Kesteren says:

I’m a big G1 cartoon fan, and, honestly, the only place where this guy beats the Maketoys effort, which also has its issues, is paint. I think the sculpt on the Maketoys is way better, the collapsing chest is inspired and the transformation on this guy looks like an unpleasantly floppy experience. This guy comes across as a not as well as it could be engineered modernising of the G1 toy. Which is fine, but not my preference. Ultimately though, they’re not really meant to be competing for the same spot on the shelf, which is cool. I now just wish Maketoys put more paint on theirs.. Especially the shins and feet..

Ravenous Nightwind says:

I think that this one does certain things better, like more detail. It seems more comic book style than toon style. It’s nice. I have downbeat, I like how it came with the included string because he’s constantly stuck in that position to throw his grapple. Love that pose. It’s interesting to see a comparison. I feel like downbeat is slightly more cleaner than this guy. I’m not sure but that’s how it seems, especially on the ankles. Though I like the ab area on this guy and the thighs. It’s a hard choice! @_@ I’m still happy with mine though.

Nick Holmes says:

I liked the fact that you didn’t need to buy reprolabels for him and had lots of painted details, but Downbeat just looked better (sculpt wised) and the visor is what finally sold me.

VRHyoumaru says:

Geez Thew wasn’t kidding when he called this thing a fiddly mess. This was really the only one of the three Jazz I knew I DIDN’T want. Your review definitely makes it look better, but I still lean more towards Maketoys’ take aesthetically.

Monologi o robotach says:

Nice video, I prefer him over the maketoys and sold my Downbeat one i got Coolsville 🙂 I made some G1 weapons for him if anyone is interested ( i can send some samples 😛 )

kakashi prime says:

It looks good in that car mode mac

Perci Constance says:

Will you be checking out their kup crank?

Ian Bailey says:


James B says:

So after taking a chance with him, just did not fit into my collection. However the alt mode is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen, so I bought Downveat and an aftermarket sticker set… pretty happy overall, The best representations (IMO) of those modes are displayed.

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