Vinyl Video #72: Gimme 10 Jazz Albums

Ten albums cherry-picked from my small (but, I’m hoping, soon to grow) jazz vinyl collection.


Tom Besson says:

Hi Jeff. I discovered Ben Webster the same way you did, on the sound track to Woody Allen’s “September Song’. Thanks for the video. I think you hit your top ten on the head.

Back to the Vinyl says:

Excellent stuff Jeff. Some great selections there, “Somethin’ Else” is a beauty. Tempted to do a response to also include some modern jazz that you may like. Cheers. Mark.

Nicole Dimmers says:

Hi Jeff, my boyfriend really looooves your channel and all the videos!!! There is one question: Could you please tell me from which album or artist the intro of all of your videos is? Thx, Nicole

TONE Scott says:

These were some great albums, Jeff.  Very respectable selection you showed.  Then again, any albums you would have shown I would have said were respectable…. your taste in music or genres or sub-genres, etc, is your own and should never be judged by anyone else.  Cheers, bro!

Sean Zloch says:

Great list, Jeff!

Does your OJC Saxophone Colossus use the same stampers as the DCC LP?

scott guerin says:

The only bad thing about this video is you waste several minutes apologizing when there is nothing to apologize for.

Music Rudg says:

Great selections, love the Kenny B. And it is also a great system demo record having been recorded by the great Rudy Van Gelder who sadly passed away in 2017.

b f says:

Really enjoyed this one! If you haven’t heard it yet, Sonny Rollins Vol 2 on Blue Note from ‘57, is great. Monk sits in one track. Great cover too. Would be in my 10.

Back to the Vinyl says:

Hi Jeff. I finally got around to posting a video response to this one on my channel. Ten recent jazz albums (with a twist!) :-). Cheers. Mark.

lovell andrew says:

Jeff great choices I agree with the ones you excluded. Hank Mobley Soul Station is a classic you put it on and it just pulls you in . Cannonball Adderley Somethin Else a KILLER that line up says it all. Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue smokes his guitar burn through the compositions I love that record so much I have and OG Mono and the music matters he’s definitely a legend on guitar. And you pick my favorite Sonny Rollins album that’s a monster St Thomas a true classic Jeff you know what jazz is all about great taste man great episode.LovellCarter

anthony forchione says:

Great list, enjoy them all. There’s a great doc on Lee Morgan on Netflix..worth checking out

Michael Farrer says:

Great choices Jeff.I have a similar jazz interest to you.Visiting New York later in the year from the Uk looking for soul and jazz albums could you point me in the right direction for record shops from a selection and price point of view.Cheers Mike uk

Cheap & Cheerful Record Collector says:

A great video with some great selections. First off, never apologize for what you like. You like what you like and that’s good enough. Love Sonny Rollins, Art Tatum and of course Lee Morgan. The only ones you left off were Monk and Mingus, 2of my personal favorites. I’m going to try to put together a video of my choices soon. Thanks for posting

William Now says:

Nice video…I like the idea of not showing the “obvious” classics. My jazz collection is not huge although I have bought a lot of the Blue Note 75th reissues. I enjoy your other non-jazz videos also though I have been heavily into jazz the last couple of years. I just uploaded my ten jazz list video earlier tonight. I love Blue Note as you do. Good channel…

Hu Ko says:

Great stuff! I like this Hartman/Coleman record. I came really into jazz ten years ago when I was in a hospital for a very long time. Now I have a big collection of jazz records. It is never too late.
Hello from Germany – Hubert

James Griffiths says:

Great selection Jeff, some old favourites of mine, some unknown to me. I used to slavishly try to copy certain drum breaks from Saxophone Colossus, love Max Roach’s playing. I’m a little like you in that I have a fair few of my favourite jazz records on CD, and my vinyl collection is somewhat orientated around rather obvious choices (Kind of Blue etc)…but I am definitely going to try and put together some kind of jazz video in 2018. Cheers, James

Timothy Cappetto says:

Jeff thanks bud great video. I will reference this video as I continue to look for more jazz records. Definitely genre I want more in my collection !

daddysensei Silver says:

Great set of records Jeff. Most I have on cd, a couple on vinyl as well. When I got heavily into jazzback in the earlt 90’s that was my cd buying days. Do you like any fusion?

Corey's VC Channel says:

Awesome set of 10, I do like Sidewinder but I’m on the hunt for The Gigolo.

david guerre says:

Hi Jeff! i recently posted a video on Jazz Records , that are mostly recent.. i actually posted after seeing the video of Mark, so now the loop is looped 😉 Nice choices! few of them i havent listen to yet, i will 😉 cheers, David

Bill Pompilii says:

Cool video Jeff. Some very nice selections. I’m a big fan of those recordings. Is that Elvin Jones on the cover of the Jazz on cd book you show?

Culture Fan says:

Some great picks, some I don’t have and I’ll have to try and find. I bet as you age you’ll probably listen to more jazz, that’s what happened to me anyway. Those first three albums you showed (Davis, Coltrane, etc.), but didn’t include are great starting points for the novice. I’m glad you excluded those and show others. I might try this.

Spinnin' Greek says:

Nice picks for a video Jeff. Louis’s sound makes me smile as well and it was he who got me into New Orleans music in general. Try some Preservation Hall Jazz Band if you haven’t yet

Shamrock'n Records says:

That was a fun video Jeff. I really enjoyed the music in the back. It’s something that I want to try to start doing a little more of. That Midnight Blue Record sounded great. I liked the story of the bachelor pad days. I think a lot of us go through that. I once had a New Year’s Eve party that was a jazz theme where everyone had to get dressed up and what not.. it was a fun evening. Thanks for sharing these. I was semi familiar with a few but there were some new ones for me as well.
Talk soon,

Alan Shulman says:

impeccable list. you picked several of my choices

Jenny Party says:

(Now I want wine!)

Tommy Burton says:

Bravo, Jeff. I think I may give you 10 in the next couple of days…

L. E. says:

Hello Jeff interesting video…I find it odd that if the album is great and an awesome listen we try not to show? Hmmmm not me I don’t care….. if It moves me I’m gonna show it no matter what….that Kenny Burrell I need to pick up the reissue, I saw it twice in the wild but in very poor shape…
Another I need Lee Morgan….I’d like to follow up on this…..if I get off me duff lol……..good video Jeff have a good week ahead —=Lisa

DolfanDale says:

Great video. I’m going to have to get in on this thread at some point this weekend.

Barrie Strong says:

Enjoyed the video but as stated to a fellow V.C. member may i suggest investigating Big Band Jazz? People like Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington et al. So much more exciting and dynamic than small groups methinks. My all time favourite track is Malaga by Stan Kenton which will be played at my funeral… Probably a little too loud and brassy for your taste but hey so exciting !!!

Lorenz Müller says:

I never know which Blue Note press to pick… Urgh…

Thomas Calden says:

Very nice video – I have about the same amount of jazz albums as you, probably. But mine all tend to be things that appeal to the mainstream – the usual subjects, such as “Kind Of Blue”, “Time Out”, or records that aficionados might consider to be more pop, like Billie Holiday’s “Lady In Satin”…One of my favorite jazz/ bossa nova albums is plainly titled “Getz/Gilberto featuring Antonio Jobim”, which you probably know, launched Astrid Gilberto’s career with the hit “The Girl From Ipanema”…Another one that may have some appeal to rock fans is George Benson’s 1970 record “The Other Side Of Abbey Road”, which also has a very cool front cover take-off of the iconic Beatles album..

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston} says:

Fantastic selections Jeff. Most of those are pretty popular and well loved albums. One pod of jazz albums in your collection is actually quite modest. I did not know that you lived in Quincy. We will have to talk about that sometime. It took me years to really understand and appreciate some of the harder to get into jazz genres. I am still waiting for the music to really grab me like so many other genres did starting with Motown, soul and rock when I was really young. But I am digging it more and more as the years go by. I was definitely a ;ate bloomer like yourself. Isn’t that part of the overall joy of music collecting? Being able to discover and appreciate classic jazz albums at this time in my life is a bonus.
Catch up with you soon. Still love all of your videos Jeff~

Christopher Kibler says:

Thanks Jeff. Good topic. – Chris

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