Whiplash (as reviewed by a jazz musician)

Whiplash was a great movie that got jazz wrong – admittedly in subtle ways. Come join me in this half hour (!) exploration of how the movie portrays contemporary jazz culture in NYC.

AWESOME blog post by Ethan Iverson about Whiplash and Buddy Rich

Interview with Justin Hurwitz

Peter Erskine talks jazz

Whiplash Behind the Scenes

5-hour practice routine


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Backstage Bum says:

Apparently they got the portrayal of jazz musicians being insufferable cunts right. Fucking snarky snobby bitch.

Noah Gelner says:

For the next Q&A;
How do you feel about the use of thumping on guitar?

Qazwsxedc Plmoknijb says:

Whiplash: a film that should have been a cartoon.

Anonymous says:

i feel like you have chronic bad breath

Mellow says:

just because you can find a movie that is about something you are experienced in doesnt mean that you need to be toxic and try to dismantle it. Clearly it is a stupid question to ask if jazz music school is really like this. I used to play and perform classical music on guitar and they selected the best students in the school for a higher level class and yes the teacher was almost like the teacher in this movie and it is inspiring. These kind of teachers are doing it all for you and THATS THE POINT THIS MOVIE IS TRYING TO MAKE, stop criticizing shit in this movie that has nothing to do with the main point.

Peter Bergin says:


sfscstube says:

If I didn’t want such a petty nitpicky review I wouldn’t have watched an Adam Neely video. 10/10

Cameron Campbell says:

Do Lala Land next

Ardit Gagica says:

Please shut the fuck up

chili24137 says:

I know nothing about music but I feel like if you went to a music school on the west coast and then went to a music school on the east coast the differences between the two school would be of similar size to the differences between your personal experience in music and music in the movie. Everything under the sun is done a little differently depending your location and who is teaching you, probably the same with this and I’d wager that there are other musicians who would agree with some things you disagree with and vise versa, but whatever. Just seems you’re getting a little too specific sometimes, but hey, you made a long video and it’s getting views, well done.

Corey Walvatne says:

Mark gilliana and nate smith are truely the new greats to look up to

anon 1 says:

I like buddy rich. most people who know jazz know buddy rich. they don’t know these other people.

badthumbguy says:

And you guys just need to watch the whole video before throw your angers to the comment section.

liquidSS4 says:


KoopaPlays says:

He’s watching the movie on an ipad in a park with an earbud?

PP Wieners says:

he wouldn’t say “by heart”…he’s say memorized. fuck that…. i am sure someone in a jazz program uses the phrase “by heart”. some of these points are so stupid.

Michael Yang says:

why do you gotta play the lick every part introduction

MrLeviNielsen says:

Please don’t tell me you watched the movie on an iPad.

Shadow Titan says:

Welp… I’m just here to tell you my man, that you just hit it… You made another 1M video and I want to tell you that your videos keep getting better
I’ve been watching your videos since “Emotional Ear Training” and I’ve sticked with you for a lot… 2 years, which in internet terms sounds like decades.
If for any reason you get to see this comment, just know that I love your content and please keep moving forward and I hope to see more of you soon.


Now i get why people hate Jazz….

William Richmond says:

you are the pettiest human being.

Jason Newman says:

Got high, watched the entire video, saw no Metallica. Boooo.

etf42 says:

This is how I feel about football movies. I cant watch them.

Saoirse says:

This is so like the old Muzzleloader Guys I know “The officer should have said “present Arms!!! My god what were they thinking!!”

Nate DS says:

This reminds me of those videos about a lawyer reviewing the authenticity of law dramas.

spartan456 says:

I’ve always looked at it as an inverse sports movie. Most of the “unknown underdog surprises everyone and wins the day” movies are extremely predictable and very cheery. The character development comes from our protagonist usually going full-blown anime and “thinking about his friends and family” or whatever. Whiplash is definitely an underdog kind of movie, but it’s the reverse of the stupid, predictable bog standard. Our protagonists motivation to do better is rooted in malicious contempt and anger, not something positive like all the other movies out there.

I personally don’t think that Andrew really “won” anything. Throughout most of the movie, there is a growing, malicious antagonism forming between Fletcher and Andrew. At the end of the movie, Andrew insists on playing even after Fletcher tells him to GTFO, because Andrew doesn’t give a single fuck about proving anything to Fletcher anymore. It’s the point where Andrew decides he’s tired of Fletcher’s shit, and if Andrew really is as bad as Fletcher says he is, then he’s taking Fletcher with him. It ironically ends up working out, because from that extreme anger, he ends up going way past his breaking point, and manages to finally please Fletcher.

It’s a sports movie for sure, but a complete reversal of the concept.

thebizkit23 says:

Reminds me of when I took a stroll in the Amazon so I could review Jurassic Park.

I will also be dunking my head in a bucket of salt water while I watch Aquaman… You know, so it’s soooo authentic.

Nick Levesque says:

The paradiddle one hurt me

David Baker says:

As a drummer, that 215 bpm count off part triggered the FUCK out of me.

Dan Conner says:

You seem like the quintessential music school kid: You have to be critical of something everyone else enjoys.

infide says:

Please check out my review of “Kung Fu Panda (as reviewed by a zoo keeper)”. Kung Fu Panda is a great movie but it gets pandas so wrong. Never once do we see Po eating bamboo. Come join me in my 3 hour exploration of how this movie incorrectly portrays pandas in China.

Aaron Thielemann says:

in marching band, we mostly counted off with 5,6,7,8. Since you say most dancers do that I wonder now if it was because of the color guard, although it was probably that marching bands march in sets of 8 almost always.

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