Why I collect lp records vinyl collection THE JAZZ

Going through the collection of 40+ years, condensed down to only the best sounding pressings, and the only my favorite JAZZ lp’s


swordfish52 says:

Thanks Ron !!    Jimmy  ….

Eddie Carter says:

Hi Ron, I would like to know where you got your LP storage units and what the prices are.  From what I can see on your video, they look fantastic and sturdy as well.  Is this a stand alone unit or a series of stackable bins?  If stackable, do they come assembled, or did you have to assemble them yourself?

Dead Wax66 says:

I did some research, and it is said that the Japanese remastered the music and took some bass and added more highs because of noise pollution in the small confined living. Everything is so close and right next to each other they wanted to keep the music from being to deep in base. Well cool videos, keep em coming.

Steven Bell says:

Really enjoyed your video,Billy Cobham and Stanley Clarke have been two of my favorite Artists since I was back in High School.Bob James was my neighbor for a while back in the nineties.Herbie Hancock Headhunters was my first Herbie album, and boy what an Album that is.You got my as a sub in the first couple seconds of this video.Where are you from I llived in Philly from 1979 to 2001. Then I moved back to Michigan. Just wondering how you wound up liking the very same Artist’s I do. I find that so cool but that has never happened to my before.I just ordered a Copy of Spectrum from Disccogs I believe the site is.

99khan57 says:

Greetings Ron. Nick here. I’m new to the vinyl community. Just watched this video of yours from over 2 years ago. Good jazz fusion collection. I actually have plenty of the LPs you featured here. I shall backtrack and watch more of your videos (I see you have tons!). I hope to post my very first video soon. I know I have plenty of good stuff to share. In the meantime, I will continue to watch and enjoy more videos from other VC members as well. Keep it up.

DJ Trish says:

great collection.I just got into Deodato.I did a cover of the X files theme.so cool.Stanley clark is a great bass player!

Samuel Fogelgren says:

Idle Moments with Grant Green is wonderful! Great Record.

Do you collect classic music as well?

TheJampt says:

Amazing you know Eumir Deodato…

Gerardo Ortiz says:

No mostró ni un disco de Duke Ellington, Coleman Hawkins, Art Pepper, Lester Young, Art Tatum. Aburrido.

Vinyl Kats says:

Some amazing stuff there, excellant collection of jazz

Ron Beaudry says:

you are welcome jimmy glad you enjoyed the video

DoctorDeadwax says:

Donald Byrd Catwalk on Blue Note Music Matters 45rpm! Very nice. Great LP and great pressings. 🙂

DoctorDeadwax says:

You have a much different jazz collection than I do. Many similar titles, but much more heavy on that sort of 70’s electric jazz that was funky and then moved into smooth. Myself I am more into the Blue Note era.

Barrie Strong says:

glad to see you have some Buddy Rich…would recommend Canada’s very own Maynard Ferguson’s band and in particular the albums MF Horn 1, 2, and 3 series

dixielandfarm says:

Definitely a different jazz collection than lots of people in the VC – most (like me) tend to focus on hard bop, while others love that ECM kinda jazz – not a lot of people really focus on that mid 70s period. 

Beyond the Realms says:

Very nice collection! You should add Jaco Pastorius’ debut album to that collection 😉

Sally Smith says:

Soundtracks on vinyl would be incredible. Thanks for showing the collection

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