YUNOREVIEW: June 2017 (Big Boi, Royal Blood, Pond, Halsey + More!)

The magical monthly segment where I briefly touch down on a gauntlet of albums I didn’t get a chance to review this past month. These are just my short, straightforward, passionate, biased opinions.

The albums referenced in this episode (in order of appearance):

Imagine Dragons – Evolve
The Drums – Abysmal Thoughts
Danzig – Black Laden Crown
Pond – The Weather
Do Make Say Think – Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Marika Hackman – I’m Not Your Man
Big Boi – Boomiverse
Nickelback – Feed the Machine
Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
John Frum – A Stirring in the Woods
Preservation Hall Jazz Band – So It Is
Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?
Jlin – Black Origami (typo in vid lol)
Amber Coffman – City of No Reply
Dan Auerbach – Waiting on a Song
Christian Scott – Diaspora


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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Rod Jonse says:

I have a Pekingese too.

John Hamm says:

Imagine Dragons is like the worst fucking band ever. Like the worst. I literally throw the fuck up every time I hear their shitty music on the radio.

Thomes Maisling says:

Why didn’t you give Marika Hackman a proper review you melonspam Goatfucker? It may not be groundbreaking, but how often does an album not have one dodgy track on it?
Also Youtube spell-checker does not recognize the word DODGY or even the word Youtube as correct spelling. WTF!

Luka Bozinovic says:

y u no review new dying fetus and decapitated?

bhr says:

1:23 evil melon laugh

Jack Brown says:

why the hell do you dislike Royal Blood, they are champion

George Cooper says:

Finally someone that will be honest about Royal Blood.

Binka says:

“Out-SITION” *points to wrong corner for last episode*
I can’t trust that, I’ll never eat my fruits and veggies, or get a good nights sleep.

Connor P says:

I’ve been really wondering why you haven’t given your thoughts on the Joyner Lucas mixtape. It came out in June

Joey Chapman says:

I really like the new format for this segment. You are great Melon.

Gabriel Cora says:

Sir Lucious Left Foot is a classic and holds up to 90s Outkast easily, there. i said it.

AtomicMonkey32 says:

Dat dog tho!!

Collin Reeves says:

What about CHUCK by chuck berry

Jalapina says:


Mr. Meat says:

You dislike anything I like

George Toogood says:

Put a t shirt on Jesus Christ

Infametheus says:

Every Imagine Dragons song sounds the same

Student - Finlay Harrison says:

Royal Blood is a 10 mate.

Spencer Robertson says:

Damn Melon

Ruth Rodrigues says:


Purplepentapus157 says:

Evolve was such garbage, thank you for not even giving it a 30 second highlight

jjk087 says:

boomiverse is damn good

TheRealMutttastic says:

What’s the name of the band on that shirt he’s wearing, always been terrible at reading these fuckin black metal band logos #FakeKvlt

FishiiBoye says:

1:15 you clearly haven’t listened to any or most of their tracks…

atrass toumay says:

poor big boi…

DylanJ says:

The Halsey one was absolutely flawless!

Ngozi Cooper says:

AND PHOENIX ..  . . .. . . . . and phoenix . . . . . . .

Hayden Bennett says:

What about that Washed Out album?

Speissi87 says:

OOOIIIIDAAAAAA??? Royal Blood is amazing, how can you not see this? WTF

Joe Bishop says:

Agree on the Marika Hackman album. Strongly recommend people listen to her last album (We Slept At Last). Far more distinct with more risky & interesting lyrical themes, also very atmospheric and chilling.

FishiiBoye says:

I have to ask, why was Evolve the only album that you didn’t review properly you ¨reviewed¨ in less than 30 seconds when every other album even the ones you didn´t like you gave more effort to

Contentious Overhaul says:

review your unhealthy fetishization of black women

Andrew Strachan says:


IamCombustible says:

Did Royal Blood kill your dog or something?

Prince vegeta draws says:

Why is there not 508 507 2209 by joyner lucas

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