Yves Saint Laurent Live Jazz cologne/fragrance review!!

Song:Blink 182-random

My Yves Saint Laurent Live Jazz cologne/fragrance review!! XD rate comment subscribe people! and check out fragrancenet.com for it!! enjoy!! XD


Michael Leung says:

Haha, you must’ve said “when it comes down to it” about 6 times or something in this vid :p

Great review as always though Tim. I’ve been wanting to pick up another fresh summer fragrance (got 212 Men but not particularly balled over by it), so i’ll give this a try.

hioxd says:

Nice suit man=D

lfmars98 says:

Looking for a fresh fragrance, I bought this based on your review. Looking forward to wearing it when it warms up. Thnx!!

drunklad says:

Hey tim, im buyin a few summer fragrances and im just wondering if you think my selection is good or if you could improve on some of them, and tell me if i should get a different one…
but here is my selection
1) I Am King by Sean John
2)Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent
3)Happy by Clinique
4)Versace Man by Versace

thank you for all of your help and love your reviews XD

KissMySilhouette says:

I’m a girl and was reading a manga in which the protagonist is wearing this cologne; it’s descriptions sounded nice so I googled a review which led to this video. Hmm…thanks to your review, most likely I’ll be purchasing this as a present to a friend. (^_^)v

Emanuel Smith says:

@KissMySilhouette what manga is that?

Enzo Vaerewyck says:

you have to try hugo energise. very nice summer scent. and for going out BOSS BOTTLED!!

Unfathomable Being says:

which manga? 😀

Bart Yong says:

video audio kind of out of sync but great review! I think im gunna buy because of the price! I hope ill like it aswell!

ray sn0w says:

where is it that work dude? and doing what? sorry im just curious. 🙂

Mahmood Ismail says:

Does it smell lyk da original jazz??? cuz i find dat a lil too overpowering & strong??? nice review 🙂

Anand Nagarajan says:

how is this fragrance different from original JAZZ by YSL

Juan G. says:

Amazon has a 3.4oz in the $20 range too! Other online websites has it for cheaper too! Good fragrance for the price ;0

Ben Hanff says:

Do you prefer Jazz or Bvlgari extreme?

Enzo Vaerewyck says:

i just bought this fragrance. in the beginning the lemon and mint was a bit overwelming.but after about half an hour wearing this the scent became nice and soft. love it already. keep up the good work with reviewing fragrances!!!

Loudlevin says:

I bought a bottle of this super cheap on amazon back in the day, great summertime juice to thrown on during the day, getting back into collecting and disappointed to find out all my prior buys are either discontinued or reformulated.

hifishnpoiboy says:

Hey Tim , great video as always. i really enjoy mint. Do you have any other recommendations of cologne with a good mint smell to it? thanks

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