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Blayne reviews the new Aborted album, Terrorvision

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Grindak says:

Thanks for Eternal Rot shout out, much appreciated, uurgh!

Eduardo Navarro says:

I love aborted and Sven but I have to disagree about the singing: he’s “dynamic”, but if you get down to it he’s just doing mid inhales and a couple of high screeches here and there, with some high exhaled mids added for good measure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great mixture and it sounds great but it would be dishonest to say that it’s “very dynamic” when other singers are incorporating 5-6 different growling techniques into their low exhaled growls and their high pitched tunnels

Robert E says:

For me, Aborted has always been one of those bands where you just take an afternoon and jam out to the whole discography.

Neil Foster says:

Yep! another good job! keep this shit up!! and when I say shit i do of corse mean GOOOOOOOOD!!!

A Scarlet Gospel says:


Michael Barry says:

Love Blaine’s reviews never a dull moment

Luny & Milky says:

Keep on partying yourself Blayne 🙂 m/

salharah says:

A very good host! He makes me feel like this is the good old MTV Headbangers ball.

Max Campo says:


J. Scully says:

how u pronounce Big de Leij tho??

RottedHumanFleshForFeasting 16661 says:

Holy shit, I thought this was coming out in October. I was going to make it a double bill with Hate Eternal’s upcoming album. Nice Bloodbath shirt Blayne.

Bazo says:

Let’s get a review of the new Scorched album!!

Mike Phlegm says:

Fucking awesome album great production and the vocals are skull crushing insanely intense the pitch ranges are phenomenal the slower groovy element is a good addition as well. AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST.

Fabio B.M. says:

Suggestion for missed albums: SUMAC

EternalMetalDevastator says:

Yeah, It’s a good album, I like it!! 😉

steve durd says:

for the swarm

OverTeamPlay says:

Review the new Anaal Nathrakh !!

BassHeadJazz says:

I like this reviewer, you guys are getting your pacing down on these.

Shaney Biggs says:

I saw them live in Pittsburgh they were so good

Hayden Leonhart says:

Fuck I’m pissed I missed Aborted last week. I’m never gonna forgive myself for that. Terrorvision is killer.

johnmagugu says:

The way dude talks makes me wonder if he got his ass kicked a lot in school

Derek Lopez says:

I remember Aborted being good live when I saw them and deeds of flesh.

Çåncer Øverlørd says:

I listened the album before I came here and I totally agree with your verdict. The atmosphere and the speed was frickin awesome!!! 😀

Iordache Mihai-Cristian says:

Did you listen to Goodbye to Gravity. They have one album, but it was really good.

LAKHAN M says:

Yeah , plz put the album review of upcoming album from BEYOND CREATION , BEHEMOTH ,

thtree says:

PLEASE do Revocation new album, The Outer Ones, out next Friday

ändrew Salter says:

Aborted just keep delivering the brutal goods every album !!! Fucking love em !!!!!

Mat Demaz says:

Love this album. Aborted will forever be one of my faves.

Max Campo says:


Direksone says:

That Sumac record tho! Shoutout means no review tho? 🙁

Master says:


Shogun Rua says:

“It’s letter time, it’s letter time.” – Nicholas Picholas from Video And Arcade Top 10 on YTV.
Back in the good ole 90’s on Canadian TV.

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