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Martin reviews the new Alice in Chains record Rainier Fog

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Rand Wulf says:

It’s an ok album. Not bad, but has the same medium vibe through most songs. The 2 best tracks were the first 2 singles, so I was sad when the 8 other songs weren’t better. Never Fade is repetitive radio rock, and will never make my AiC playlist. Nothing on this album blew me away like TDPDH or BGWTB. Bonus blurb: the drums are completely forgettable. Safe is a very good single word review.


More heavy rock reviews and less of the countless ultra heavy, Cookie Monster reviews, please.

Riku Perhoniemi says:

Yeah facts. Jerry C doesnt sound like staley, he always sang on the albums. Come on man

Dale Griffim says:

They play it safe on this album because of 2 reasons because there older and more commercial, but i dont care, i still love AIC

Wvsabbaths Beer Reviews says:

Haven’t been moved by a album in quite some time but man this really moved me. Has everything you want, emotion, rock, metal, doom, trademark aic darkness. Has something for everyone. Best thing Ive heard since dirt.

Likeitornot says:

Duvall does not sound like Staley but that doesn’t mean he has to. He fits in well with the band and I think Layne would agree he does AiC justice.

KevinWever1990 says:

I disagree

Roots, Bloody Roots says:

Sounds lame compared to the older albums.

Cristian Halati says:

Please do the new UDO record. Been looking forward to it for a while and would love to hear what you guys think about it. Udo’s been putting out some top notch classic metal this decade!

serge carrillo says:

Bad? How bout nothing.

Sean Vasquez says:

I’m from Seattle, still live here, and have to concur with a few others who left comments……Rainier Beer does still exist, but I believe it’s brewed in Canada by Pabst or someone nowadays. Also, I just saw AIC on Tuesday playing a closed performance on the Space Needle, and I’ve got to say that I like the new material, and they still sound great live.

ertertwert1 says:

Listened to it. Its an ok album

bebis says:

Holy shit so far under is really good

Ryan Hickson says:

I think the only thing cookie cutter is this guys review, he was just grasping for straws to find something to complain about. I think the album is amazing and I ordered the cd after listening to about half the album on Youtube

UncleAnaesthesia says:

Who is this reviewer? What garbage critic.

ethan litvin says:

to me was so happy for an ac new album but this was a huge let down

iBelial says:

Seen two reviews calling the new album underwhelming and it’s so satisfying to see peoples reactions against such statements. This is easily the catchiest album, from first listen, with William at the helm. Absolutely sublime; moody, airy, sludgy and fragile with nods to their excellent past. AIC are killing everything in their path making this possible album of the year material.

Sky7650 says:

I definitely agree with your review rainier fog was great but it is slightly too clean and over produced but it’s still a great album and I’m glad I listened to it

battdepo says:

Hi everyone, I have to say that this is not a good review.

First. When he’s talking about Layne voices. Duvall does’nt sound like Layne. He has his own voice and not trying to sign like Layne at all. Also about this, They always did sing in harmony, exept a bit less in their first album. Lastly about the voices why we still feel like we can hear Layne, first because of the harmonies and Cantrell sang all along so we recognize his voice.

The other thing is about the production, and how perfect the sound is on the album. The production in a way has a bit to do with that, but did this guy ever saw a live concert ? They are perfect. Timing, sound signing, harmonies everything live with them is perfect. So talented, and Cantrell the most underrated, guitarist, soumd writer and signer. About this part too, he said like the song are interchangable because of production. Did he search anything about the band ? He should know that Cantrell writes like 90 percents of the songs.

When you do a review of a band, you should love the band or know thoses facts. Or afterall do some good reasearch at least.

I don’t like this review and does not represent the band how it really is.

insaneskarma says:

No Layne No AIC

Bertram Fistehauson says:

Agree it is a bit safe. But I am so glad also that they still make great songs. Actually the only grunge band that is still going strong. I think at least.

Død ved kølle says:

Please review danse macabre by Baest!

ihansn777 says:

The song, So Far Under reminds me of a newer He is Legend song. Sounds good, great review.

the jake says:

‘doesnt look like layne staley did…’


cabalofdemons says:

I heard the album today and I enjoyed it. 10 songs with little filler and the perfect record for a rainy autumn day.

Phantasm2Cuda says:

Basically just a Jerry Cantrell solo band now. Some of the songs here sound generic

Sean Gerant says:

he does not sound the same as layne !!!!!!!……..why wound you say that ??

Christian Avondet says:

The clutch shirt gets 5 of 5 skulls

Brandon Vincent says:

Never will be as good as they were with Layne Staley’s I influence but it’s still an awesome album. Alice in Chains can’t really go wrong.

Troy Arcidiacono says:

I think this guy was listening to a different album because this album fuckin rules!!!

Brett Chilcoat says:

Looking forward to the reveiw of Clutch’s Book of Bad Decisions in a couple weeks. Don’t disappoint me

SpookyApparition says:

“twin vocal harmonies” so a pair of twins are singing harmony or what?

Integrity101 says:

Martin Popoff:

When are you updating the top 500 metal albums book??

Third Herd says:

Album sounds more in the style of the Tripod album (1995) and Dinosaurs (2013) than any of their other works. Those two were not my favorite AIC albums personally. Really hope that some of the elements that made ‘Dirt’ such a masterpiece will be included in this album

Fil Piovano says:

I don’t think it was predictable at all. Aside from “Fly” that follows the similar pattern to “Your Decision” and “Voices” everything else was pretty fresh. For my money it also has the best melodies since Dirt. Top notch as usual.

SpookyApparition says:

Mt Rainier is way cooler than this album

Micah Sachau says:

My favorite song was ‘Maybe’.. there’s just something about it, it’s rad

Dave Blackburn says:

The best since DIRT!

Negrochiflado Rivera says:

AIC 4 LIFE !!!!!!!

Shae M says:

The grunge era is over who cares

A Montgomery says:

Phil Collins could never sound like Peter Gabriel. Gabriel is a God and that is blasphemy.

Lynchology101 says:

What’s with the cover? AIC had cool covers how many 2018 albums are just all seeing eye/pyramid?

My Pet Black Hole says:

I was disappointed at first listen to think are these guys playing it to safe with the majority of this album? But the more i play it just like any of there other albums the more i realize what the meaning of the songs are. An there powerful! I think it takes a minute to really absorb there material. But like with most new material you have to have an open mind an ears. You will surely be able to tell that there discography start to finish. Is the most truthful, heartfelt songs anyone could ever make it to music. These guys are the best band to ever write music imo. Layne era or Duvall era! They both give the band something special. Awesome album A.I.C.! Cant wait for the next one!

bladeryanner says:

I agree that the Duvall albums have felt pretty predictable and too “safe”. It’s like the Layne AIC is Rust. A rough texture and shit color that is the byproduct of bad things happening. The Duvall AIC is like a polished silver that’s smooth, safe, and looks as if Rust got its shit together and aged 40 years.

We want the Rust.

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