Alien Weaponry – Tū – ALBUM REVIEW

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Chuck Wicker says:

I haven’t heard the entire album but of the songs I have heard, I’ve also found myself drawn to the Maori songs, in particular, Kai Tangata. I’m also a big fan of the song Holding My Breath. These kids have a lot of talent. They’re bringing in a new vibe to the metal world. I look forward to hearing more from them and following along as they mature and improve over time. But the haka (the warrior chants/”dances”) references in the Kai Tangata video are awesome. I’ve always loved watching those things. They’re just powerful and intimidating, which the whole point behind them was to intimidate their foe. I find them fascinating.

Eamon Gilbert says:

Great find! I’m going to see them next month, to see the power live! Btw, they got invited to play Wacken!? as teenagers! The Tu album went NUMBER ONE in NZ mainstream charts!? WTF! @watchthisspace

Christian Gargiulo says:

All Blacks musicalizados….excelente!!!

Calroy HBC426 says:

Awesome band. Mean Maori mean

Rage Alpha says:

Yeah I do agree with both of you.That groovy,punchy sound its kind of like nu-metal style.But to me it so fresh,and the energy is insane!Full of manliness!!!


Awesome review!!!. Thanks for talking about this album. I’ve given it a sample and its great. I’ve been in the mood for something different and fresh and this hits the spot. Will be picking up the album for sure. These teenagers are so talented.

Battey Te Houkamau says:

The guy on my left, do you do mask unboxing. On the side note they have Māori blood in them

Jabrane Amami says:

Lol. I don’t know this album. It would help if you say the genre at the start.
Just so your comments makes sense.

curtis deible says:

you guys need to review slugdge putrid fairytail its fucking amazing

Ballad2Grave says:

Love to start my morning with a warm cup of tea and TwoToeTags. 🙂 Do the Shining – Varg Utan Flock album review please. 🙂

Phil spencer-harris says:

FYI Lewis DeJong-vocals & guitar, Henry DeJong-drums & vocals, Ethan Trembath-bass & vocals. P.S. If you search for Anvil Guitar Reviews you will see Lewis and Henry’s Dad playing and reviewing a few gats and one video features Henry playing drums, aged about 11. They’re doing Master of Puppets and it’s pretty freakin tight. Check it out!

Ron Mackay says:

It certainly is a blistering debut album, listened to it twice through the last two days. Awesome stuff !

Kim H says:

Wicked review…being a Kiwi I’ve seen these guys live twice now and they are truly impressive. Outstanding talents… l look forward to their ongoing successes.

Shmelvin Joestar says:

Hey guys please react to Dance Gavin Dance – Artificial Selection ALBUM. They are fucking awasome and sound so different

M. Swaiti666 says:

Please react to
OBSCURA – Emergent Evolution

Their new album will be released on July 13th. It’s gonna be a progressive / tech death masterpiece.

Chris Brown says:

Quick note. In Maori “wh” is always an f sound. Always

T-Rex Ngatokorua says:

Hey love the review and agree with everything! Just want to point out that we pronounce ‘WH’ as ‘F’ in Maori so it would be pronounced ‘ru Ana te fenua’ and roll your ‘r’ at the start for extra brownie points. Doesn’t really bother me as a lot of people in nz can’t even pronounce many Maori words right but if we can just let people know at least, y’know? 🙂 awesome review again guys!

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