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Brad reviews the new All That Remains album, Victim Of The New Disease. This is the last album to feature founding member and lead guitarist Oli Herbert.

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mt12450 says:

Should of reviewed Architects new album

Chris juarez says:

It was likely gonna be a transition. They were already edging towards radio rock, so if they abrubtly regressed it might not go well with new fans i dunno

Anthony Tony says:

And lots of Zakk Wylde squealies

Domonick Matheson says:

This album really goes back to what all that remains started out with and it’s a shame we lost oli

Ack Ack says:

Will you review the new Cattle decapitation album when it releases?

Enjoi Joshua says:

Review the new the browning album

Yves Heinrich says:

Definitely better than the last three records.

jal576 says:

When you guys doing an Arsis Visitant album review ?

Shark Shark says:

WTF?!?! Architects are at the end of the review?! Probably one of TOP-5 albums this year!

The Driver says:

Hell yeah, Harms Way. They opened for Godflesh not too long ago. Great show.

dazmando says:

I would like to suggest to check out the new album by Vodun and up and coming band in London. Mixing doom with African themes. New album is called ascend

declaration14 says:

No bio? I wonder why…

Anthony Tony says:

This album is way better then In flames last album Battles. Jesus Christ, it sounded like it was catered to a teenage pop princess audience. Give me some fuckn Jester Race.

m kinne says:

Didn’t know that Evoken had a new album, thanks for the shout out!
The ultimate death doom band……

Mang says:

Nice review. I personally really enjoy this album, it’s much better than anything they released in the last decade. But either way, Nice!

Jack Towers says:

0:05 yes it fucking does

Tim Banks says:

Please review the new Psycroptic album, it’s insane!

Anthony Tony says:

Wasteland gots some djent parts.

Not Karl says:

Review Light This city- terminal bloom.
Great band.

Steven Patterson says:

New… 1914

Arka Bharadwaz says:

Should have reviewed the Psycroptic or Evoken albums instead of this

cordycep123 says:

review Nadir by Black Tongues please!!!

Fire Childe says:

The kickass people here should Check out our band!!! 🙂 <3

EgocentricHead says:

See, Linkin Park fans? It’s totally okay to criticize someone’s work even if they have passed away. Just don’t be a dick about it.

Anthony Tony says:

Up all your butts.

Deno Manos says:

I love this album. 4.5/5 for me. Love every song except for I Meant What I Said. That one is decent at best.

Mark C says:

Small point, Psycroptic is an Australian technical death metal band formed in Hobart in 1999. Tasmania is an island state of Australia, not a country m/

Vinicius Ramos says:

New Terrorizer album is a blast!
Their best after World Downfall.

gore gasm says:

You should review Black Tongue’s new album, probably their best imo.

Enjoi Joshua says:

Review the new architects record

Anthony Tony says:

The song wasteland is pretty damn good.

Terence Simon says:

Just realized why I don’t regularly listen to All That Remains..

I’m sure they’re good..just didn’t feel the groove with this one..

Good going Brad..Keep em coming..!!!

Gino Rossellini says:

What’s the backdrop BLURRED OUT except for TOOL

Ryan Merica says:

Review the new I Am!

Googily Moogily says:

Fuck all that remains! The band sucks and the singer is an Olympic fucking douchebag!

Rafael Alves says:

React to Vector by Haken!!

Cory Van Treuren says:


the artist formally known as craig lastname says:

This sounds terrible. I can’t think of one nice thing to say about this trendy wannabe emo screamo juvenile sounding crap.

brian brock says:

Still waiting on that bullet for my valentine review Brad

Charlie Onions says:

That is an appalling album cover

The Heavy Metal Yogi says:

Another great review thanks Brad. It’s really sad about their guitarist, but lest we forget that Phil is a shitty racist crazy person and even though I did like Fall Of Ideals I really can’t back a band with racists in it. P.S. the new Cult Leader is SIIIIICK!

Slađan Benak says:

This is awful, uber generic metalcore

squidlips6661 says:

douche band

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