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Brad reviews the new Anaal Nathrakh album, A New Kind of Horror

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Brian Hunt says:

This review was a blast

MetalDog79 says:

Nothing special about the vocals. They use A LOT of distortion .

James Page says:

one of my favourite metal bands of the last 20 years,.. truly devastating

Dave C says:

Garbage album from garbage band, next!

Daniel Gabriel Secară says:

„I dont know what kind of rifle that is”
Filthy Canadian with your lack of guns and free healthcare. Gimme some real murican gun-nut to review this album, not a peace loving vegan.

Joseph Major says:

These guys sound like Pig Destroyer raping emperor in a dumpster and birthing a cybernetic leper.

Paragon Therion says:

In my opinion this is the worst Anaal Nathrakh album, just falls flat on all fronts. I had high hopes after the Whole of the Law even though that album was not their best it is the best thing they made since “In the Constellation of the Black Widow” but this album is just a complete let down, awful in fact.

Kevin Long says:

Gotta love those King Diamond operatic vocals. Incredible. I’ve following Anaal ever since reading about them in an old Terrorizer magazine from 2001 and they’ve never not been utterly frightening.

Snake Charmer says:

I like metal
And I like industrial
And I like this album

Devil of Hell's Kitchen says:

Revocation – The Greater Ones review next!!!

Nicholas Romig says:

Dave’s pretty varied.

Your Grandma says:

Not greasy enough

Paul Laplante says:


huwmorgan74 says:

Sounds like Dimmu Boogie to me when they got bigger in some strange parallel. I wouldn’t spend much time playing this record, so many others to check out. I think this band are done on one part years ago, but they must have something left in the tank, they keep putting out albums that keep people interested. Personally, I played it once, I never need to play it again like all their others.

KingdomOfTyrants says:

Revocations album is fantastic, but I love Anaals much more. Plus it’s nice for them to get people talking about them

EvilDave 213 says:

Great review. Better than that other “bangover”guy who tries to be funny but kinda fails miserably….!

George Sanchez says:

You forgot Power Metal

Herzog_der_DSL_Modems says:

Great review but pleeeeeaaaasee Banger do a Revocation Review!!!

Anton Gregory says:

WOW this album is surprisingly way better than the new ones of Aborted and Revocation.

Nicholas Romig says:

also, Codex Necro is always gonna be my favourite AN jam, but Drug Fucking Abomination is their best song.

Old Shores says:

Fucked up!! I like it dude!! Oh and check out Empyrean Plague from Northern Ontario. Cheers!!

GreatLokeOfMoonRoad says:

The music of John Williams is the best thing in the Star Wars prequels. Duel of the Fates deserved a much better movie. And the new Horrendous album kicks ass. Really like the more progressive sound they have adopted.

Erik Axelson says:

YES! I’m so glad you reviewed this album, it’s without any doubt one of the albums I’ve looked forward to the most in 2018

Howard_the_Duck says:

wow, that reek of fear clip was insane.

PissyPants says:

Am I the only one that thought this was perhaps their weakest album?

ohforf uckssake says:

Yesss ANs new album is awesome – and now let Lisa review AUTHOR & PUNISHER if you´re too weak gawddammit 😉

image30p says:

Killer beard!

Carlos Ramirez says:

i like this review, gonna buy this album

Michael Wyman says:


killswitchlee123 says:

I’m wearing my In The Constellation Of The Black Widow t shirt and this video appears on my recommended list. I’m also seeing Anaal Nathrakh next month at Damnation Fest in Leeds, UK as an early birthday present for myself. Whoever’s going… see you in the pit.

rphxleonine says:

IDK if anything can ever top Domine Non Es Dignus. When I first heard Do not speak, I was gobsmacked by the sheer scathing ferocity of it.

InskayDanork says:

I completely agree with you, it’s fascinating how they are able to craft their sound in a way that constantly creates a feeling of unease. Once again shows that there is much more to making extreme metal than just going heavier and heavier.

King Troy says:

I fucking loved this album. Gave it a 9/10

oOdermarekOo says:

Yeah, yeah, horrendous is great, and so is revocation, and it looks like a lot of us like those better than anaal nathrakh. But:
Can we please all agree on what a great review this was? Again? This dude (and the whole channel, basically) always delivers. Great Job!

Michael Foster says:

in the constellation of the black widow is also my favorite 🙂 i heard someone once describe anaal as the actual, LITERAL sound of hell. i’m an atheist, but still. in the milton sense, i agree. in the sign…of the black…WIIII-DOOOOOOOOW

cardiacade says:

The beard grows more epic with each review.

Andre Last says:

Great review. I gonna check them out. When comes the boss back on screen?

George Sanchez says:

You nailed this review


Their old albums are alot better I think

Kevin Martin says:

A fucking around with sound song! Yes. Every song should be.

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