Anaal Nathrakh – THE WHOLE OF THE LAW Album Review (Extreme Metal)

Whoa boy. The sound of insanity unleashed returns for their 9th affair. (the ‘Nath is back?) Their name may be taken from Merlin’s charm of making, but these metal wizards are aiming to crush your mentality into dust. And they just may accomplish it.

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Jimmyjak says:


Dave Guyton says:

chaotic metal…..yes…this album kicks ass plain and simple front to back and top to bottom

Alexander Adrian Vargas says:

**Insert a comment about anal here.**

Rolando Tobias says:

anal *butt head laugh*.

rss313 says:

i loved codex and eschaton, i really need to hear about these things earlier :p but thats why i have to have ckn around huh

GyroLamb says:

New Deathspell is streaming.

Albertredneck says:

James Spader loves Anaal Nathrakh. How awesome is that!

Georges La Braguette says:

“Desideratum” is the word. You guys should work on your latin.

spazowacky says:


Deadman_Inc86 says:

*Nath-Rakh not nakrath. 😛

Ely Gallego says:

Review the new Car Bomb album!

8523wsxc says:

I think the album is fine but i think the AN guitars are quite often a bit lackluster and unexciting especially in the melodic parts. Since Passion this is becoming more and more of a problem for me personally. As a whole I like this album more than desideratum though (and the best album still is Eschaton).

Otto Schmid says:

This album was produced by Satan himself.

TheAssBlaster91 says:


Jay Hova says:

This animal is fucking FIRE.. thanx for the recommend

LazareFilms says:


Lazy Reviews says:

One of my favorite albums from 2016 in a year of incredible metal records


Isn’t a Metallica song supposed to come out tomorrow- October 31st?! Are you going to review the song?

cooliocaptin517 says:

I believe it’s pronounced like “An-ahl Nah-thrawk”

George Hennon says:

For me this was a step up from Desideratum. Or maybe its just all so damn good that it just seems better because it’s new. I guess I’ve felt that way with (almost) every release.

Artificial Nemesis says:

This was definitely my favorite album of 2016. It was perfect from start to finish.

Ruckus says:

Nicely done. Almost more of an artist review. I feel like they’re not really as purely chaotic as you describe, since they have so many cleans and melodic parts that stand out. I liked the part about structure in the chaos.

Adrian G says:

They are blackened industrial deathgrind

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