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Sam couldn’t possibly not review the new At the Gates record, To Drink from the Night Itself. So here’s a no frills, no clips, lo-fi Overkill Bootleg!

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joe kennedy says:

I need a review for the new amorphis album

Ryan Besco says:

Totally agree! Labyrinth is my favorite by far. It should have been an opener. The production is all over the place with this record. But “A Labyrinth of Tombs” is super solid.

Дмитрий Гелих says:

Totally agree with review

MalignantCactus says:

Alkaloid needs a review!

Master Key says:

No Amorphis – Queen of Time review, are you guys serious? Best album of the year so far! 😀

Iain MacLennan says:

The production on this one is horrible! In the year 2018 there is no excuse for poor audio. I’ve heard demo’s with better quality!!

sophos34 says:

i thought the production was wayyy better on this than at war with reality, way more clarity than war, which is extremely muddy.

Billy Miller says:

The production on this is just baaaaad….soooo fucking bad. Whatever they did to the cymbals is awful

WillyVonHalen says:

All solo’s are done by Jonas except for ‘In Nameless Sleep’. That is Andy LaRocque (King Diamond). A little wink to the song ‘Cold’ which was also done by Andy.

ScrilboBagginsGaming says:

Review the new lil pump album

Aaron Lucas says:

Likin the reviews, glad you’re still able to put out content! Any chance we could get Blayne to do a bootleg review of YOB’s new album when it drops?

Jack Gottsegen says:

If I gave you guys the title of my EP (possibly coming out this fall, hopefully)

Life Imitating Death says:

Slaughter of the Soul.. One of the best albums of all time..

Vitor Caricati says:

Great review! But I have to say that I liked To Drink From The Night…better than At War With. However, both albums are a great depiction of what ATG still can offer to us.

Crucified Messiah says:

Another great video as always but, please review the new Nile and Amorphis albums also. Respect from India m/

Howard_the_Duck says:

Banger Hood af now.

jon.mule says:

How can Banger talk up ATG so much and then give them this “bootleg” treatment with a review?

Spooky Tuesday says:

Full disclosure: leave the ghetto (aka the sjw edit) the urban reviews to the homeless guy.
Also take your vacation during Christmas. No More Large Gaps of Nothing. Boo Hoo no is paying me to like music pay me to record what i do anyway (talk about music). If i have to pay you for tbe job you created for ypurself. NO BREAKS.

Shane Bermingham says:

I am very let down by this new ATG record. Found it boring and slow. I hope it’s a grower but as of now it’s a 4/10 🙁

Life Imitating Death says:


Ramzi Firhad says:

I think the new Necrophagist will have released 20 years later…


Ugh here we go again more generic metal bands review the new nocturnal graves !

Alexandre Giguere says:

good review, it’s not the same ATG without anders bjorler

Emre S. says:

for me too complicated album. dont know. not exactly melancholic… dark but not as dark as black metal. some kind of gothenburg sound with experimental and classic teste

SanjiVinsmoke says:

great review to a great record. I like At the Gates very much, especially Slaughter of the Soul, for me one of the best metal records of all time. Sam Dunn is a great guy, I like your reviews and it was awesome when I recognized that the protagonist of “metal- a headbangers journey” is Sam Dunn, I would even listen to your review when it’s about making the most delicious cake xD

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