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We review Australia’s Prog Metal scene, featuring Dylan’s 5 recommended albums, a pick from local promoter Mike Solo of Birds’ Robe Records, and Shout Outs from our Patreon donors.

Dead Letter Circus — This is the Warning
Twelve Foot Ninja — Silent Machine
Vanishing Point — Distant Is The Sun
Ne Obliviscaris — Citadel
Plini — Handmade Cities
Karnivool – Sound Awake
Caligulas Horse — In Contact
Ne Obliviscaris — Portal of I

Thanks to Mike Solo


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Theme song by AngelCrypt:


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Ryan Shaw says:

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving out of Perth are definitely ones to check out. As are Eleventh He Reaches London.

declaration14 says:

Sort out still being in the fucking commonwealth lads.

MoshintheRockys NYDM says:


Ashton Howe says:

No mention of Five Star Prison Cell…

Daniel Hedger says:

Starting in 2010? Geez I’m old. Also, are a lot of these bands even considered prog metal? DLC, Karvnivool etc. I’ve always just considered rock, maybe prog rock.

Philip Miller says:

Sanzu – Heavy over the Home is an awesome Perth band!

Me Dunham says:

It would be awesome to talk about black metal from Arabia Saudita. I started to listen to Al-Namrood and got more into that because of the creativity with the tradicional music /rythm.

Pure666 Metal says:

Vauxdvihl ‎– ‘To Dimension Logic’ an Australian classic and probably our version of Images and Words.

lucas struna says:

credit song?

Salonus Krypticus says:

No portal?? What a joke

Austin Holmes says:

Love when Ne Obliviscaris and Twelve Foot Ninja get some love

Aidan French says:

if you want real progressive metal then put on killing technology by voivod because it’s the perfect combination of old school thrash metal and progressive metal and even pyschedelic rock elements truly a record that was way ahead of its time great songwriting great musicianship great complexity and technicality voivod is the best progressive extreme metal band of all time WE ARE CONNECTED

lucas struna says:

who is this new guy?

Martin Surski says:

All of this bands are leading brand in the Australian prog scene. I would like to see stories about underground bands. Nearly everyone knows Ne Obliviskaris, Karnivool. But does anybody knows bands like: A Million Dead Birds Laughing,or Vipassi? Excuse me for being honest, but this episode sucks in my opinion. :/

Dr. Moostoffelees, Cow M.D says:

Other good prog metal bands from Australia are Voyager, Alchemist, The Butterfly Effect, and, The Levitation Hex (aka Alchemist 2.0)

Overwhelmed says:

Next : Les Legions Noire black metal

Cyberus Morphous says:

can we have a death metal episode sometime, maybe one on the Brazilian metal scene

Ryan Besco says:

Ne Obliviscaris is amazing! Love them, have the newest album. I want the others.

UziSuicide666 says:

Also, 100% sure Caligula isn’t pronounced that way.

lucas struna says:


Shaun4891 says:

Check out Alchemist and Psycroptic for more prog metal influenced stuff

gipoli22 says:

I didn’t expect to see Dead letter circus on the list! Great album. I have spend a lot of time listening to this album when i discovered them! Great video too!

Benjamin Adler says:

Alchemist? Cog?

Alex Hunt says:

Voyager – Ghost Mile!!!

Metal Trenches says:

So many “monster”’s

Rockman Doomstein says:

Can we just change this segment to be called Global black metal?

sopwithsnoopy says:

Teramaze – Her Halo… probably my favorite prog-metal album from Australia 🙂

Ned Dowling says:

I’m Australian and I have to say our prog is terrible, we aren’t much of much of a metal producing country, most of our guitar bands are cheesy indie rock bands. We seem to put out a lot of shitty prog as well as metalcore (parkway drive is half an hour from my house), if anyone wanted to hear some dope Aussie metal listen to witchgrinder, dune rats, king gizard and the lizard wizard (they really deserved a mention here) triple kill and trigger

Neil Foster says:


Jarod Woodcock says:

“Calooga’s Horse” hehehe

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