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►My review of J-Pop/Metal band BABYMETAL’s second album “Metal Resistance”. Phew, they’re certainly something else.
Apparently the guitarist from Dragonforce is featured on the opening track, no wonder it sounds like them. Silly me.

“Metal Resistance”
Release: 4/1/16
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: KARATE, YAVA, GJ, No Rain No Rainbow, Awadama Fever

►Least faves: Sis Anger, Amore, Tales of the Destinies, The One

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DraygonVenus says:

They will be performing tonight at Colbert

Alex Crisci says:

Review the new santigold album 99 cents!

Andrea Oh says:

Honestly, I am not a fan of BM,but you are right, Karate is very catchy, and the potential the corus has is pretty great.

ShirooSK says:

I almost died when he said they are trying to copy Dragonforce 😀 Road of Resistance was written by Dragonforce !!!! Get it right ! 😀

Henrik Olsen says:

calls road of resistance a dragonforce imitation… fyi, that song was made in colaboration with two of the guys from dragonforce.. funny how that works huh

Inabikari131 says:

Do some Periphery album reviews 😉 dj0nt

PrivatRicola says:

You need to check out the band Adept if you havent already. They just released a new album and I think you could really like it =D

ashcoop17 says:

Love that chvrches poster at background :))

Peter Akerberg says:

Tales of the destinies is the the best track on the record. It’s totally insane and the complete opposite of monotonous.

C.K. Gould says:

I got this album and it is awesome, love Baby Metal, would love to see them and Slipknot team up for an American tour.

Alejandra Solis Bieber says:


Paul Muglia says:

You need to review Jarrod alonge’s new album

StrataG93 says:

road of resistance is featuring sam totman and herman li of dragonforce. you probably should research a bit harder.

Giselle Aparicio says:

will you do a review on g- eazy- when it’s dark out album?

marcus Bodén says:

Well, Road of resistance is a collaborated song together with Dragonforce and they have even played the song live earlier last year when it was released. So yes that’s pretty obvious that it sound alike since dragonforce actually made that solo and play it originally.

TundraL5Z says:

This album is active as hell!

alex stump-wentz says:

hey! are you going to review any of troye sivan’s music? i personally love him and think he deserves a lot more attention than he gets. spectrum pulse reviewed troye’s debut full album ‘blue neighbourhood’ and it would be great to hear your take on it. thanks!

Ingra Issdottir says:

Road of Resistance is actually a collaboration WITH Dragonforce…

Ryutora8 says:

i like when he says: some songs are a dragonforce imitations….. Actually, Road of Resistance is a collaboration of DragonForce with BABYMETAL.

Shadownian says:

You should also check out Band-Maid…they need more recognition than they get.

MMM A says:

review EXO next time

DeathMetalRegulator says:

i love how everyones first time listening to babymetal they feel they need to justify liking it, first day its like “this shit is weird”, second day “hmm i can see myself listening to this from time to time”, third day “this is fucking amazing” crank it to 11 then blast it all day.

Parker Rabe says:

Road of Resistance, the first song that you talked about as being a “rip off” of Dragon Force, was actually WRITTEN and PERFORMED BY Dragon Force for this album. So… it is actually a Dragon Force song.

Thomas Revill says:

It’s kind of like pop punk lyrics put to Japanese thrash and nu metal.

Mariel Garcia says:

Will you be reviewing the Last Shadow Puppets album?

Hooded Violin says:

I fucking love Japanese music mostly thanks to anime. But yeah if you are any interested in delving further, check out NICO Touches The Walls, Ling Tosite Sigure, Yui, LiSA, or ClariS. They are my favorites.

Metal Sucks says:

haha i like sis death metal song.

chuhan yang says:

Why BABYMETAL is more popular in US than Japan?

wasneeplus says:

Road Of Resistance was written by Herman Li and Sam Totman, that’s why it sounds like Dragonforce. Also, Sis Anger was my favourite song. I feel like the fusion between Jpop and metal was most fully realised on that track.

We Remotely Low says:

Gonna review the Sunrise Skater Kids album?

Stratus says:

Also, Fun Fact: Road of Resistance was actually worked on with DragonForce.

Arriane Tessriel says:

Make a review about the album “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life PT.2”; by BTS. Pleaseeeee.

Lucas Perrone says:

You should check out Birdy’s album “Beautiful Lies” 😀

Micktrinus says:

Road of Resistance was a collaboration with two members from Dragonforce…so, yes, it’s gonna sound like Dragonforce, because it IS.

marietta borowy says:

all metalheads guilty pleasure.

Rob Likes Music says:

Killer intro dude.

Joel Miller says:

I like that you see Babymetal as more than just a novelty act. For me, listening to them has been wierd. From their first album, which is supposed to be more fun and poppy, I ended up liking their more serious songs like Megitsune and IDZ. From their second album, which is supposed to be more serious, I ended up liking their fun offerings like Awadama Fever and GJ!.

But I think they have a lot of potential. Su-Metal, or Suzuka Nakamato, has already been the star in two groups before and her voice is absolutely stellar (search up Megitsune acapella to see what I’m talking about). Yui-Metal’s wikipedia page says she likes Ariana Grande and Cannibal Corpse, which is crazy since they have some of the heaviest shit out there (the second one, not the first). And Moa-Metal is apparently great at pumping up a live crowd.

So while they may be manufactured, I don’t care. They make some good music, and I heard their live shows are absolutely bombing.

The Negan Guy says:

Japanese Death Metal and it’s an incredible album 8.5/10 thanks for the review

xJZues says:

The reason the opening track Road of Resistance sounds like Dragonforce is because Herman Li and Sam Totman collaborated with them for that song.

Wei Xian Ng says:

LOL You do realize that Road of Resistance was partly written by Herman Li and Sam Totman right? They collaborated with BabyMetal on that track which is precisely why it sounds so much like Dragonforce.

LifeOfAZombiex says:

The A7X t-shirt though…

Erin Taylor says:

Hey Jon I was just wondering if you could review Raleigh Ritchies new album “You’re a man now, boy” I really love the album and would be interested to know what you think:) If you don’t wanna make a whole video maybe just take a quick listen and comment back what you think:)

Marah says:

Have you thought about reviewing “Bad Blood” by Bastille? They’re releasing a new album soon and it would be nice getting your opinion on their last one!

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