Babymetal – Metal Resistance ALBUM REVIEW ft. Digibro


Japan’s Babymetal continues fusing J-pop and heavy metal on their sophomore album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Yung Rioteer says:

syncopations intro is so fucking good

Ehouse33 says:

sound sooooo old in this review…

The Primal Fuckhead says:

Anybody who views Japanese animes is a nigger!

Bash Clopton says:

Next level of mutation: BABYBIRD, two cute girls with screams provided by a parrot a la Hatebeak.

MrPwnasaur says:

so how much of the music writing process do the three girls actually do? All, some. none?

DoobiousD says:

Nevermind novelty bands: Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation!!

samuel rumba says:


Anonymousca4 says:

syncopation was my favorite, and that wasn’t even on my copy.

Baby G says:

It’s too bad he avoided the first album because it’s a pop masterpiece

Matthew Sullivan says:

thanks for mentioning Coaltar of the Deepers, I started listening to them and they’re one of my favorite bands now

darkdudironaji says:

That “jazzy metal doink” isn’t tongue in cheek. That’s something not uncommon in prog metal bands. And that song was obviously supposed to be a prog metal song. It sounded just like Dream Theater.

FlipperWolf says:

How did I missed this one 😮

Ghun Wangthamkua says:

No rain, no rainbow is a tribute to X-japan’s ‘Endless Rain’. They are intentionally stealing licks and composition of Endless rain, even in the lyric, they are referencing it to Endless rain. You should give it a listen

Odedishelanu says:

Do a review about Periphery ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dubitataugustinus says:

Those two Death albums on the background are my favorite 🙂

Jack Robinson says:

Is this Antoine Fantoine’s longest review?

Jared Washington says:

He was right about Ladybaby. Solid stuff. It’s the most ridiculous thing but in the best possible way

Sporebubu says:

Cant wait for Baby Metal to become irrelevant in 2 years

randumo24 says:

I like the fact that the metal fan liked it more than the j-pop fan. I honestly believe that this album, and the time between the first and 2nd album, has been a transitioning point into being more of a serious metal band.

XerDav says:

Anthony, this album is the closest you’ll get to reviewing anything vaguely power metal? :'( i hold out hope you’ll give Blind Guardian some reviews in the future, especially Nightfall In Middle Earth, At The Edge Of Time, and Beyond The Red Mirror, great albums <3
btw, i also love Maximum The Hormone, well, the one album at least, Buiikikaesu xD

P.S. i think Digibro is fairly cool, he likes metal and anime, but i kinda have a gripe with him leaving the MLP fandom for whatever reason, he never specified why.

Normonaut says:

How is it possible to dislike Meta Taro?

granted, I might be biased, being an old school norwegian black/folkmetal fan, but still.

Edgar Mireles says:

Do avenged sevenfold

Zack says:

i’ve laughing at that intro for the past 5 minutes

Jared Washington says:

Galneryus FTW!

L00Gi says:

Just saw Baby Metal at Northern Invasion and holy shit the crowd was going ape shit! It was really cool to see and is definitely a live experience. It was a lot of fun!

Arnis Blūmentāls says:


Will Terz says:

Love the Death albums

ChimourTheBatFurry says:

So… no one going to ask how he got Rasputin in this video? I mean, the man was dead for a long ass time now. I think we all deserve an explanation here.

Cap'n says:

Fucking love BABYMETAL, especially this album. Saw them live some months ago and it was amazing! If any of you get the chance and you like the band, I would suggest seeing them. They have so much energy (both the singers and the band) and they go out of their way to try to involve their audience, which is really sweet because they don’t know very much English.

I used to listen to BABYMETAL as an ironic meme, but honestly I think they’re breaking out of their shell and I absolutely love them!

My opinion is:
Metal Resistance: 9/10

Daymon Foster says:

Soooo, you kinda like it. And the hairy guy doesn’t or is negitively neutral. Okay. I don’t like the two main albums either. They are poorly mixed and poorly mastered. It is the live Kami band that now gives them a more consistent constant sound and Su’s evolving vocals that has me buying their DVDs.

Would never throw Su-metal against Floor of Nightwish, or the whole band against Blizzard of Oz at their peak, or even Arch Enemy now, but why do I enjoy all these bands, especially BABYMETAL, to the point of paying and traveling to their shows?

Either they cut it or not I suppose. Either I pay $$$ to see and hear them, or they tank. But then how does one explain Beyonce Beiber Gaga et all who’s type _dominates_ the vast number of fans available? Oh well. At least I liked Gaga’s tribute to Bowie, so maybe the answer is there somewhere.

Meta Taro? Yes, have a big bad something or another “summoned” come out, sort like Iron Maiden’s mascot!

You know, BABYMETAL already guest star with who they tour with. The other bands love them. I don’t know. As an ancient Alice Cooper and current Slipknot music theater fan (and fan of everything else that I like, Glen Campbell’s guitar playing, Dimash singing, Kingfish blues, beautiful girl belly dancing to Septicflesh- search it LOL, and most other things of merit) I want more more gimmick!

The third album has really really got to be killer or else what with all their distractors and their-not-metal critics! BTW, if not metal what half way merit discerning _musichead_ cares?

Well, I guess we will see.

See? Just like your 40 minute lame review and my multi-paragraph lame comment where I really say little concrete or incisive LOL! Damn, that took some time to setup.

I Don't Get the Joke says:

Listen up you Melon cuck, if you dont review Gay and Dead, im gonna throw a hissy fit

isaac marinero says:

Why don’t you review Kaiser Chiefs?

VlRGlL says:

I played this album for my baby as intended and it succumbed to SIDS within a day

RC Reynolds says:

Digibros beard is glorious

A Mess says:

Review Kpop!

BladeChild says:


least favourite, one song.


Thorir the Hound says:

I like Baby Metal for their performance aspects.. the music alone.. eh.

Foopie! says:

me: “what kind of music do you like?”
average person: “anything tbh.”
anthony: “sorry, what was that?”

Naughty Nathaniel says:

I just saw baby metal open for the red hot chili peppers… and now I’m here

Ian says:

review FrameDrag by Darius!

McDudes says:

Love casual videos!

Jake Tarnowski says:

Its not “tongue and cheek” its just a lot of Japanese metal is very diverse in its instruments; examples being Demetori and Undead Corporation.

EvilDeathNightmare says:

What’s that band he suggests at around 12 minutes in? Can’t find anything on it.

SomethingCool51 says:

digibro is a hack

Mulliboom says:

More vids with Digibro pls

Suzzo says:

My favorite song was Syncopation.

shadowmaniac78 says:

I’m surprised Tales of the Destinies wasn’t even mentioned; a very creative work. I really love the incorporation of Progressive Metal in that song

I Don't Get the Joke says:

You guys both seemed to really enjoy making this. Maybe im biased bc im a huge fan of both of you, but more colabs would be cool.

Michael Piscatelli says:

that guys baked

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