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We conducted a Twitter poll asking if we should get Sam to review Babymetal’s new album Metal Resistance, out today. The response was an overwhelming yes, so here it is!

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Mario Mourao says:

Maybe Babymetal shouldn’t be judged of their cohesiveness. Their music is not about unity, but rather about mixing all together. This maybe a difficult concept for old school metal fans.

Boo Radley says:

here’s how to understand babymetal…  imagine a trio of teenage girls who are growing up in a very sheltered and controlled pop music factory environment.  living in a nation with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.  fronting a metal band, that is being introduced by a transvestite, to sing breaking the law with Rob Halford.  if someone had told you last year that that was not only going to happen, but that is was going to be awesome, what would you have said?                                                     what I like about this band is that they are just having fun.  I think that’s the part that makes them hard to accept by the metal purists.  metal, at it’s core, is angry music. metal is about being angry, being scary, being pissed off about something.  then here comes this preteen, j-pop trio singing straight and clean over some catchy, straight forward metal music.  but they’re not angry.  they’re not trying to scare anyone, or screaming about how fucked up the world is.  they’re just having a good time and trying to get the fans to let go and join the party.  look at the circle pits they get at their shows.  its just people having fun running in circles bouncing off each other.  nobody’s throwing elbows, nobody’s doing the toxic waltz; it’s not like a deicide show where everyone in the pit is trying to prove how badass they are.  that’s what’s different.  this band isn’t trying to break ground, or prove they’re heavy and edgy, or wow us with creative wizardry.  they’re not even trying to be very original beyond the mash up concept that is the band’s existence.  as for the album, yes it’s kind of dichotomous in that it lurches from one musical approach to another, but once you let go of the idea that metal has to always be dark, edgy, and angry, all you’re left with is fun.  if anyone had told me as I was plunking down my cash for some new band called terrorizer, that someday there would be a band making happy metal music, in japanese,  I would have tried to slap the stupid out of them.  today, we have babymetal; a happy metal band with j-pop roots.  in 10 or 20 years we’ll probably look back and realize this band is the best thing to happen on the metal scene this decade.

Zonstantine says:

Too bad Weeaboos tarnish the respect this band could have had.

gothic6662 says:

I don’t want consistency, i dont want rules, i don’t want elitizm, that’s the reason i started listening Metal 20y ago….and by the way… all hail the queen!!! m/

Doran Amatto says:

Sam is a metal purist. I give him praise for staying nutral and giving this album a somewhat unbiased review. But you can see that deep down BM is everything he detests. But he stayed professional. Im a Westerner, and have to admit, the idol/j-pop/kwaii genre, movement…whatever it is. Is a very different entity that us Westerners have a tough time fully grasping. But from what I do understand, one cannot apply our Western “rules” of music (metal) to this . But BM has struck a chord world wide, Im excited to see where it goes!

Leonardo Spinelli Rodrigues says:

I find baby metal funny as fuck.
makes me laugh all the time..

lars ulrich says:

i dont often give a thumbs down.

MrCapone1996 says:

For a moment I thought it was an actual dragon force song

Shadownian says:

This album had a few decent songs….but for the most part it felt like it was trying too hard to find something that hits. Like throw 15 things against the wall and see what sticks.Only having maybe 4 songs that are actually decent.
The rest of the album comes off as try hard, and just doesnt work.
The first album all sounded like It had a certain style. It all came together and said…this is Babymetal. Granted even the first album had its tryhard moments. Like in Ine where they “rap”, which they must have known was a fail because they totally gave up on the section and dont do the “rap” live. Or even Gimme Chocolate and Doki Doki’s overtly kiddy…”cutesy” sound.

So as a fan of Babymetal, I can still look at their music and judge it, and see its flaws.
The first album had its flaws but overall was a great intro to the group…id say an 8 out of 10
The second Album had a few good songs but nothing that really blew your mind…id say 6 out of 10

Im hoping with a third full album they settle down with a style and find their niche in the metal world instead of trying to do this..spray and pray kind of style of music hoping something hits the target.

Prince Aligorna says:

Also, man, if you found this album confounding and all over the place, try the first album! I say this as a fan of noise music, experimental electronic music, Nurse With Wound, and cybergrind, but that album (I love because it’s) the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever heard! Most of it follows a fairly simple formula: death metal/thrash metal with pop vocals. But when it comes to breaks, that’s when things go absolutely insane! You get your typical shredding solos, as well as some pretty standard if still pleasing and heavy as fuck Emmure style breakdowns…but you also get elements of hardcore techno thrown at you (not surprising if you know Japanese music, or have ever played a DDR game. J-pop has a weird obsession with happy hardcore). But wait, that’s not all! Let’s break up one of those breakdowns with a FUCKING SKA SECTION! And for one song, let’s just throw in a little 2 Chainz style trap beat and have the girls do their best Big Sean over it! And then, for like 3 songs, let’s replace the breakdowns with fucking dubstep drops!!!!

I love that album. I come back to Metal Resistance more though, because it’s the exact opposite of that. While the flow of the album is style stylistically all over the place, the songs themselves individually are better structured, more melodic, and make the girls feel like they belong more. It actually is a much more coherent album. Still though, the first album is fantastic just because I doubt any band will ever top the WTFuckery of it. Pack it up, Wolf Eyes. Call it a day, Gigantic Brain. You got fucking outclassed by a bunch of 14 year old gothic loli dressing school girls!

Phoenix Splash TV says:

so the album gets narked because all the songs dont sound the same? That wouldve been boring. The composition and musicianship was really high. Being a project is what hurts babymetal the most…but i thought this wasnt a concept review…hmm…i guess i give this guy two skulls out of four for not be cohesive with his “rules”.

neuroisis85 says:

Dear god I can’t believe this kinda shit exists.

ems postal says:

So he likes an album with songs that sound fucking the same. Just like your run of the mill metal album.

Rob Murphy says:

I completely agree with everything this guy said. I really like J-Metal and was a huge fan of the first album. However, Metal Resistance is absolutely missing the cohesiveness that the first album had. It seemed they were trying to reach out to all sorts of metal fans rather than move forward with their own identity.

I like the songs … just not the album.

I still think it’s worth buying, though. It’s just one of those albums you’ve got to put on your mp3 player on random with other shit mixed in.

Mark Priss says:

very level headed review! i am impressed i must say.

Erlend 92 says:

babymetal are wannabees and they are an manufactured group!!!

Squiifish says:

Babymetal and a lot Alt Idol projects go for the scattershot/Yolo approach to song writing, hell I love it. Makes a album fresh and exciting to me.

Reece Coetzer says:

As an agreement and a counter argument to the review. I grew up with Ramstein, Metallica, Lamb of God. I grew into Gojira, Pantera, Dio, and hey even some metalcore bands as I grew older. But I must say Baby Metal has me hooked. I can get all my favourite genres of metal in one album with a really great vocal track over it and I love it. Surely everyone can agree the backing band must really be commended for what they put out.

Y2JM says:

It’s understandable if the vocals and the dancing isn’t for you, but you can’t deny the sheer technical ability of the Kami Band. Those guys are amazing and are already well established outside of Babymetal. Takayoshi Ohmura can shred with the best of ’em.

Jonathan Morales says:

I buy Both allbums Metal resistance and Entheos, Entheos has a best album, but i enjoy so much and i’ve listened more the babymetal album

Dave C says:

Giving it a 2 is being very generous. I tried hard to listen to this album but after 3 songs I couldn’t take it any more. It was one of the worst albums I have heard in a long time.

AndriS says:

no ones expert on metal music or music it self. just liked or disliked. don’t judge even we don’t liked. because what everything music you liked, doesn’t mean other people loved it. keep respect!

DeathMetalRegulator says:

i have a 3 word review of this album…
its fucking sick

Alene Smestad says:

This bad Sucks!!!!

Alejandro Lagos says:

Japaweirdos! xD

Markus B says:


Aaron Walk says:

As far as i love your documentaries and Overkill reviews, i don’t agree that Five Finger Death Punch is a metal band, i’d rather call it Hard Rock. Great review by the way, keep ’em coming:)

Prince Aligorna says:

This was actually probably my favorite album last year. I kinda like that everything is a little all over the place. One track can sound like I See Stars, another like Dragonforce, and yet another can sound like Emmure. But I also get how some people, especially hardened metalheads just may not like that approach to songwriting, and I certainly how they may not like the pop elements. Japan has this weird relationship with pop and rock/metal music. While the idea for a full band like Babymetal is pretty unique, it’s not that unusual for J-pop acts to fire off a few songs on an album that might have soaring solos or ripping guitar riffs. But to a Western ear, it may not sound right. We may have a style called “pop metal”, but here “pop metal” really just means melodic hard rock with a bit more edge to it, and was really an 80’s thing, growing up alongside its sleazier and rattier brother glam metal. It doesn’t mean having like Destiny’s Child singing over Pantera riffs!

MegaCrasherMusic says:

Hi Sam. Longtime fan of yours here since I saw the Metal Evolution series. Honestly, I can’t really disagree with any of the points you made about this album. Every song is like a sampling of a specific metal subgenre, and I agree the vocals seem completely separate from what the rest of the band is doing. However, I absolutely love this album and I cannot stop listening! Sometimes there is just no accounting for taste, and I find this album irresistible. Great job giving this album a thoughtful and articulate review. It would be so easy for metalheads to just dismiss it as bullshit, but you took the time to dig into it more thoroughly.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

He’s being fair but Karate is awesome.

Doran Amatto says:

Sam is a metal purist. I give him praise for staying nutral and giving this album a somewhat unbiased review. But you can see that deep down BM is everything he detests. But he stayed professional. Im a Westerner, and have to admit, the idol/j-pop/kwaii is a very different entity that us Westerners have a tough time fully grasping. But from what I do understand, one cannot apply our Western “rules” of music (metal) to this . But BM has struck a chord world wide, Im excited to see where it goes!

Riff Raff says:

Oh no! Babymetal is breaking the metal rules! Wait, when the fuck did metal get rules?

Paul Borst says:

I love BabyMetal, but your review was fair in its assessment of a slight disconnect between being a project and being a band. There is room for growth as they come into their own off of a “highly processed” business model introduction which relied heavily on “classical metal symbology”. It projects an image of “although I’m having fun, this is still just another day at work for me”. They need to break away from the metal stereotypes that management is shoving them into and find their own identity in the metal world. It will happen eventually as they get older and chose to play a larger role in the creative choices being made.

Wikus Botha says:

With their Live at Tokyo Dome of Sis.Anger, they made Epica look very tame, but I also wondered if you replaced the 2 girls with a man running the same kind of high pitched vocals (think Kind Diamond, first Tourniquet album), would it have been praised more?

chris goodness says:

they are not fucking metal….just pure bullshit!!!!

redsky89 says:

This band is fun. I can’t name one other band in the metal genre in my lifetime who has brought to the table what Babymetal has in that aspect. Plus watch them play Karate and Download 2016 and try an tell me they arent talented. This album was so much fun to listen to.

Taurus Guy says:

Hey Sam, it’s a first time for me to disagree with your review. Make a lot of research (more research) before giving them a 2 out of 5 score.

Logan Finn says:

At least they didn’t make it all melodic crap

WoodstockProd says:

I see where you’re coming from Sam, but personally I think the album and the group do fit together as a whole. I rather enjoy the mix ups on the record, the way the band flips from strait up Power Metal to fucking Metalcore shows a lot of diversity and the girls show some excellent vocal range. And these might be “pop” singers but they’re not something in the vein of Justin Bieber or Katy Perry (names I bring up for comparison and not derision) they’re VERY skilled vocalists, they’re some of the most skillful vocalists I’ve heard in this genre, and I think those high pitched vocals really bring an interesting flavor to the songs. Maybe that’s just my own preference for melodious metal to strait up guttural screaming and going “RRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Not that those bands are inherently untalented either. I won’t say Babymetal are something for everyone, and I do understand your feelings, but I think it’s something more enjoyable if you’re open to styles that are outside the usual heavy metal conventions

Asado says:

The first album had a more consistent feel

John Papachristos says:

Not even metal, fuck off hentai poser bitches

Ryne Grenier says:

That main riff on karate has a huge 5fdp sound to it.

Djsouthpaw1987 says:

As a fan of babymetal. I think this is a very fair review. and i think the producers and label behind babymetal should take this critique to heart. Perhaps let them settle on an identity musically. And now that they have proven they are not a curiosity or gimmick, really become a band instead of a project.

Krondo 17 says:

This is a good review and its mature. I understand that Babymetal isnt for everyone but I do have to disagree with him about saying that the album doesnt have its own identity or its not cohesive. Thats the point of Babymetal…I love the fact that they are constanly switching it up and covering every style of metal. They bring new life to the metal genre and its amazing how well they accomplish that. I fucking love this band and dont care what people say.

Geo B says:

What’s not to love about 3 preteen Japanese girls with choreographed dancing while singing their tiny little lungs out over technical metal?

Dubs says:

Sounds like you reviewed this album completely based on sound, no lyrics.

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