Babymetal – METAL RESISTANCE Album Review

Japanese subtitles are available here:

Ok, we’ve talked about two songs from this album, and one other track was originally debuted on special edition of their first. What more could Metal Resistance offer? Is it all SUPER CUTE KAWAII FUN GIRL METAL HEHE YAY!

No, this is serious. I’m being serious. The second album should be taken seriously, as it has a wide variety of influences and sounds reflected within its runtime. Guest spots from Dragonforce guitar wizards and song structures that run the table from J-pop to progressive metal to Queen to…you name it. Metal Resistance doesn’t feel like an album from a group poised to destroy the genre (as many STILL suggest, please let it go, its already older than your grandfather) it feels like an album showing RESPECT to it, marveling at metal and offering their own work to add to its mystique.

Listen, sometimes the best thing a genre of music, a product, ANYTHING can get is something/someone considered “unconventional” giving it their seal of approval, or wanting to be a part of it. BABYMETAL is more than just a product. Does this sound plastic? Hell no. Their backing band prevents that from even being a possibility.

While not a perfect work, Metal Resistance may surprise the heck out of you. Its almost more criminal for you to just pass on it, then it would be to your precious “metal cred” if you listened to it.

And nope, that’s not an April Fools joke.

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Tina K says:

No Rain No Rainbow seems more like an homage to X-Japan. So much so I had to look up the song to see if it was composed by Yoshiki. It took me back to my days listening to Endless Rain over and over. If you’ve never heard of Endless Rain, it is the song that Guns n Roses ripped off and gussied up and called November Rain. Anyway…I agree, this album has the best finishing set of songs ever.

Sly Silver says:

Good review. I agree. Those last three are incredible. I love the variety.

OBLUDA says:

It’s catchy i like it.

DrDress says:

Or tried to make money from it.

Christopher Barton says:

coverkillernation is not wrong… Carcass, Opeth, Slayer, Kiss, Metallica, Megadeth, Dragonforce, Judas Priest, Slipknot, All Time Low [not so great], have all come out in support of Babymetal as well as Ozzy invited then to Ozzfest Japan [tho honestly I am not sure he books bands directly lol]
I am sure I missed some bands, but he was right when he said they will have support of metal bands [and some legends].

Synteon says:

I feel like babymetal are actually detracting from the mainstream with the more progressive style on this album (esp. the last 3 songs), which seems to be contradictory to their original purpose, but that means the writers aren’t afraid to innovate and do something musically great and it makes guys like me happy so I’m all for it !! 😀

travis provence says:

I like DragonForce but i just can’t get past the vocals of BabyMetal.

Charles Uhli says:

You just got a sub with this video. The girls many say are forced into this when in reality they love this and one said she wanted to grow a beard and got yelled at for it lol. This is something that is becoming a thing as in the first and I might like it more was more of lets see what happens. This one is more mature and you said it best, it is here and it should get respect even if it is not your favorite record or even theirs the fact is it is here and I will take it right in.

WIll Copeland says:

I thought it was pretty entertaining . I wouldn’t buy the album or anything.

Ozzy Pete says:

05:47 You need not worry about an ending track ‘surprise’ by the release of The One as a second Video.
There is an “Unfinished Version” that is mostly piano backing with strings. It is sung slower, and it highlights Su-Metals’ voice up front & close. What a beautiful voice.
What IS interesting, if we are to assume that this came from earlier sessions before they layered on the metal guitars and drums and major backing vocals, is that Yuimetal & Moametal are there in this “Unfinished Version” with carefully crafted chorused backing effect.
That tells you that Yui & Moa have vocal responsibility and not just there to yell some chant or major in dance routines. Otherwise, in this alleged “Unfinished” song the engineers would have simply sampled Su-Metal’s voice and added them as a backing effect for the demo.
Source it out if you can, it’s on The One (fan club) Limited Edition and was broadcast in Japan in a NHK TV Broadcast.

Ant Man says:

I do not like anime at all, but I love this band.

Unholy Animosity says:

every band mimics someone else in some form or way. the one meaning is that we all have one thing in common is the love of music

Frieza Cold says:

Babymetal is fantastic. As a fan myself, I really love this album. I listened to samples on iTunes and purchased the album! Truly the dynamics of the album are amazing. They’re unique because they have a different style that no one has ever heard before! I got to shout out to them for a great album!

STAN says:

Your review made me really wanna listen to this album…if not just those last three tunes. I’ve just heard about this band, and it was quite a trip to say the least. But I’ve always appreciated the Japanese keeping all kinds of rock/metal alive.

Mike DLS says:

Just to let every Babymetal fan know, there’s an extra song only released for the Japanese version of the new album, I don’t remember the name, but it’s out there.

Theoryola says:

No rain, no rainbow is great. Getting Queen and X Japan vibes from that track. Dream Theater doesn’t come to mind when listening to the track after though.

Craig Sondergaard says:

WTF is wrong with the band? The band rocks even though it might seem ironic. If it gets your head bobbing and your toes tapping, what the hell! We need more new music and we will be satisfied! The haters (musical critics in their so called ivory towers) might have forgotten the function of music. It is not a peer reviewed scientific paper. Music appeals to individuals. I like this band!

FaerieKim says:

best review I’ve heard of this album, and the one that most matches my own feelings. I love this album, even though there are a few tracks in the middle that aren’t so good.

I’m queer and genderqueer, which makes me love female fronted pop sometimes. I’m also a lifelong metal fan (not a poser either – I love death metal, black metal, doom metal, thrash metal). I feel babymetal, while not perfect, have given me music that I can reconcile these two parts of myself. And it really is quality music at times, no matter what the haters think

Rafael Richard says:

An amazing album very good mixed and fun to listen, no rain no rainbow it’s the most beautiful babymetal track

FlipperWolf says:

Wow, I’m finally back from their Wembley show this week-end, and I see that you are finally (almost) totally converted :p

Still too tired to make a long comment, but The One was magical, for real, I was in the middle of the central pit in the arena, and everyone was singing along and you could see so many flags from so much countries in the world, that was so powerful that I just droppped a tear, and my eyes are still wet when i think about that again.

What a show, what a performance, what a band ! Yes it is manufactured at the core of it, but still, at this point, I don’t really care anymore cause it is so well manufactured, and obviously the girls and the backing band have the time of their live everytime, and when you spend the day in the queue with all the other fans, it really feels like a big family, a big Metal /J-pop / whatever you want family, and that is what make this band awesome.

Micktrinus says:

Awesome review! To be honest, before I first heard Babymetal a few years ago, I wasn’t a big fan of metal…throughout high school, I basically listened to Disturbed, Linkin Park, and Godsmack and then the rest of my musical taste was country, some classic rock and a little bit of rap. Hearing Babymetal made me kind of dive in to some of the various sub-genres of metal…through Babymetal, I found other bands that I love such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Otep, In This Moment, and Amaranthe.

thess89pnthrs says:

sis anger is legitimately one of the heaviest songs in recent history. that songs rips

Marcin Lewandowski says:

You’ve got me stoked for this. CKN, did you notice two things: 1. You have not used one cussword throughout and 2. You were exceptionally polite and kind? It’s like this music makes one better and kinder…I have not seen this effect in other reviews of yours. I mean, I like a good “f” bomb as much as the next guy and I enjoy your rants, but dammit I’m telling you, there’s something special about this band. I know you feel it too. Like light from beyond, superhuman yet profoundly human at once. Maybe I’m crazy

Micah Miranda says:

I was never interested in metal before. Now I want to check out Dream Theater and DragonForce.

Kevin Smith says:

I’m a Fan

A m i l l i o n y a w n says:

I was repeatedly listening to no rain, no rainbow this week, disgustingly good is so true haha

Wabin22 says:

Very interesting listening to your thoughts here. I’ve been living under a rock and ignored this group ever since they released their first stuff simply because of their name. Well, I have to bite myself in the ass because they are awesome!
So I just ordered this one and their first album.
Thanks for doing these great reviews!

Henrique Oliveira says:

I know it’s a video from a almost one month ago but…

I started to listen to Babymetal recently, and I’m still in doubt about a thing: what is Babymetal about? They’re like one more of those Japanese idols/commercial groups? It seems to be, but it’s hard to accept it, I kind of don’t wanna believe in it.

No hate.

randumo24 says:

You said you thought you were wrong, but part of the meaning of ‘The One’ really is a tribute to their fans.

Jeff Blydenburgh says:

This is absolute garbage, ear splitting trash that produces a headache in no time. Give me a break.


Most excellent review!!!  Tales of Destinies is the song that really has me under it’s spell.  I find myself finding new parts of the song to fall in love with, a mixture of beauty and chaos all at the same time.  The most deepest track with layers to spare and the perfect song for this amazing culmination of what Babymetal is and strives to reinvent themselves and their music.

HelbertH Salas Z says:

I love this album. The last songs remind me of Angra a lot.

Poleosis _ says:

was looking forward to this review, as its coming from a neutral standpoint. But now that theyve seemingly converted you into at least a slight fan, think youll attend a concert? I think thats really the final piece youd need to round out a complete review of them as their live show is also a MAJOR part of their entire act.

Freedom Cobra says:

This band lip syncs, it’s so obvious live

Unholy Animosity says:

what i think of the ablum is they are fighting back against all the critics and haters. they…the producers wanted to show ppl that theyre not japanese idols like akb48 but metal preformers. i was at rock on the range….20,000 strong to see the girls. as a fan we dont give a flying fuck if u hate us or thinks we are pedos when then song hit kitsune goes up

Zeeshan Alabedin says:

Ok, I got the album on your recommendation, and I must say it’s a damn good album, not all songs are great but mostly are.
No words for No rain, no rainbow it’s a really fantastic track.
I believe it has a more X Japan influence than Queens though.

superheavymetaldemon says:

babymetal is manufactured like nsync or new kids on the block or the Monkees. that said the album is outstandingly amazing. well worth the price. I wish the band success.

Eeiiaane says:

I think what Babymetal is trying to do here, is they’re trying to unify music, they’re like a symbol of peace in music
where every genre can co-exist with each other, not to bash, smash, crush and kill each other, Iv’e listen to the song
“The One” and it was absolutely magical, for some reasons I can’t explain, it kinda give you such a peaceful state of mind and emotion when you here the song.. But still too bad, and disappointingly sad that there are still some people who really doesn’t want peace when it comes to music, people with such close minds in the metal community isolating themselves, I think that’s one of the reason why metal doesn’t grow and doesn’t spread, because it can’t get out of it’s cage, it’s being held prisoner by it’s own people…

Tawnku Imi-Uru says:

+coverkillernation  First of all, I want to say I enjoyed your review, not just because I am a “geezer” Babymetal fan, but because you do seem to have a true appreciation of music as a whole. Secondly, have no concern about “pissing” people off; you can’t please all the people all the time. To quote from the Moody Blues, “Face piles of trials with smiles because it riles them to believe you perceive the web they weave!”…lol. May Kitsune bless all your days!

Shawn Arndt says:

I just found this band and they are totally refreshing. Hearing a few of the songs made me want to go see them live if they come my way. Good on them for taking up the challenge and making it their own.

The 10000000th fan of BABYMETAL says:

It was a too accurate review, so I was moved. Perfect.

JuneFSU says:

Masterpiece. Lovely album. Su’s vocals are great throughout.

Lucas Gianoli says:

Im finishing with the album through spotify, right now im listneing to The One, aka the album closure, and I gotta say that the whole thing is just excelent. Even tho it has the elements of J-pop everywhere, there are also elements of Djent, progresive metal, thrash, heavy, punk, and more. Totally worth the while listening.

longshelton says:

I listened to the record and damn I heard a lot of influences on the record. “Karate” has more of a djent sound to it, I thought Meta Taro was more Power Metal. I like this record a lot. It’s surprising to me because I heard one song “Gimmie Chocolate” and I thought it was crap. This record damn I like it a lot.

Demian Haki says:

Like you hinted at in the end, the crucial thing about Babymetal is that it isn’t motivated by pure marketing exploitation. It isn’t just some producer thinking about the weirdest kind of fusion to create a marketable product. It used to be like that with HipHop in the late 90s, when guys in business suits suddenly used hip hop slang to sell breakfast cereal, without any kind of knowledge or respect for what hiphop was.
It’s clearly not like that with Babymetal. Their producer and the musicians involved seem to be lifelong, die-hard metal fans, who really know their stuff and want to create music that pays tribute and adds to the legacy of metal. The girls themselves may have been thrown into the deep end, but even they seem to learn more and more about the genre, and based on what Su-mental has said about metal music in recent interviews, she really seems to get what it’s all about, slowly but surely.

Mario Buchichio says:

Very cool review. I was too very uneasy when I first heard Babymetal, and even can understand some of the naysayers, but then my resistances last for about 30 seconds: this is terrific music and I have not heard something like this in a while. I’m really enjoying this album. The band is top notch, the girls are super cool. Even the fact that they don’t resort to any exploitative imagery is refreshing. Very cool indeed. I’m sold.

Corranhorn122 says:

+coverkillernation, what did you think about Sis Anger (possibly in relation to tech death)? For the record, I’ve very much enjoyed Babymetal. Already have a ticket for one of their concerts.

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