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Sam reviews the new Behemoth album, I Loved You At Your Darkest

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W0RK1 says:

not that extreme any more and reminds of Dimmu Borgir – Gateways … not like Tormenting Christian Souls …

Roman Legion says:

Behemoth is homoerotic.

Claudio Vega42 says:

Let me know if i wrong. I feel some (or high) Batuhska’s influences at the new Behemoth’s record, and…that it’s awesome. Cheers, and Glory to Metal.

Alexander Ra Orion says:

He doesn’t preach against Christianity. He preaches the philosophy he believes in: THELEMA

Pieter Balk says:

Great record, lousy review. But what can you do about it. It’s a fucking American without any decent (black) metal knowledge who keeps repeating the same clichés in this “review”.

Digital Autism says:

It’s a shame that Sam didn’t mention the fact that there’s a LOT of death metal in Behemoth as well. Or as most want to put it: blackened death metal. But in the end it doesn’t matter: Behemoth is Behemoth and that’s that.

devin harwood says:

To me, all the orchestra (and mainly choral moments) came a lot from Batushka. This is just my opinion and not hating at all. Has the line of Batushka been confirmed? I’m pretty sure they’re also from Poland so I’m curious if there was some artistic connection/involvement.

Alejandro Solis says:

Behemoth become a joke , nergal Is like the Manson of black metal , i liked very much the apostasy and evangelion

Dheeraj Govindraju says:

One of the name in the second list of patreon donors is Disinterested Handjob. LMFAO! Someone paid money to get that on the screen LOL

One Nut says:

You guys should review the new dir en grey album that just came out and give support to the Japanese metal scene.

Virginia Hamamelis says:

excellent review Sam thank you!

Paul Michael says:

Poland is ruled by the Talmud


Great fuckin album

Josué Isidoro says:

the review $uck$

Arsis Fan says:

This review is far more accurate!!!
Behemoth – I Loved You At Your Darkest Review – Last Rites

Jeff Urizen says:

Now we all know the extent of the child abuse rings allowed to operate in places like PA. It’s just as evil as what happened in Rotherham under a different Abrahamic faith. It’s simply about time these sheep herder religions with their submission and their superstitions make way for something old to be reborn, something more savage, primal, pure, dare is say Nationalistic, and from the blood, destroy these religions which no longer have the power to inspire men to do great things, as perhaps they once did very very long ago.

firdaus5437 says:

Awesome album 10/10 but for me is The Satanist better a little bit. 11/10

Rock Metal Fiend says:

I cant wait to check it out as well as Deicide, High on Fire and a few others as well for reviews!

Nocturn Vaka says:

Behemoth haven’t been black metal for about 15 years??

Андрей Анисимов says:

Zos Kia Cultus is the most favourite album by Behemoth for me

snuka_ 420 says:

Thought they were on Nuclear Blast?

Pawel Polanski says:

Really good album. I was expecting worse, comparing to previous masterpiece one.
In addition regarding some recent hate:
1. To those who are complaining for sticking to antichrist archaic convention – Nergal has been fighting the biggest sect in Poland (which is Catholic Church) for last few decades and I think he will not abandon that mission just because of bunch of bored guys. Especially now, when Poland is on the verge of falling into the dark middle ages (politically and socially). So don’t bash him for being consequent.
2. To those who are suggesting offending islam instead of christianity – this is one of silliest allegation ever. Band is from Poland, where there is almost no islam in reach. Why on earth they should stand against foreign evil when the closest one is their natural enemy? It’s equally ridiculous to accusing a victim of two thieves who separated during the escape for chasing the wrong one. WTF?! They are chasing one sect at the time. Come on, do something yours, morons.
3. To those who are iritated by Behemoth inspirations from other genres – typical resentful fan attitude. Be constant or die? You guys will definitely die in the permanent limitations. Most probably by the smell of your sweaty black t-shirt.

G4M3RxGURL says:


DeadManProp says:

As somebody who grew up in Poland I can attest to the fact that Catholic faith is forced down our throats to a sickening extent. Our current leaders can even be considered puppets of the Catholic church. Admitting to being an atheist is sometimes akin to stating that you sacrifice goats on a homemade altar O_o

Gareth says:

Way better than that shitty ‘Satanist’ album. They finally went back to their heavy and fast roots.

Julio Agosto says:

Seems like they took the BMTH turn. lol

Leif A says:

Best. Fucking. Black. Metal. Album. Of. The. Year.

Andi Matt says:

“To me it don’t matter”. Man, as a foreigner I struggle with this so hard, it has to be “to me it doesn’t matter”, right? Why does he say it that way? It confuuuuuuuuuuuses me dude 😀

Andrash Kais says:

But its on Blast not Metal Blade…anyway Banger rules!

Arvind Sidhu says:

Haven’t fully listened to it yet but when Sam recommends it. It’s legit

LordofNalicNod says:

What separates Behemoth from other satanic metal bands is that, they are orchestrated and sung with conviction. Which is hard to see with alot of bands. This is not like other bands that get on the satanic bandwagon because of trends or make money. Alot of bands sound like angry teenagers as they rail against christianity. With Nurgle and Behemoth you can feel they mean what they say. They have belief in how they feel and Express that through their music wholeheartedly.

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