Behemoth – I Loved You at Your Darkest ALBUM REVIEW


I Loved You at Your Darkest is a solid blackened death metal album that’s occasionally marred by Behemoth overextending itself, or treading the water it waded with The Satanist.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Andrew Reddy says:

No moth meme? Come on melon, you’re better than that

GraViTyAboVe says:

I came here for hip hop reviews… The fuck is this. I lie.

BrickWolfy says:

this album is better than the satanist though?

Martin Hyatt says:

My opinion of this album has only grown over the last few weeks. I was a little underwhelmed on it’s release but now I love it.

DylanTheSmylan says:

havojeh pantocrator, bartzabel, god equals dog and parts of sabbath mater are really heavy and amazing.

d-day says:

no no no nooooouuuu 10/10

Pierre Stachny says:

First time i heard the album on YouTube i thought only the 5 first track was good & the end was bad. Now i bought it & listen it on a powerful device, i can say then the entire album is great. I particulary enjoy Rom 5 : 8 & Bartzabel. The YouTube version doesn’t give credit to a album like this, it s better on a real device with a powerful sound & the artist cd.

Sean Becker says:

Weird fact! Satan gave this album a 5

Willis Graphi says:

I liked it but less than the satanist, I feel like it would be better live because it was a little over produced

Bernardo Carneiro says:

Anthony’s curse is too strong,it won’t stop haunting poor Cal Chucesta

bomb-de-dyl says:

This album is so much better than The Satanist, The Satanist is so over rated

Mighty Dubya says:

Hey you should review the album broken machine by nothing but thieves

Minnesota Metal Man says:

Come to me Fantanooo

Phil Stanton says:

I come back to watch this review just because of the intro

Indica 25 says:

how can the same guy reveiw Behemoth and 21Pilots ?

Carsten Niemand says:

I did not like it… It is probably one ov my least favorite albums in the history of this great band.

nick tardif says:

hey homo, you have a little shit on your upper lip?

Vid Zorkus says:

For the longest time I thought your shirt says “democrack..”

ATXK says:

It’s cool to see you review a metal album.

Khandnalie says:

I think ILYAYD would have made an *excellent* EP, but instead it made a (comparatively, to the rest of their discography) mediocre album. Also, if you examine the lyrics, you’ll notice there’s a dramatic shift towards more direct and overt themes of blasphemy from the previous albums, which featured a more philosophical approach to sinister spiritual topics, with a little blasphemy sprinkled in for flavor. I think this reflects a certain, hmmm, lack of inspiration, maybe? ‘Old’ Behemoth is certainly present on this album, it’s just not there all the way through.

Andrew Harvey says:

Sum ov a bush, that was a long ass ad. But your vids are worth it.

Nando says:

Before watching this just cause it’s Behemoth I predicted 7 or 8. Who would of thought it s not xddddd

TheArcanist says:

god=dog, sabbath mater and havohej pantocrator are wonderful tracks

Caastles Beats says:

You had me until you started theorizing how the Third Reich could’ve won the Battle of Stalingrad

Bleed Green Nation says:

You look like “Hitler’s” gay fuckboy.

Secret EyeSpot says:

i love satanic music, and this band evolved the overall conflict between deity angels and man very well.. regardless of compositional inadequacies..


I love I loved you at your darkest

Idontknowone1able says:

Im not usually the biggest fan of Anthony’s reviews, but this is by far the best review I’ve heard of this album.

Dorian Degrandez says:

check out N / O / I / S / E by ghostemane

Sebastian Rodriguez says:

Whack Cal for once and for all!

deathcannonx says:

I’m struggling to get past track 4. I’m just not feeling it . I’ve been a fan for a long time but I just can’t really make it through so far.

jnero79 says:

Not feeling this album at all.. But that new Hate Eternal is fire as fuck

Baer Trap says:

C’mon, Melon. Its at least an 8.

Armando Lopez says:

Excellent review. Couldn’t have said it better.

Themalicelegions says:

Totally disagree . It’s a dynamic and diverse album, and they are developing their sound! Fantastic album

Dylan C says:

Nothing painful about this album. It’s beautiful. Melon’s head gettin too big.

Dave S says:

Anthony Fantano……Music’s busiest porn mustache.

Cole Nesper says:

Is it wrong for me to say that I don’t give a shit about behemoth

Blutige Tränen says:

I think the intention with this album was to not recreate The Satanist or do a Satanist Pt.II. I’m not really sure where that idea comes from. Behemoth has become more of an art piece in their last 2/3 outings. This is not an album to take in as individual pieces. Listen to it as a whole piece itself. The album is written like a Bible. The message is FAR different from anything The Satanist has to offer. They call into question the church, it’s warped messages and it’s horrific past (and current) transgressions whereas The Satanist was almost entirely praising the devil. This album actually carries qlmost no religions connotation or opinion, only criticisms of the goings on behind the scenes. The only song that is NOT a part of this overarching story is Wolves ov Siberia which entirely refers to their having been kicked out of Russia.

gregotheus_ says:


AmericanMetalhead100 says:

It was odd how much I liked the Satanist despite just about all other heavier metal sub genres like it sounding like absolute crap.

reignofrock says:

Thank you, Havohej is my faves.

Félix Hamel says:

I loved you at your D A N K E S T

Andres Bonifacio says:


Sedition Band says:

Aethra from Gorod just dropped today. Would love to hear what you think of it!


Hell Dwells In Ice is a great soft Behemoth track, their best song on their best album “Storming Near The Baltic”.

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