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Blayne reviews BELL WITCH’s new album “Mirror Reaper”
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Krisley Freitas says:

Great review! Awesome album!

James Page says:

9:35 hahahaha yess!!!

Kesey Sturdevant says:

Great review! Love how this channel has opened my mind to a lot of bands I would never sit down and listen to on my own.

fauxmosmexual says:

this is the first vid of yours i’ve watched and i love it, though i’m worried you might be too good-natured of a dude to pan an album. then again, this album is fucking awesome so i totally understand why you’re hyped about it lol

9cccaseycane says:

It would be awesome if you could review the new Sadness ep that is coming out on Tuesday.

blackspiraldancer6 says:

Mirror Reaper is a fucking masterpiece!

chris dirienzo says:

I love the album and was digging this guy’s upbeat review until I realized he sounds like Hiccup.

jon.mule says:

I love this dude. And this album sounds so fucking cool. Can’t wait til they come to LA in December.

NeuroHead says:

I don’t have the attention span for music this slow but i got to say , that is the sickest album artwork i have seen in a long long time.

Ben Thrall says:


DownFall NetWork says:

Jesus titty slapping christ that is the most overbloated pretentious boring hispter hunk of shit ive ever feasted my ears into

Travis Bos says:

This reviewer is incredibly painful to deal with. Just. Not. Funny.

Mr says:

well thumbs up just because of dark souls

volimNestea says:

This album bends time. Seriously, I was looking at a clock while listening to it and, I swear, the dials were moving way faster than they should have. That’s how slow this album is. Once your brain gets accustomed to the slow tempo, time stars flying by. It’s so slow that for the first twenty minutes or so, next to nothing really happens. But it gets better as it goes on. All in all, it’s a pretty good record, one that shouldn’t work as well as it does given just how little it has going on at any moment. But that’s the beauty of it. 7.8/10

Luny & Milky says:

ok, i’m sold :’P

Jamie Hake says:

Not just best cover of the year , but best all time cover.

Derek A. Kamal says:

I hate slow, epic records but Blayne has given me reason to try again.

J. Max says:

That song was fuggin grueling. Yep, blightown for sure, without the rusted grain ring to help you get through it at all!

Rocnati says:

This album is awesome, if you are going to listen to this do yourself a favor. Find some time when you know you aren’t going to be disturbed, get some good speakers/headphones, clear your head, and just listen. This song is very deep, very slow, and is worth the time.

ThePortjumper says:

Did you just put Dark Souls in my Metal Review?

My mind has been thoroughly fucked.

Ct House Ninja says:

Well done my friend

Matt Handley says:

I listened to the album and even though as much as I tried to enjoy it, I just couldn’t. I can see why funeral doom fans would really love it and I can appreciate as a piece of art, but other than that for me it’s meh.

Beef Quirky says:

5 skulls. Gonna have to check this out. BTW, I fucking love this guy. He cracks me up every time. Excellent reviews!

Fodson Media says:

I love the fact that this is listed under “singles” on Spotify! XD

huwmorgan74 says:

See, when you review something you like. it’s ok, but please, spare the social comments about shit I have no idea what you’re talking about. Again, not exactly sure why this is placed in with metal, maybe just stick to a doom review page.

RealPeterParker says:

review new Belphegor albummmmmmmmmmmmm plz sick cunts

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