BEST METAL ALBUMS OF 2017 | BangerTV pick our faves

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The BangerTV team reveals their fave metal albums of 2017
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Sam’s Picks:
Mastodon “Emperor of Sand”
Decapitated “Anticult”
Enslaved “E”

Blayne’s Picks:
Power Trip “Nightmare Logic”
Necrot “Blood Offerings”
Amenra “Mass VI”
Wode “Servants of the Countercosmos”

Martin’s Pick:
Overkill “The Grinding Wheel”

Sarah’s Pick:
Pagan Altar “The Room of Shadows”

Bradley’s Pick:
Bufihimat “I”

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Marko Bera says:

Fuck yes, i knew Emperor of sands would grew on him.

EDsavant says:

Blayne has the best reviews with the shittiest taste in music. Except for Power trip.

Seb Enpunkt says:

My Fav-List would be:
01. Power Trip- Nightmare Logic
02. Black Anvil- As Was
03. Morast- Ancestral Void
Zakk Sabbath- Live In Detroit
04. Savage Messiah- Hands Of Fate
05. Comeback Kid – Outsider
06. Royal Thunder- Wick
07. Kreator- Gods Of Violence
08. Evil Invaders- Fedd me Violence
09. Portrait- Burn The World
10. Vampire- With Primal Force
11. Elder- Reflections of a floating World
12. Havok- Conformicide
13. Mastodon- Emperor Of The Sand
14. Unleash The Archers- Apex
15. Dool- Here now, there then
16. Venomous Maximus- No Warning
17. Ruby The Hatchet- Planetary Space Child
18. Enslaved – E
19. Der Weg Einer Freiheit- Finisterre
20. Dauþuz- Die Grubenmähre

Luemm3l says:

Sarah drops the best albums… love that she seems to be way more into the unergorund (and also pretty diverse stuff)

Petri Rantanen says:

Tau Cross rules! Thumbs up for Sarah!

DarkwarXT says:

1 – Lör – In forgotten sleep
2- Caligula horse – In contact
3- Septicflesh – Codex omega
4- Soen – Lykaia
5- The Faceless – In becoming a ghost

Abendrot05 says:

Yeah, AMENRA!! One of the best albums of 2017 for me.

marksoreilly94 says:

Sarah’s picks are top tier

DC Blunt says:

Sarah showed you all up with the best round up. Wasn’t expecting to see Locust Leaves. Great album


Thanks for the recommendations, Sarah. Good stuff from what I have heard.

Alex Fout says:

No mention of Pallbearer? How can this be a best of list without at least a mention of them?

Rand Wulf says:

Septicflesh – Codex Omega has to be on any best of 2017 metal list.

Derek Riel says:

If you can’t mention Decapitated being charged with gang rape, why hype the record? Shit is about to get real for those sickos.

Quisker Q says:


le100 says:

I’ve been listening FLESHKILLER – AWAKEN every day for months now.

najtrows says:

Sarah.. get some sleeves for those lp’s 🙁

Millie Burton says:

Violet Cold – Anomie It’s not even close for me.

Derek Albert says:

“Brought me back to Bay-Area thrash, particularly Nuclear Assault”…. Who was from NY… Lol

Ezras DoomBurgers says:

fuck power trip in the ass

João B Costa says:

Kreator did the best album of this year!

BANGERTV - All Metal says:

FYI: Lock Horns Best of of 2017 next Thursday! It’s all viewers choice this year so get your arguments ready and join us for the live debate!

jaybone23 says:

My fave record was Ben Wyatt’s “The Cones of Dunshire”.

Ryan Merica says:

You guys should review Life through Torment by I Am! They’re stupid heavy

TheSpliffstarEffect says:

No Relentless Mutation by Archspire or Dark Future by Entheos? WHAT?

Rhys G says:

Red Before Black is album of the year imo!

Nikolaos Dimitriadis says:

The Black Dahlia Murder, Nightbringers
Septicflesh, Codex Omega
Rings of Saturn, Ultu Ulla

Francis Underwood says:

Hi guys, good job! I always enjoy watching your reviews. Can I have Sarah’s (she is amazing) complete list? Thank you!

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