BEST METAL OF 1978 as chosen by you | Overkill Reviews

Martin Popoff reviews the Top 5 Metal albums of 1978 as voted by you! (Scroll down for spoilers)
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5. Rush, Hemispheres
4. Rainbow, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
3. Judas Priest, Killing Machine / Hellbent for Leather
2. Van Halen, Van Halen
1. Judas Priest, Stained Class

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corm1000 says:

Dictators was very heavy, and I would almost consider it to be more of a metal Punk, I mean after all Ross the Boss from Manowar was in the band.

gallaghim says:

Ah yes, the year of my birth. Thanks for the reminder of how old i am. No, no, kidding. Excellent list, only one i haven’t heard is the Rainbow album. Something i must correct very soon. Very much liking these year by year top 5’s.

rckstr1123 says:

The Saints and The Dictators!!!! Fantastic albums!

brucenatelee says:

Note, it’s 40 years, not 30.

Chris Finster says:

You did this just right. Stained Class is hands down the best record of that year.

MaTaFiX says:

am I the only one who loves never say Die?

Eventual420 says:

Aerosmith – Live Bootleg, you seem to have forgotten. Hemispheres, Powerage spun relentlessly.

Music Teacher Guy says:

Sun in the fun?

kevin jachim says:

Rush is not metal,Venom was around then.Rush?Rainbow,I’m 50 and you got old and soft.

mvunit3 says:

Rush and Rainbow on the Top 5, I’m good – the 2 bands and albums I still listen to on a regular basis and are still my faves among many new bands they inspired in Prog Metal (The precursors & Grandfathers) and Metal subgenres. I’m happy with the Top 5, The Priest were the epitome of HEAVY for its time.
Eddie Van Halen changed Guitar forever and his legacy runs through every sinew of Metal and Guitar Shredder to come. Even Eddie has praised Ritchie Blackmore in what he’s contributed to Guitar and Hard Rock/Metal music. There may have been other guitarists to come during or before Blackmore, but Eddie was something new, wild and exciting and coming in at the right place, right time when every wannabe musician I knew (including me) wanted to be a guitarist that played like that, though at the time, I really wanted to play like Blackmore, with a bit of Van Halen thrown in . . . . then Randy Rhodes came along and presented the “darker” sound, but that’s for another list ;).

Wizard Face Rip says:

Van halen 4 out of 5 ?? You idiot.

Nightmare Fuel says:

I’d definitely throw in never say die for punk I wanna be sedated bc it’s the most influential punk album other than Sex Pistols

Chris Hawkins says:

Great year! I’m happy to have been born the year Judas Priest released two killer albums!

Jesse Posewhorella says:

Alot of these bands are boring and ewt dated by today’s standards.

bigczech7 says:

There wasn’t any punk rock left WTF is he talking about?

Dopa M1n3rva says:

There was also Never Say Die (Black Sabbath) and Trouble by Whitesnake. The latter’s completely brilliant. Not really metal, mind you, but approximately as close as Van Halen.

Jesse Snyder says:

“Punk is kinda over.” “There isn’t much punk left.” What the hell are you talking about. The Clash, Crass, Misfits, Ramones, Generation X, DeadBoys, Sham 69, The Vibrators, Germs, Buzzcocks all have classic punk albums coming out in ’78. It’s literally in the middle of the punk era.

hmetaljustin says:

All killer albums!

Fabio B.M. says:

Magnum – Kingdom Of Madness deserved a honorable mention

Fran Ohmsford says:

Surely the most important debut album in Heavy Metal has to be Appetite For Destruction!

Johnny Depth says:

Most important debut metal album? Uh, Black Sabbath?

And Van Halen isn’t metal. Never were metal. Hard rock. And as much as I love Rush, they’re the prototypical prog rock band.

Christ, I hate when people call rock bands metal.

SuccessIsNotAStraightLine says:

Judas Preist 4:13 and 7:37

winky phillips says:

VH 1st and Priest 2nd that year.

Zoran Pavlović says:

Absolutely great list. Perhaps AC/DC – Powerage and The Dictators – Bloodbrothers (there’s a lot of metal in their punk). However I expected Stained Class to be #1. ,,/

Nanco Co says:

“but there isnt really much punk left”
you should do your homework better next time boyo

Marcelo Bandeira says:

Wheres 1998 and 2008 Best Metal Albuns? Please do. 🙂

TheAntih says:

“30 years” ? 🙂

Doug Carson says:

Really pleased to see that Stained Class got 1st Place. “Stone Cold Classic” absolutely.

corm1000 says:

Scorpions taken by force was also a good 1978 metal album.

3baxcb says:

Rush and Judas Priest among the best metal.  Who could ever dispute that?

Joshua Booth says:

Never Say Die?

Jordan Rhea says:

You misspelled Judas Priest on number one.

Module79L says:

0:19 – Best Metal of 1978, 30 years ago? When was this video recorded? 2008? : /
Rush and Rainbow were the best Metal bands around in 78, pop bands like Van Halen or Judas Priest shouldn’t even be on this list! [Sarcasm Mode = OFF]

debgibsonfan says:

1. Priest (Killing Machine) – 2. AC/DC (Powerage) – 3. Van Halen (ST) – 4. Ace Frehley (solo) – 5. Paul Stanley (solo)

Anthony Staffen says:

Stained Class is and has always been far and away my favorite Priest album. I first listened to it when I became serious with playing the drums…it blew my fucking mind!

corm1000 says:

Absolutely it was stained class as the best metal album of 78 I agree 100%.

Patrick Lane says:

no motorhead !!!

husq48 says:

Nothing weak at all about the first Rainbow lp, just not as heavy…

Benjamin Lord says:

Glad to see RAINBOW on here

Music Teacher Guy says:

40 years ago, not 30…

brucenatelee says:

The only musical act I know that releases 2 albums a year is Tech N9ne. Judas Priest, 3 albums in 2 years?

kiolasmash550 says:

Good selections except for Rush. Good album but too prog. I know the line between metal, hard rock, punk and prog can be blurred, especially in the 70s, but the music needs so-called balls and that Rush album might be good but it hasn’t got any knackers. Btw, I chose Powerage but no sour grapes… perhaps some. My first choice was Stained Class but I knew it would get the votes.

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