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Bradley Zorgdrager reviews the Top 5 Metal albums of 2001 as voted by you! (Scroll down for spoilers)
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5. SYSTEM OF A DOWN – Toxicity
4. CONVERGE – Jane Doe
3. SLIPKNOT – Iowa
2. TOOL – Lateralus
1. OPETH – Blackwater Park

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Devil'sAdvocate says:

Unpopular opinion time. Lateralus was BORING as shit and Opeth is just a boring band in general. I saw them live several times in their “heyday” back in the late 90s/early 00s and struggled to stay awake during their sets.

Martin Wilhelmsson says:

Kreator – Violent Revolution
Sodom – M-16
Destruction – The Antichrist
Gamma Ray – No World Order
Edguy – Mandrake

Joe Hornback says:

Symptom of the down is the worst live band ever. Absolutely suck live. And tool isn’t metal. 2 reasons I unsubscribe no clue about metal

Prometheus Bloom says:

I don’t get the Tool hype either. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

p0lanski says:

relax people we all know millenials dont like to think

Mili says:

Tool in top 5 and Slayer not? It’s a fucking disgrace.

agatopipa says:

jesus christ! What a shitty list! Are there any Metalheads watching this channel??? 2001: SLAYER, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, DARK FUNERAL, KATATONIA – game over!

Harry Aladzhyan says:

I can’t be the only guy surprised white pony isn’t on the list

MetalPersonJ says:

Let’s break these goofballs down:

System of a Down- I always felt that they weren’t nu-metal, more like a combination of Frank Zappa and DRI. That being said, they followed the “guitar solos are gay” trend, so fuck em. Also they have no business playing any venue larger than a state fair at this point.

Slipknot- The musical equivalent of purgatory. Not that bad, but not that good either. The Ian Robinsons of the world ruined this band for the real metal heads.

Opeth- Opeth are milquetoast diaper garbage, and if metal’s gatekeepers weren’t so busy trying to fight off the horde of wigger posers there’s no way we would have let these losers slip through the cracks

Converge- I have no real problem with them I actually almost put them at #5 for their innovation of metalcore but then I remembered they innovated metalcore, a sub-genre that should have been aborted in the womb via gunshot.

Here’s the real top 5:

5. Tool- Lateralus: yea Tool fans are dimwits, but 2 out of 5 is a tad harsh. If one is going to lobby criticism at Tool its that they didn’t claim to be metal during a time when metal needed them to be.

4. Children of Bodom- Follow The Reaper: More great shredding power metal. Alexi’s vocals > your favorite growler.

3. Destruction- The Antichrist: In a year where every German thrash band made a comeback, this was the most triumphant and true comeback of them all. Violent Revolution borrowed a little too much from Arch Enemy.

2. Gamma Ray- No World Order: The Heart of the Unicorn alone rapes and murders EVERY song from 2001. This would be number one but runs out of steam towards the end.

1. Nightwish- Wishmaster: If you saw the name and felt the need to write off my list then you can just drink a tall glass of AIDS you “extreme” metal fans, this is an 80s Judas Priest classic with a female singer and it’s better than your precious wallet chain metal. Also, you can’t click away or write off my post because you made it to the end, faggot! I took your time away and you ain’t getting it back.

Byron Grimlock says:

No love for Gorguts’ “From Wisdom to Hate.” Boo.

Lucas Struna says:

fucking Opeth is amazing

Tohofan122 says:

You guys finally mentioned AVATAR!!!!

Jake Schultz says:

I feel like this number #1 pick is super bias hahahaha how is that album coming at number one over those other albums, Opeth was super niche still. no Mutter – Rammstein or even Gojiras debut LP

Shu Jima says:

Fuck I was so scared Opeth wouldn’t be on the list and I was ready to rip everyone in the comments. Faith in humanity restored!!!

Lucas Struna says:

dude thats also my favorite part on Blackwater park right before the solo


Had this list not featured “Iowa”..I’d have unsubscribed the channel && hit the thumbs down…

Rob Johnson says:

God hates us all. Slayer. Released September 11, 2001

Társis Cardoso says:

Miss u Chuck

chinstrappengin says:


Lance Lazer says:

1. My Dying Bride – The Dreadful Hours

Igor Wisniewski says:

I think Sam should have done this review

Peter Nowak says:

Lots of comments here about being butthurt… I’d posit the reviewer is the one who’s butthurt. This video is based on a poll, after all, where the majority of respondents picked Lateralus as the #2 album of 2001. Why crap on album that so many respondents obviously loved, if not because they rated it ahead of Converge? Combine it with the reviewer’s obvious petulancy during the year-end Lock Horns, where he didn’t get his way, and it’s clear who’s butthurt.

Digital Autism says:

System of a Down? It’s not even metal.
Shows what kind of audience you have. Gross.

A K says:

Puritanical. Euphoric. Misanthropia. By Dimmu Borgir. One of my top 10 albums of all time. So powerful.

Phantom Loco productions says:

Next one: top 5 of 1991. I would’ve personally included, Neurosis – A Sun That Never Sets

Caleb James Williams says:

I literally gasped at the Lateralus review… That is just sinful lol. But I understand it’s your opinion, but holy shit. I thought you would have at worst gave it a 3 and a half skulls. Wow. Not butthurt, but in shock.

Lucas Struna says:

I really do not understand Tool and I really hate Maynards vocals they are so boring

Matt Solegod says:

Steven Wilson is the reason Blackwater Park is so good. He is one of the smartest musicians/producers to ever live, not to mention one of the best songwriters in all of music

Eduardo Jarry says:

Too Mainstream.

Sergio Campos González says:

Great reviews! And interesting comments although I don’t agree with the 2.5 skulls on lateralus…

Boris says:

music is just wiggly air

Cole Rodocker says:

Thought I was the only one with that opinion of Tool

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