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Brad and Sarah review the Top Metal Albums of 2017 we misssed reviewing, as chosen by viewers
[Spoilers below!]
Unleash the Archers “Apex”
Primitive Man “Caustic”
Akercocke “Renaissance in Extremis”
Elder “Reflections of a Floating World”
Ne Obliviscaris “Urn”
Power Trip “Nightmare Logic”
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Richard King says:

I give Sarah a raging 4 and a half stars!

SithMan1776 says:

August Burns Red should’ve made the list

Richard King says:

Band #2 should pay Opeth royalties!

Johnny Depth says:

LOL. This guy is a big Slipknot fan. Fucking heinous. No wonder he can’t connect with stoner metal.

Jack Andras says:

I LOVE “Caustic”! Best fucking shit I’ve heard in years. It’s like Celtic Frost’s “Monotheist” on steroids.

rusterpus111 says:

Victim by Primitive Man was of course the best song I heard in this review, and the reviewers failed to recognize it as such, because…

Shadowlynx Band OfficialYouTube says:

Where Do Send Our CD to you?

Tracy Street says:

Powertrip sounds exactly like Ministry’s song New World Order. The one song where they’re dudes puking, and the tanks firing in the video. It’s cool for retro thing but very one dimensional.

Jeanette Demoness says:

with the words of Thumper. If you have nothing nice to say, dont say nothing at all

Erik S says:

Why are ALL metal t-shirts from s-xl?

Kurtis Buckle says:

to me elder don’t really sound like metal to me..

Vinay Chauhan says:

i personally found Elder – Reflections of a Floating World the best album of 2017

Lonnie Troquille says:

I wish you guys would review the new (ish) Wolfbrigade album.. On same label as Power Trip ( southern lord ). Both PT and WB new (ish) albums are equally great.

Abdel Nasir says:

Unleash the archers. Mediocre claptrap easily forgotten

Sam Sami says:

how the fuck did you miss POWER TRIP


Please try and bring in Erik Rutan to do Death Metal reviews. He knows his shit. And where was Dark Funeral’s “Where Shadows Forever Reign?” Helllloooooooo!?!

stonerdemon says:

Vallenfyre’s last record should have been at least a runner up for album of the year.

Brennan Dalgleish says:

not really surprised it  didnt make it  into this list but Dvne – Asheran is my aoty

cmpeders says:

Good chemistry and humor. You get 4 12 skulls.

mrbtapir says:

Elder sound well decent from that clip you played.

120bluestar says:

Elder sound like Stoner Rock, I can’t listen anything what is metal about it.

jakeybball says:

You don’t have friends who listen to Elder? Mannnn you need some new friends

Peace Frog says:

someone probably already said it, but Apex is UTA’s 4th studio album, not their 3rd

Vasilis Vic says:

I wish people would notice what is happening in Norway and Sweden thrash-wise. Fenriz has nurtured a new generation of bands that definitely do the 80s thrash justice and taking it even further.

Case in point: Listen to Condor, Nekromantheon, Antichrist, Deathhammer. There is much more going on in the underground than Municipal Waste clones.

BANGERTV - All Metal says:

A note from Sarah re: Slayer – “The original version of Reign in Blood is 28 minutes I know; I owned this remastered version that was remastered and expanded and 34 minutes.

MY Personal Spin says:

you guys missed Byazantines album the Cicada Tree it is one of the most criminally underated bands and albums of the Metal universe

opol opol says:

Hideous Divinity released the best album of 2017.

Андрей Анисимов says:

Have you forgot about Narcotic Wasteland “Delirium Tremens”, one of the most powerful and rabid albums of the last year, such an underrated masterpiece performed by guitarGOD Dallas! What about Dying Fetus, Immolation? I’m so disappointed((( You have missed the real treasures of metal!

Richard King says:

You guys got a great job! I want a job like this!

XDarth OsirisX says:

Shadow Of Intent !!

813lynch says:

Akercocke…seems kinda Gayforcocke.

Jonatan Pina says:

Tag team reviews are a lot more useful than the others. It´s easier to “triangulate” the albums when you have more than one point of view, especially if you´re familiar with the reviewers. Please prioritize this format.

Slinksundew 1 says:

damn y’all missed party cannon

mickaflopalypse says:

its neo-bliviscarus. neo like the cunt from the matrix. seen em a few times way back when they were playing dive bars in melbourne. all good cunts too

Ethan Fair says:

I sat through this whole video like Wtf is all this new age bullshit?? Play me something heavy that punches me in the face. I was waiting for something at the end like power trip. “Won by a landslide” yeah because that’s fucking HEAVY METAL! And that’s why all these fucking people came to your Toronto based, bad poetry hipster jerk off fest. To hear you talk about heavy fucking metal. I only wish I’d seen the new Havok album on here.

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