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Sarah reviews the latest from Black Tusk, T.C.B.T.

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NOOGIE 420 says:

Nice shirt!

pudding effect says:

King Crimson tee! Sarah, you’re a bad motherfucker

Exsanguinate Bathory says:

I’m not familiar with Black Tusk but Breach is an amazing band, too bad their records are hard to find & go for a lot of $$.
Side note your earrings are amazing!! Did you make them?

daniel muscat says:

Nice shirt for a prog rock girl…hahah love king crimson!!!

Nightmare Fuel says:

Idk what I find more sexy about her looks or the fact she’s a legit metal head and not a poser

agatopipa says:

As always – music too loud, Sarah too silent. And as always – great review!

Ivan Gushkov says:

Beautiful hair style Sarah!

Josh M. says:

The note about more listens was nice to hear. Great job all.

the artist formally known as craig lastname says:


Petri Rantanen says:

Black Tusk is a great band. Will go Monday to do some record shopping. Bought few King Crimson reissues on vinyl pretty cheap so I have now their best albums on vinyl. Great review!

alex Don says:

It has the opposite effect on me , I heard a lot of hardcore bands the last two years and I am bit bored of it, I liked the blend of hardcore and sludge ( and their album production on the last album) and now that they went more hardcore …well…they sound to me like dozen other bands in hardcore …the sludge element made them bit more distinguished from the rest

Gharieb A says:

Sarah is getting hotter every day! . and the fact that she controls, understands and tastes her Metal is making her more awesome.

Benjamin Decker says:

Sludge, the aweful hipster brother of Doom Metal.

David Posadas says:

Black tusk is weak . They look trendy too lols

Carlos Zetina says:

Why in the fuck is no one talking about Carnation???

declaration14 says:

Big fan of when reviews go into album art. Cool.

Joseph Benz says:

Love the King Crimson shirt. Sarah knows what’s up!

Aylton Vasconcelos says:

I’m a Brazilian guy and I do not understand English very well, but she compliments the band and at the same time makes some faces. I do not know if they are truly compliments or if it is irony. hahahaha Sorry

Ethereal Corpus says:

You talked about the album art of passed albums but then didnt give Jeremy Hush the credit he was due. You have “Jeremy Clarke” and I can hear that audio edit where you took out “Clarke”.


I got to meet Athon a few shows before his passing he signed a vinyl for me and it’s my most meaningful record in my collection now. Thank you so much for the cool tunes Athon I hope you’re resting easy.

Zakk Wildner says:

m/ Sarah is pretty cool m/

B C G says:

If I ever see that fuckin commercial on this channel I will unsubscribe. Nobody wants to see that fat bastard Michael Moore.

Benjamin Decker says:

Yes, talk about the cover! You`re the best reviewer! I think album covers are such a big part of the expierience of an album!

Jamie Laszlo says:

Maybe I’m wrong, but Sarah strikes me as being a big Jethro Tull fan.

Carlos Lau M. says:

Pen and paper for all the references in the review 🙂

Goat Hammer says:

Isn’t this supposed to be a metal channel? I don’t look forward to the punk or core reviews. I’ve also noticed that a lot of comments on Sarah’s videos are about how awesome she is, and not really about the album being presented.

aquatic rhombus says:

Love that Throne of Iron artwork. Looks like it’s from an old Dragon magazine

The Wheeled Headbanger says:

Is it me, or does Black Tusk also remind you of early Corrosion of Conformity (Like on the EP Technocracy or earlier) ??

Marcio Coelho says:

Mensch, this woman is good and knows her stuff.

Peter Brown says:

Thank you Sarah. Great review, great King Crimson shirt and love the necklace.

Ryan Besco says:

Well thanks for the shoutout to Breach. Never heard of em. Love it! Love this, thanks!

Ryan Merica says:


That One Guy says:

King Crimson shirt, awesome! Another great review! Butt I prefer when the reviewers pick the albums instead of Patrons… but I don’t mind all that much… Sarah, awesome review as always!

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