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Brad reviews the latest album from Sweden’s Bloodbath, The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn.

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Holger Danske says: Once Human “Eye Of Chaos” Official Music Video

Raymond Alv Kristiansen Egge says:

Dressing up inn corpse paint, what els!?!

Darth Grimby says:

Crazy great year for death metal. Necrophobic, Jungle Rot, Alterbeast, Barren Earth, Slugdge, Kataklysm, Revocation, Coexistence (EP), De Profundis, Genocide Pact, Inferi, Xenoblight, Monstrosity, Requiem… and that’s really without getting into all the great melodic death metal albums.

Sonit Sarma says:

Cryptopsy has definitely blown it with their new EP

Jacob Earman says:

I thought the album was mediocre.

Jesse Hawkes says:

Dressing as Jesus this Halloween, I got the hair for it

6026961 says:

Please review the new obliteration album when it comes out

DarkAgnesDoom says:

JAMES! You’re a cool guy

Br00tal D00dlez says:

“Bleed for us to live” is one of my favourite albums, you’ve got some good taste Brad.

Pedgie Poo says:

Banger!!! Can you post a link to the updated google spreadsheet of the metal family tree? I had it in my old phone and now that I changed it, I cant find it and I would appreciate if you could send me a link

Anton Gregory says:

Very objective review here. It’s hard to give a super group like Bloobath something lower than a 4, but Brad pulls it off! Album of the year for me is still Anaal Nathrakh. Was expecting this one to be the one, but it’s just “good”.

Kevin Curley says:

This dude is a metalcore clown

Slayerfan 4 life says:

Review Hate Eternal’s new album upon desolate sands please. Thank you

Rex M says:

Not really happy with this singer, bring back Peter Tagtgren.

The Game Grinder says:

Sounds like an awesome fest! I just saw Suffocation/Cattle Decapitation/Krisiun/Visceral Disgorge. Anything Bloodbath and Opeth breaks my heart because Opeth was/is my all time favorite band (not so much now) and I miss Akerfeldt’s death growls.. woe is me. New Bloodbath though, I had no idea! Joakim Karlsson is a neat inclusion, Craft is my favorite BM band! Fair review! I’ll have to check out the album despite my hangups about the band.

Pizza thrash? Lol wtf? I’ll have to read up on that one.

Wes Uhl says:

What is the band that you said before Carnation? Leak? How is it spelled?

Jams says:


BK's Bullets says:

Hey Banger, I’m finding myself watching Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix for season 2. It’s just as good as Metal Evolution, y’all should be proud of it and promote it more.

Patrick Kesler says:

After listening to your review and then hearing the album, I strongly disagree. Respectfully.
The slower songs work in Bloodbath’s favor. Having a catalog leaning heavily on faster songs, this album stands out. I see it has them channeling Autopsy and Asphyx.
The death and roll works equally as well. What this album has is a variety and dynamic not heard since Nightmares Made Flesh. This is the album that was needed to keep this band on equal, if not higher footing, than the newer bands.
I give it a 4.5 Skulls

Kalman Kovacs says:

I’m really crossing my fingers that you’ll review the new Obliteration album next month. That new track ‘Detestation Rite’ just… freaking… RULES

Holger Danske says:

Once human is one of the best grind core/death metal band that i have heard of.

saiful fikri says:

Please…i want you guys to review hate eternal band..please

nexo45 says:

I work at a Haunted House so Im a fucking werewolf lmao

Matt Seager says:

Banger is probably too cool for Soulfly but to my ears their song Cannibal Holocaust is pretty damn catchy.

Maurizio Carcassona says:

What you find underwhelming the most is what I actually love about this album; Levitator is by far my favourite song and I really love it; that’s why I can never take reviews too “objectively”… I usually find myself not agreeing with all statements spoken in reviews, so that’s kinda very personal
Still, I really love the black metal influence and I really hope they keep it with the upcoming albums

Dragon Fire Metal says:

Macabre – Fish Tales

M M says:

behemoth and bloodbath new album covers are so similar

Amy Nielsen says:

They were my first death metal band too! Love them to this day! I love all the changes they have made throughout. That’s what makes this band gigantic in my book

Joshua Tanner says:

Sick Gutted long sleeve

brandon crowell says:

Interesting take, Levitator is actually one of my favorites on the album haha

Kanyan Jaccard says:

yeah but they aint got the Akerfeels on Bloodbath.

Nathan Karman says:

I drove all the way from NC to Boston to see one of their concerts and when I got there found out it was cancelled.

Calamity Johnny says:

A shout-out to the new Warrell Dane album would have been appropriate. Out this week, and kicks ass.

Dalton B says:

You should review Nadir – by Black tongue, phenomenal!!

Jorge Quiroz says:

Still no Hate Eternal review zZZZzzzZZZ

blgdinger3 says:

I am offended that you would request a death n roll

Luke Harman says:

Hey Brad please do a review for the new Unleashed album, Hunt for the White Christ. Either you or Blayne would love it

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