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We review Brazilian Death Metal! Featuring Blayne’s Top 5 albums, a pick from Frans Dourado of Roadie Crew Magazine and suggestions from our Patreon Donors.

Psychic Possessor – Toxin Diffusion
Abhorrence – Evoking the Abomination
Krisiun – Southern Storm
Cangaço – Rastros
Piah Mater + The Wandering Daughter

Thanks to Frans Dourado, Roadie Crew


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Jamie DC says:

Torture Squad <3 m/

Yvens Reboucas says:


Stan Ribeiro says:

Greek Thrash Metal !!!

Robert Manea says:

Another cool brazilian death/groove band is Alekto. They only released one album, The Unpleasant Reality, up til now, it’s worth a listen.
They opened for a headlining Romanian folk metal band (Bucovina, they’re amazing, too) and they really stole the show. Personal favorite song is Revenge, the last one off the album.

Emmet Larrissy says:

Psychis Possessor is a bit like early Morbid Angel, but mixed with Autopsy.

Thierry Almeida says:

imo, Brazil’s best Death Metal albums are Sarcófago’s The Law of Scourge (1991), Genocídio’s Hoctaedrom (1993) and Sextrash’s Funeral Serenade (1992). classic old school shit.

Nicholas Bonanato says:

“Southern Storm” made me get deeper into death metal

Sharkion says:

Do India next!

ER FN says:


João Jacomin says:

Missed Chaos Synopsis

chito says:

Come to Brazil please

uburei says:


Lance Alligood says:

Blaine’s Neuromancer t-shirt might be the most metal–and among the most Canadian–shirt I’ve seen on this channel!

Nicholas Bonanato says:

Infelizmente, nosso país não reconhece o metal de boa qualidade que temos

Bertram Fistehauson says:

I really enjoyed when Sarcofago became more of a death metal band, rather than black metal. The Laws of Scourge for the win.

93martin9 says:

my favorite series! I get so excited whenever i see a new Overkill Global thumbnail in my subscriptions

Nacur says:

Love the thumbs up for Cangaço!

Wesley Sixx says:

Brasil metal sempre porraaaaaa.

Erick Dallastella says:

Try to check out Warshipper, Talrak, Torture Squad (It’s a death/thrash but quite good too, I think you from banger know them), there’s Loneshore too that you can remember of Opeth. We also have good grindcore and black metal too

Prometheus Bloom says:

Fuck yeah. Magic the Gathering reference too, baller move Blayne.

colecionando música says:


Alex Estevam says:

Mandatory: NECROMANCIA. Although it’s not death metal they have definitely influenced other death metal bands. Check this one out

Thierry Almeida says:

at 3:20 Frans cited Headhunter D.C. but you guys totally ignored it in the subtitles! Shame on you, guys! They’re one of the most legendary bands from here, with a 30 year existence, with classic albums such as Born…Suffer…Die (1991) and Punishment at Dawn (1993) both released by cult label Cogumelo Records (of Sepultura, Sarcófago fame, etc).

thiago petcov says:

Hi Guys How is it going ?
Well done! fantastic overkill. I would like to suggest for you guys to listen to Torture Squad, and Claustrofobia both play death trash metal.

Shahed Ahmed says:

Make an episode about Japanese power metal

saulo Silveira says:

In Torment?

Marly Veronezzi says:

This Brazilian journalist does not know what he’s talking about, I just heard bullshit. This Brazilian magazine never supported the Brazilian scene, it only supports big bands. Brazil always had great bands of Death Metal and that with time was increasing the amount of bands in that genre, it does not have anything to do with violence as he said.

I think we missed bands like Headhunter DC, Nephast, Cauterezation, The Mist …..

Alex Katchev says:

So glad you gave Psychic Possessor some props, one of the best for sure.

Erik Reckless says:

the Hanson of death metal

Bill Cowan says:

Nice to see Banger back for 2019 can’t wait for more reviews. Thanks

Ignacio Ramos says:

If you talk about brazil you should check out NERVOSA, a three piece all female Thrash/death metal band

OverTeamPlay says:

This series give me so many good bands to get to know!

Anomander says:

not a big death fan unless it’s blackened usually, but this Krisiun stuff is fucking awesome

Edsel Moraes Jr says:

Listen Preceptor!!!

Jolusam says:

i’ve been in a Cangaço show in my town it was BRUTAL AF

Jefferson Camargo says:

Check this out, Banger staff – Frozen Pain: a band that has great riffs, catchy vocals and choruses.
They’re still active. (This is their first demo, from 1997)

Eduarxy says:

Please, overkill reviews of spain

Fernando Lara says:

Nice job I’m love this channel is so hard to mention all good Brazilians band but I’m like this section to expose all scenes world I’m hope so you do some day EXTRME MEXICAN ESCENE just for mention some bands CANOTAPH, MORTUARY,THE CHASM, ARGENTUM TOXODETH check out the work of this I’m prety sure you like NICE JOB WITH CHANNEL

William Guimaraes says:

Sarcófago, Mental Horror, Krisiun, Rebaelliun, Vulcano, Facada, Rot
e muitas outras.
As this guy did not put the sarcophagus on this list I hesitate and do not think violence has to do with liking Death Metal spoke by the tail unnecessarily.

Metal East Records says:

I never heard of most of these bands . Thanks for highlighting them guys . You ROCK

Luiser Morales says:

Guys I love all of your Overkill Global videos but don’t get me wrong I would like to hear more about other subgenres of Metal apart from Death or Black and some similar subgenres (tech death or blackened death) which have already been covered several times. There’s folk, thrash, power, metalcore, industrial and a lot more to cover in other countries and even in the same one’s you’ve already done.

Marcio Coelho says:

Man, I know exactly how you might have felt going through so many alternatives of bands to list. I’m from Brazil and have been into that stuff since 1985, bought the whole of Cogumelo and Rock Brigade Records catalogue back then and saw most of those bands come to life. There are so many! I’m glad you picked Psychic Possessor because I just love that record. Too bad they only recorded two albums and the second one is completely different from Toxin Diffusion; it’s sung in Portuguese and has no metal in it at all, only melodic hardcore (uh?). Talk about changing directions. Praise be sent to the fathers: Chakal, Holocausto, Witchhammer, Mutilator, Vulcano, Sarcofago and yes, Sepultura. Horns up!

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