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Brad reviews the new Bring Me The Horizon album Amo.

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Lennon Tranfo says:

The best fucking song and you don’t like it? God what happened?

Faboi says:

went from deathcore to metalcore to it has guitars to a guy in the band lays down riffs sometimes lol

Paul Smith says:

Have to agree with you, it’s not a metal album but it’s absolutely fine. Some bits stray into pop a little too much, but all the electronic elements are fun. Something a bit different when the missus stops me putting Rotting Christ on.

Still can’t fully forgive you for that Tool review though, haha.

BANGERTV - All Metal says:

Generic message to the multiple comments about how an “all metal” channel can review this record. “All metal” means all kinds of metal. Not just black/death/thrash. BMTH is a pretty big band in the modern metal scene and this is a record that our expert in this style of music likes and is recommending. It totally fits with what we’re about. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. There are plenty of other styles on our channel – our last video was literally extreme metal cassettes. We’re hardly “selling out.”

We have always covered major releases from heavy, hard, alternative bands as well, because plenty of metal fans also like and are interested in those. And yes, it’s good for views. Attracting new viewers means when we review indie/underground records more people will see them so if you only care about promoting lesser-known records, you should recognize that’s a good deal for them too. Thanks for watching.

Joe Nicholls says:

Check out Revolve – dragged to extinction which is coming out this Friday

Stacey Welch says:

Fuck Oli Sykes! Fuck BMTH! Oli Sykes trashed Chester Bennington name after Linkin Park brought him into the Rock/Alternative Rock scene! Oli Sykes/BMTH has chosen to convert over to Pop music just like Maroon 5. Fucking trader!!! Highly pissed off at Oli Sykes for trashing Chester Bennington’s name period!!! ASSHOLE!!!!

whyFINAL says:

Holy shit FEVER333 catch me hard thank you for recomendation

Γιώργος Θεοδωρόπουλος says:

I remember the same debate for Paradise Lost’s Host

Debcsi Péter says:



Ateo Feo says:

I didn’t like their music until this album. This album is incredible.

Jimmy Jay says:

It’s not about “Going softer”, but about having a sound of the band. Just look at Asking Alexandria – Vultures for example, it’s the calm song of the album but still it’s one of the best. This album “amo” only had bland songs in which most is just electronic stuff. I feel sorry for the instrument-wielding dudes in the band who will have to find a way to improvise and fake smile on stage, because they for sure hell will not be able to play a single tone to the new tracks. It just annoys me when a band just completely switch the sound, as if they are confused in their own song-making, like a child who is confused in what group of friends to pick because they want to please everyone. Why did Linkin Park stay alive for so long? It’s not because they switched over completely, but because they dared to move on and bring along some of their core. That’s The Spirit did great on that part. There was a lot of calmer non-screaming songs, but the fans could feel it’s still BMTH. I just think they lost their core on this “amo”. Don’t get me wrong, some of the electronic sounds good, I do like to listen on variety of music… but this just isn’t BMTH. If I heard it playing in a party somewhere, I would never recognise it’s even them.

Dalton Crane says:

i dont care what genre of music you like, you’re doing yourself a disservice not giving it a listen. these guys are some of the best pure songwriters out there today and the metal community should be happy that they’re rooted in heavy metal instead of resenting them

Olly Johnson says:

Nice review, though honestly go back and re-evaluate Wonderful Life, the first half build really nicely and personally I love Dani in it, he does exactly what he needs to. BUUUUUUUUUT go grab some good headphones and get into the last half of the song after Dani’s bit, some really wonderful orchestral stuff going on there, I think that makes it one of the best songs on the album!

Donavan Cargin says:

Love the review mate, not biased at all which is nice.
Keep up the great content.

Donkatron4.0 says:

Did this guy just say he doesn’t get TooL?

Majesty D says:

Bmth sucks now. Should of stuck to metal

Gam Sansam says:

Dog shit band. Also why are we praising a singer who bottled a girl for not going home with him? Man’s a dick hole.

Metla666 says:

Interesting that pop music has now become so imitative and singular that for a band to make an assault on the charts they need to change everything in order to fit the mold so precisely. I can’t sit through the entirety of a full song from this album so I’m definitely not the target market. Seriously, even compared to much of the other pop music getting made and thrown away on a daily basis this is terrible.

subie. ja says:

My favorite band since 06’

VictorBerbel says:

It’s not ammo. It’s amo.

Tiago Monteiro says:

Dude, Brad/Banger, you guys can come up with a ton of excuses for the review of this band and record, fair enough, but someone giving this record a 3,5 rating, which is is more than it was given by the same person to (example) Tool’s Lateralus (2,5), it is just freaking nonsense!
It is ok to not be a fan of a certain genre, or band, sure fair enough, all bands have fans and haters, but someone who not only gives the same rating to this as watershed by opeth, the Tool nonsense, and mainly his personal top 5 of 2001where he would basically replace all those choices, by bands like everytime i die or annaal narlthkraahahhabahH (and the others no one cares about), that, isn’t being a reviewer or whatever you call yourself, that is puting your personal tastes above the real quality and impact of the music launched.
You may come up with a bunch of excuses, “oh don’t be a hater bmth has a lot of fans” “my choices are the best in my opinion”, but seriously, no argument validates what was said, you have your own opinions and tastes, and you can share them, but that sould not overcome being reasonable.
Horns up Banger Crew!

Gam Sansam says:

Dude!!!! Years ago I went to black dahlia in Norwich UK, and bmth were meant to support, like maybe 7or8 years ago, they didn’t turn up. And dahlia called them pussies all night. They definitely have beef.

Harrison says:

The song “Heavy Metal” is such a bullshit track. It is pretty much a Gaint middle finger to the fans that supported them in the beginning and allowed them to keep making music. “We got what we needed out of you and if you don’t like that we sound like every other band out there now, you just can’t handle “progression” in a band”.

qwertty888 says:

Wonderful life is my favorite track on the album and mother tongue my least favorite, by far. Funny to see such different opinions.

AlexisRdz says:

To be honest I love this album. I started listening to BMTH in sempiternal and then this one. So I’m not the HUGEST fan. But wow. This album is on repeat.

Timm Hackenberg says:

Why is Suffocation on top of the Deathcore topic?

Bones12x2 says:

I have no issues about the band changing into a pop band if that’s genuinely what they want to do. But I do have a problem with them taking shots at fans and acting like what they are doing is special. The fans that became fans of them as a metal band are justified in disliking the change. If you as a band decide to abandon your fan base, dont blame them when they feel abandoned. …..also…I listened to a few songs and it’s mostly pretty generic and interesting regardless of your opinion of pop.

PlagueDoctor Kris says:

I agree, wonderful life was just awful, how can you get Dani Filth on a song, and make that? I think Medicine and Mother Tongue are my favourites, love those tracks.

A7XRULEZ666 says:

I appreciate this review a lot, great journalism!

dogs fornipples says:

There Is A Hell is my favourite album by BMTH, with Sempiternal a close second. I really enjoyed That’s The Spirit too but I just can’t get into this at the moment, the only song I really like is Wonderful Life. You’ve convinced me to give it a few more spins though to see if it grows on me but I just can’t see it. I’ve been listening to Highly Suspect quite a lot and I just need something that hits me a bit more.

Michael Grindy says:

im really loving the album, love all their albums, they have evolved so much, like parkway drive they are growing

The Laughing Storm Born Again says:

Why is those that have disagreed with the direction BMTH have their opinions framed like they’re just not real fans?
In a relationship sometimes both parties grow apart in those cases I feel it’s usually best for the two parties to separate. A relationship between a band and fan is no different. If you like metal and the metal band you like stops playing metal then naturally if you want to keep listening to metal you know the music you like that would mean you have to now find somewhere else to find what you want and that’s perfectly valid.(Example – Carnifex, Whitechapel and many many many others so in the grand scheme 1 band going pop doesn’t really matter)
Also I like how BMTH makes it seem like metal just became sooooo boring and they wanted to evolve. So in other words they ran out of ideas and couldn’t make the music their fans listened to them for. I don’t agree that POP = sell out I think POP = simple and easily sell able. They couldn’t take the harder path by attempting to progress metal(you know with new ideas that you may bot be able to crank out every year) so they went the easy path and are now making easy to make radio friendly POP hits. To progress metal would have taken real creativity which obviously was to difficult for the band so they went to down the path of pop arena rock.

Lachenko Udinov says:

Love the amo album… So odd to have your “taste breaker” stuff (electro, classical, etc.) mixed with the main one… but it’s all good… cheers!

Tre Cool says:

Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down is a really REALLY great song. Especially the second half when the eery musical crescendos and oli’s voice/melody makes the song so intense. Highly recommend.

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