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Sarah reviews the 12th studio album from epic doom band Candlemass titled ‘The Door to Doom’

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Cameron Robb-MacKay says:

I wish you guys would give a shout out to Ordos. Their new album is fiiiire

XRP Andy says:

Awesome video

Ghost Ninja says:

Sarah….!!! How much pot do you smoke aday?

darren stephens says:


Count Deangeli says:

Love you, Sarah, but that didn’t make sense to me – “It’s great but I’m not gonna listen to it”!? And bad “Firepower” analogy.
Listened to your 2018 album of the year, though and it’s great.

Toyz4twats1 says:

Honestly; Firepower is amazing for keeping the Priest formula and experimenting with new tempos. Flamethrower is absolutely timeless- cement mixer riffs, strong persistent double bass, and Halford’s layered vocals on the chorus. It stays in the Priest frame and doesn’t stray too far .

Michael McLaughlin says:

Been listening to CM since they released Epicus. I love the new one but Messiah is the guy who should be signing with them and no one else. He is Candlemass

JC Backfire's Colt says:

I’m surprised that you guys haven’t done Wings of War yet! You guys usually do the albums a day or two after the release.

no interest for my user name says:

You do not have to wear upside down crosses in order to look metal, you fools.

Pieter Balk says:

DTD is my first Candlemass album since their debut. Forgot about them for 30 years until I saw them three weeks ago supporting GHOST. Happy to have rediscovered them.

Metal Edits says:


SaraLydon says:

110% still rocking Firepower… not a good correlation, since that record is amazing!

Diego 88 says:


Shwallace66 says:

Pretty sure i cried the first time i listened to samarithan

Millie Burton says:

Shit! there’s new Sanhedrin!!!

Luis Martinez says:

Inverted cross…lol really….at this point isn’t it a little childish

Garrett McKinney says:

1. I listen to Judas Priest regardless because they’re discography is amazing
2. This is easily top 3 Material for Candlemass and Under the Ocean is handsdown the best song on the album

Jeffrey P says:

Been a Candlemass fan since 1988, when a then girlfriend got a free cassette tape from one of the band members at a party and thought I would like the band, and damn! Did I! Lol! An afterthought: thanks, Riena!

Alexandru Necula says:

Sarah do you like Queen and Running Wild?

Carl Uno says:

Hell yeah, I love Chapter 5.. great review.

Space Alien Jesus says:

You all should set up a Paypal
They don’t take a percentage..

Aleksandr Biriukov says:

Despite being a long time fan of Candlemass, my opinion about the album coincides with Sarah’s.
I don’t particularly dislike The Door to Doom, but I find it lacking in catchy doom hymns. Maybe it will sound like blasphemy, but I think that Leif’s songs on Avatarium records or his The Doomsday Kingdom project sounded more fresh and inspired, while maintaining his characteristic sound.
Surely I will give this album some listens, but so far it reminds me a lot of Plasms for the Dead. A good Candlemass album, but not a masterpiece on the level of EDM or Nightfall (or even the eponymous 2005 album).

Rory Bentley says:

Everyone does a great job on reviews here but Sarah is outstanding, possibly the best music reviewer on YouTube.

joe strummer says:

Is this the same lady that shit all over the Electric Wizard and YOB new releases?

snake knife says:

His voice has aged in 32 years

Douglas says:

Tales of Creation was the first Candlemass album I heard back in 1989. I still love that album!

Fabio B.M. says:

3:30 of actually reviewing and talking about the album out of the 10:13 video…just saying…

Gabriel Iatarelli says:

Sarah is the best!

J.T.88 says:

This is a solid album but doesn’t hold a candle to Pslams For The Dead or the previous two Lowe albums. It’s good though. Just glad we got more quality Candlemass. As for Candlemass memories I’ve been listening to them consistently since around the time King of The Grey Islands came out. And I heard that before I heard Metallicus, which I also instantly liked but I was all in during the Lowe years. Those three albums with Lowe are a godly trilogy to me.
More people in the comments are talking about Priest and Firepower more than Candlemass so I guess that answered your question. I plan on giving Door to Doom plenty more spins this year myself.

Shaik Aqmal says:

Nightfall is probably my favourite Candlemass album but I saw them perform with Mats on vocals and he totally killed it. When i heard they axed him, i was really disappointed cos he’s been there performing with them for years and i really wanted to hear him on a full length. That said, after listening to the new album a few times with Johan on vocals, it’s a good, but not great Candlemass album. Not because Mats isn’t singing, but it just isn’t a great album overall.

Bryn BORDELON says:

I first heard nightfall last year, I’m a huge Black Sabbath fan. I wanted to sprout out into the doom genre, at that time I already knew about sludge metal (crowbar, coc, the melvins), and I really wanted to check out some doom metal, so I first heard about Candlemass. When I first heard nightfall, took a rip out of the bong and god damn, it was like if Black Sabbath did an opera, it was great. In my eyes Messiah will always be their best singer. Love the Tony iomi cameo in this album.

Tamim Daoud says:

idiotic verdict.

Ismael Freytes says:

Doom metal is little overrated


I was massively disappointed with the new album, just like all the last ones, musically they are nothing like the used to be… they now sound a lot like crux, Lief’s side project, less melodic, more aggressive and nowhere near as epic… It’s not so much the singers fault, it’s the songs.. Old albums were talking to your soul, they gave u goosebumps with their magical melodies, now candlemass are just a parody of what they used to be…. Who can compare EDM, nightfall, ancient dreams, tales of creation, even chapter IV with anything new…. Even with messiahs return we had only one two good songs, on the candlemass album. I hoped for something better with this new one but I was again massively disappointed

Vlad Alucard says:

For me… I Listen for the first time the Nightfall Album while living in italy in 1992 , since i hear that Album i’m a big Candlemass Fan, love epicus, doomicus, metalicus but i also love the records with Messiah, which is the perfect Candlemass singer in my opinion.
BUT i was also surprised how good is the New Album…. Since it comes out i’m only listening that Album

Daniël Meijer says:

Firepower is an album thsts far from bad but thats it….

Black Sabbath says:

Epicus… is much better than the new album.


Nightfall with the mighty Messiah on vocals is top notch

Douglas says:

I thought this review was about candlemas not freaking Judas Priest?

Ramin Mikkola says:

Under the Ocean is probably my favorite track from The Door to Doom.Night after Niiiiiggghhhttt! Interesting review Sarah! I also agree that Tony Iommis solo on Cathedral’s Utopian Blaster was great! m/

Mike Whittemore says:

As many others have said, I still am playing Firepower when I am in a Priest mood. It’s a great fucking album! Good review otherwise though

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