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Blayne Smith reviews CANNABIS CORPSE’s new album “Left Hand Pass”
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joseph bernard says:

This man is a national treasure!

DarklordShadow says:

Ny favorite reviewer hands down

Tyler Chaffee says:

I’m a cop fuck you

Cactus Jack says:

I don’t like that band.

Hugh J.F. Aggot says:

“From a bag made of human flesh, he pulls out a doober.”

I thought my ability to laugh was gone forever. I stand corrected.

Cloudyspace says:

Dayum those reviews keep getting better and better! Love seeing people having fun making what they love. Keep it up!

clutcher m/ says:

I need this

Petyo Kolev says:

Blayne, you’re the man! I love your reviews and your persona actually… 4,5 sculls would be more appropriate in my opinion, but fuck it… Great job, dude! 🙂

Nathaniel Damarelos says:

Y’all need to review Axis Mundi by Decrepit Birth. And make sure this guy does it

Armin Ghauforian says:

This is just getting better and better, totally enjoy the new wave of fun that Banger is bringing on. Hell yeah, now we have something in addition to albums to anticipate with each album 🙂

Renatto Belerofonte says:

Nice reference to Entombed

Brandon Aitchison says:

Best. Review. Ever!

Pablo Siever says:

Death metal chicken wings!!!!!! XD

Derek Ralph says:

He is definitely the best reviewer, bring him back always

William Carter says:


Ryan Holt says:

arch enemy review on point

Champ Rajkumar says:

When is the banger team reviewing Septic Flesh – Code Omega??

TheGreaterGood80 says:

Ray Suy also plays in East of the Wall

Jax the cat says:

I want a smooch…

Magnum Dong Adventures says:

Going to see them at the triple rock on the 30th!!!!!

Mike Stahl says:

Fucking great review!! Watched it twice cuz it was highlarious!


In his first review, I thought he was not good enough. But now the dude is growing on me everytime I watch him. Keep more Blayne Smith reviews coming…like everyday 😀 hahahahaha. Dude is hilarious; I feel sorry coz Brad and Sarah are also great, but Blayne man is greater xD

Manab Boruah says:

What happened to Blayne Smith? Don’t see him in recent uploads. Is he still with Banger?

David Gonzalez says:

I’m a cop.

potfrr says:

Stoners, right

Daniel Miranda says:

Ugh… i hate the generic growl…i love death metal but growls to me need to sound unique by now.. sorry folks… great instrumentals though

HeavyMetalGamer9000 says:

Can Blayne please review every album from now on?

j Ernust says:

there’s no greater way to waste the potential of a band by just writing about weed. so childish

Spliffarm McBluntz says:

Never subscribed to anything on YouTube ever, but this review won me over. I watched a few banger reviews and I liked them a lot but still never subscribed. After I finished laughing I said to myself this guy totally turned one of the most stressful days completely around and all he’s asking is that I subscribe, so I did. I look forward to seeing more from you guys.

Daniel Miranda says:

Ugh… i hate the generic growl…i love death metal but growls to me need to sound unique by now.. sorry folks… great instrumentals though

Andrew Bellavie says:

This is some quality shit

Volkan KINACI says:

For the first time i’m not pleased with an Arch Enemy record…

NjorDatBergeN says:

I jiggle

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