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Sarah reviews the new CANNIBAL CORPSE album “Red Before Black”
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Willian Francisco says:

Ppl on the comment section are waaaaay over dramatic. CC is indeed very simple and she’s not a noob, she knows the band and metal in general ,that is clear. The only thing I, like most here, can’t really agree on is that is “not that technical”. Coming from a technical death metal guy, I believe CC is THE most technical group out of their nich.

Paul Leach says:

I love it when people that can’t play an instrument come to the assessment that there’s “not a lot of technicality going on”. Cannibal Corpse has some very technical passages, especially on the songs written by Pat O’Brien (this album included).

Justin Skrypnyk says:

Not a lot of technicality?! Woman that shit is the dirtiest most technical shit I’ve ever heard. “Ok I get your term…Its far from faceless or other bands that ride on the term”..But technically speaking as a musician that shit is grimy gold!!

Mr. Buck Adams says:

Please pull your head out of your ass an stfu

Lance Smith says:

Good effort by cannibal but still think their last album skeletal domain was better produced and better tracks.

Kenneth Phillips says:

If anyone took exception to this review, you need to go through the entire catalog of Cannibal Corpse and watch the DVD’s again and then review again. She pretty much sums it all up. Cannibal Corpse is death metal. Whether it be just consistent or generic, they are themselves and that is the greatest asset to death metal fans ever.

J. Fomoiri says:

Darkthrone progressed? Immolation stuck to their “niche”….. who writes this stuff?

Vidal Pintor says:

I love her pagan alter pendant

Beelz Abub says:

Normally I don’t comment but this video really fucking riled me. “Ridiculous and simple” wtaf.
She has over simplified, ridiculed and patronised both the band and its fans.
She then proceeds to suggest that as the style of the band hasn’t fluctuated aw over the place that somehow makes them not as good. Git fucked!
Insult meet injury…she uses the video to promote other albums. Waste of time and uninformative.

Eugene N says:

Not tech? Fans r not taking seriously? Who the fuck does she think she is?!?!?!?

Jay Miller says:

I saw CC live on sunday and fuck they were awesome. Not to mention when they played Stripped, Raped and Strangled and then closed out the show with HAMMER SMASHED FACE! oh and yes (His neck is fucking GIANT!)

Riffin' Remmy says:

Tampa Bay based…BUFFALO born and raised!


That “metalocalypse brutal” comment was so fucking stupid man. Get the aggressive tendencies guy in this review fucking jerk offs

Brodez_The_Destroyer says:


unclepizza72 says:

Fuck this doom hipster chick!!! Cannibal Corpse not technical?

Paul Leach says:

No Sarah, *you’re* simple.

BuTcHeR X says:

I really dont get cannibal corpse. I like the guys but are they popular because their a simple staple to put on the genre? I just find it boring to listen to this point

Randy Glenn says:

Tampa band? They’re from Buffalo.

David Sadowski says:

They were formed in buffalo ny and moved tampa later.

Stephen Lorusso says:

I learned the entire SFU Haunted album on guitar in an hour…….. when I was 13.

CHANCELLOR 541 says:

Not a lot of technicality? Yeah. Okay.

Ryan Schindler says:

the last 3-4 albums all kinda sound the same, its generic fast/heavy cannibal corpse. I miss the eerie crypt sound they had…..

Kyle Goodman says:

What a diss to Six Feet Under!

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