Carach Angren ‘Where the corpses sink forever’ review!

Here’s my second album review!

The amazing third album of the Dutch symphonic black metal band ‘Carach Angren’
Where the corpses sink forever!

Carach Angren online:




Seasons of mist label:

Carach Angren is:

Seregor – vocals & guitars
Ardek – orchestration & keyboards
Namtar – drums
Valak – live guitars

Songs used in the video:

‘Haunting Echoes from the Seventeenth Century’ ( From the ‘Lammendam’ album )

‘Lingering In An Imprint Haunting’ ( Where the corpses…)

‘ Bitte Tötet Mich’ ( Where the corpses…)

‘An Ominous Recording’ ( Where the corpses…during end of video )

Names of the list of bands:

Severe torture
Polluted Inheritance
Supreme Pain
God Dethroned
Absurd Universe
Eternal Solstice
Prostitute Disfigurement
Legion of the Damned
Carach Angren

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“March of the Infidel” by Desoulment!!

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Random Royce says:

I can’t wait to see what Carach Angren releases in the future. Awesome band!

Richard Haley says:

I love Carach Angren! Very haunting.

Andrasté Reminiec says:

Problematic Alter ego, Infidel?

Balor's Curse says:

This band gets a LOT of hate in the BM community for not being ‘kvlt’ enough, production is too good, very symphonic etc., but it shouldn’t deter anyone from them, they’re still very much black metal, and make fine music. You should be proud of your ancestral homeland though, if your forebears breathed the same air, it’s yours, and nobody else’s.

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Carach Angren is a pass in Mordor, basic info, dont want to write too much about it 😀 also, I dont listen black metal, like at all xD but this band is something very special and I love them, also, the new album is out! This Is No Fairytale, will you review that as well? I loved it 😀

Chad Atwood says:

I would love to live there though, America gets a bad rep. Not a fan of what my government does and unfortunately we all take the blame for it.
I’m proud of my European heritage though. I would love to move to Europe.

craftdrummer says:

Awesome review, can’t wait until you review ‘This is not a fairytale’!

Jayson Lee says:

you can buy Carach Angren music from

Kelvottomat Pelaajat says:

I’ve seen that Kataklysm record at our local second hand record store!
Is it valuable?

Iron Wolf says:

super video’s man ga zeker meer naar jou luisteren ^_^

Chris Fehn says:

from all album’s

Mrs. Quorthon says:

The beginning made me laugh like hell. xD

Kelvottomat Pelaajat says:

What’s wrong in being a nerd!?

Dennis Heflin says:

Typical European attitude where they do not care about their country. Doesn’t care about his country….unsubscribe

Insantanium says:

My band is opening for them for a second time in October with Kataklysm. I thought it was great that they were both in this video haha. I was blown away the first time I saw them and I had no idea what to expect. Second time around will be better.

ThePyronator says:

I guess Viking metal actually is its own thing

Vengeance_Falls_96 says:

Lol I love Baldrick so freakin’ funny

imetalover2 says:

it would still be awesome with some more dutch 😉

Chris L says:

Dude why didn’t you review the new Carach Angren?

dacoda666 says:

But at least you should be proud about the high-tech stuff and the peaceful country you’ve got

ASO Studio says:

my massive ass brought me here

xxcage223 says:

Amsterdam has a lot of things to like. Kickboxing, weed, and metal and I greaty injoy all those things.

Nick Kapp says:

The skit at the beginning reminded me of the “Who’s on first base,” skit.

Shane D says:

Their best album to date

ed the flie says:

how can i give u my new album … can i have your adress i have over 110 since 1990

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