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Sam reviews his fave debut of 2018: Chapel of Abhorrence by Belgium’s Carnation

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Mr. Coleman says:

Do a review of The Greatness Design! Great band hailing from Mexico!

Samuel headbanger says:

I so this Banda live when I went to see pestilence they opened i never heard this band before and I became a fan great death metal bote there CD and I love it great great band you nind to see them live

Acid4Blood says:

Entombed “Left hand path” was their best record.

Kenneth Palsgart says:

Finally some underground extreme metal. To be honest I was a bit worried that Bangertv was turning into just another one of those “we only review the big bands channels” because we sure don’t need more of those. So thanks for this review and for destroying my worries. Great band and album btw and will we get a Burial Invocation review in the future? Amazing death metal band from Turkey worth checking out…. Cheers 🙂

Harjawaldar says:

Make another metal evolution episode on djent metal (all about youtube as a community, gear, sound engineering and DJENTING)

Life Imitating Death says:

Mmmmmm.. Instant breakfast

Roman Nukem says:

Зачем вокалист морду какахами намазал ?

Blaziken Almighty says:

The singer sounds exactly like George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher

Mick Luiten says:

Thanks Sam! Love the old school death metal to take me back from where it started

Aris Panagiotopoulos says:

Great review, Sam is my favorite reviewer , he’s a very articulate and capable speaker! Now, where is the review for the new Monstrosity album?

zgsoad says:

Me, after hitting the Season of Mist Mail link and checking this out for 10 minutes: Dope!
Sam Dunn one day later: Dope!
I am pleased.

The Game Grinder says:

Great review! I’ll have to give this one a listen, sounds killer! Hah, I’m all in for the Corpsegrinder sound.

theMetal Gator666 says:

Scorched’s debut full length might be really good too

manan dedhia says:

Good to see Sam back! I am not a death metal guy, but this album sounds good to me. I am intrigued and shall investigate more.

Idontknowone1able says:

Agreed, I immediately thought of Corpsegrinder with the vocals. But I like that. So imma check this out.

Forming The Void says:

Thanks for the shout out Sam! m/

Neeshie Huhu says:

hevvy dooty ragg an rowwll-aa!

Lord Metallium says:


Erik Axelson says:

Yes the production of this album is indeed amazing!

staketflygaren says:

Great to have u back in the chair Sam, welcome back! 😀 If you want an outstanding debut album, listen to LETTERS FROM THE COLONY – VIGNETTE (Nuclear Blast Records 2018)!!!! Killer debut!

The Great and Powerful Lulu says:

That unintentional pun on fishing for new bands hahahahha

Dan Jacobs says:

Check out Garroted – Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors. 2018

Benjamin Adler says:

Why is Sam out of breath?
Also “Shvah-nuh” not “Swan-oh”

Rui Coelho says:

Duude. Better than slugdge?

Theodore Katsikonouris says:

You should review Devouring Mortality by Skeletal Remains.

Kaskets Spray Art says:

isn’t carnation a flower?

2DoobsMcJubes says:

Sounds like Steve Tucker fronting Dismember.

Anthony Martinez says:

You guys should review the new Baest album Danse Macabre. Such a sick album. Also, I love listening to Sam review shit. Good stuff.

Kurtis Buckle says:

hang on a minute did Sam say he doesn’t like cannibal corpse.. wtf

irishmetalfan says:

Good call Sam! I listened to their album yesterday it’s excellent

Mike Stahl says:

Right on, Sam! Honest, thoughtful review of a solid death metal release!!!!

pelodelperro says:

Great review! Will certainly look into this release. Also: Viva México, cabrones!!!

Aaron says:

Why does sam look like he does satanic rituals. He looks like a damn satanist lmao

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