CGRundertow VOIVOD – ANGEL RAT Heavy Metal Album Review

Voivod Angel Rat heavy metal album review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Angel Rat from Voivod. Derek is the heavy metal expert here at Classic Game Room. In fact, he usually walks around the offices listening to metal all day. And since he would like to do something with all his useless knowledge about heavy metal, he wants to share this passion here on CGRundertow. In this video, Derek looks at the 1991 album Angel Rat from the Canadian progressive/thrash metal band Voivod. A huge departure from their prior album Nothingface, Angel Rat sounds more King Crimson than thrash metal. And it’s really bizarre. This video review features footage of the disc and packaging for Angel Rat from Voivod and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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Filion91 says:

@SiGhast this is youtube, half of the work is done for who wants to listen to the record

carlos pico says:

MARK-expert in vectrex and oldschool games
TJ- expert in RPGs
DEREK-expert in metal

One of this things is not like the others

Hellucinogen79 says:

actually…scratch my last comment up a bit…would love to see you review the 1980 self titled album by ANGELWITCH…if you havent heard that one yet, check it out Derek. I think you’d really enjoy…definitely my personal fav from them.

IPlayDaBasss says:

@sinbysin666 way to show your ignorance

toolrocky says:

Do you ever listen to Anacrusis?

dickbonerstein says:

Review FOAD by Broken Bones or Dance With Me by TSOL

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

@SirJarred It’s not a statement, it’s an assumption.

TheJarritosman says:

Yeah, just two more day’s ’till it comes out!

gumbys says:

I’m impressed by your review, I’m from Québec,seen Voivod,I don’t know how many times, I saw them for the first time in my native Sherbrooke before they released Roooaaarrr,I meet Michel Langevin once in a while and talk with him in obscure little record shops in Montreal and yet I had never really gave much of a thought about some of the songs on Angel Rat.I dispised that album when it came out and threw it in a dark drawer until about a year and a half ago and my,this album is awsome.Good work

Blacktime E-Press says:

He needs to review “Ministry” if he’s gonna review metal

Filion91 says:

@TheRedSpetsnaz fuck yeah, I strongly second that!

tomcornhole says:

NOTHINGFACE was a masterpiece of progressive space metal….ANGEL RAT is a piece of pop crap, except for the one great song on it, ‘ Golem ‘

Eruantano says:

Music reviews only work if you provide audio samples of the album in the review. Words only go so far. One needs to hear the music to ultimately decide if its for them or not.

GrayNeko says:

#David Medina Are you kidding me? They were on FIRE! Still riding the wave they created on War and Pain, just approaching it differently than before! If anything, leaving thrash behind let them be better songwriters and musicians. Everybody’s in fine fettle here, no, it’s not Killing Technology, that’s the point! They grew, they learned, they evolved. Isn’t that point of being musicians?

Leo Zack says:

Stick to video games man. This album is terrible. Voivod stopped being good at that point.

Zachary Traylor says:

@ChimairaGod I getta see them in Anchorage Alaska.

Nicolas Collart says:

Angel Rat is a great album but I still consider Nothingface superior… Their 2003 album simply named Voivod was also really good.

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

@SirJarred There is difference between stating something (or implying), and assuming something.

English isn’t my primary language, nor is it my secondary language. So the public school system has done me fine.

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

@SirJarred People who use the word “perpetual virgins”… are most likely virgins themselves… and maybe even perpetual.

SevereRepugnance says:

Great review man! Love Voivod

deraickripper says:

derek, you fucking asshole, i love your nintendo reviews and you waited ALL this time to tell us that you are a REAL METALHEAD?

voivod rules best canadian band EVER (sorry annihilator)! keep doing this! maybe some tankard, death or angel witch, you re the colelest reviewer here, let my bought you a beer next time you travel to chile.

GrapplerMaster says:

I thought you’d be whiter.

Hellucinogen79 says:

now you’re speaking more my language. I dig video games just fine, but if you start reviewing more of this kinda stuff, I’ll be a regular. How about a review of a classic album by ANGELWITCH next? Any album will work cuz they all kicked ass:)

Xendmust says:

You should review more music albums (metal of course)! PROG FTW

SiGhast says:

I think playing samples of songs is absolutely required if you’re going to review music. No matter how much you analyze something, the audience will have no way of knowing how good it sounds in their ears until they listen to it.

Also, forming your playlists after other people’s consensus is wholly unmetal.

Dylan Burtch says:

check out beyond creation and archspire for some current canadian metal!

ella goldbloom says:

fantastic barnet you got going on.

Relytia says:

I love this review Derek! Your insight applied to metal? Sounds awesome, but I must ask, did you run out of games to review and have to find something else? lol

HolyMilck says:

I love this album. I think its a bit better than nothingface. Just personal Opinion. I started with killing technology and all their earlier albums but these late 80’s early 90’s was an amazing era for Voivod.

n0minombre says:

Dude sounds like a lady

1000fantomas says:

Very very good and mature record VoiVod made here.Excelent album.

Dick Spanner says:

How old were you in 1991? I doubt you’d heard of VOIVOD then.

SiGhast says:

@Filion91 That is quite true. But I still find the whole concept of music reviews pointless. But that’s just me. Clearly others want this.

João Correia says:

This is probably Voivod’s finest 90’s moment, this is just genius metal.

Cptkangaroo says:

@ZJtraylor What city are you seeing them in? There good live. Ive seen them probably 10 times already. Have fun!

SiGhast says:

@SirJarred Good sir, you’ve been listening to the wrong metal.

sanderstrebor says:

Review Propaghadi – Todays Empires Tomorrows Ashes

SiGhast says:

@badassundergroundLP So, only the most mainstream, questionably metal albums possible? Gee!

ElusiveHermit says:

best video game reviewer on YouTube is a Voivod fan… makes sense.

PS3GuitarMan says:

You should check out “A Forest of Stars” if you haven’t yet. Nobody has actually done a video review of anything they’ve done yet even though they have 4 great albums.
They’re the most unique metal band or even band in general I can think of using progressive structures and sculpting their own style by mixing black metal with pink floyd like psychedelic experimentation. With that being one of their greatest traits, I will leave you to explore many of their other quirks and analyse what you think of them.

“A Shadowplay For Yesterdays” is an amazing representation of the band and they also have a new album which I’m not quite as keen on personally but still enjoy it none the less called “Beware the Sword You Cannot See”.

brokendeath18 says:

review Decapitated – Carnival is Forever

StormlitAqua says:

Just wanna thank Derek after all these years for turning me on to Voivod, who are now one of my favorite bands. Took me a while to get into this album but now it’s my second favorite by them.

VoltSlash says:

Please Derek, Classic Metal Room… Make it happen!

TheJarritosman says:

I wouldn’t be so sure that “their new stuff isn’t very good”, i’m excited to wait for new album coming this January 2013.

DakotaRogers says:

“It’s Angel RAT!” Great review. Makes me want to go and buy the hell out of it.


keep rockin that Dave Mustine hair m/

brokendeath18 says:

I’ve just saw Voivod live in the Eyescream Metal Fest IV and i have a pick from Blackie

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

@SirJarred No geographical location populated by Caucasians is known for intelligence.

51n777z0h4r says:

metal album reviews? derek ? fuck yes more please

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

@IPlayDaBasss Down with white people!!!

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