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Blayne reviews Children of Bodom’s latest record ‘Hexed’

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Jordan Eggers says:

You need to get your mind right Blayne… Under Grass and Clover is easily the best song out of the songs they’ve released so far.

Get your shit and figure it out

Waking Mayhem Official says:

Hexed is a bad ass song!

gavdann1 says:

It doesn’t bother me whether he likes or dislikes the new Bodom record as he turned my ears towards that Sacred Monster record. Thanks eternally BTV.

wolmari says:

Seems you were victim of own preconception what the album and CoB should sound like and didn’t bother listen those that didn’t fit that. Well at least thats the impression I got.

Amith Pandit says:

Blayne is the wrong reviewer for this album. Sam or Sarah should have reviewed this.

lmlCOBHClml says:

probably sounding pretty biased because of my username but id say this is one of the best albums theyve made since are you dead yet. i wouldnt give it a perfect score because the guitar solos were lacking(at least theyre back)but they nailed the harmonies on rhythm. with the last album i think they tried to hard with rhythm guitar and tried to make it groove way to much. to me this album had the perfect amount of speed and groove in the rhythm sections. id give it a 4.5/5

Amity Ranty Pants says:

Thats how a review is meant to be (I dont mean the track by track style), but reviewing it how it is. Dont change Blayne. Although more actual music from the album would be good, after all its a multi media review.

SpookyApparition says:

This is probably the best CoB album since Follow the Reaper, but that’s such a low bar as to be almost meaningless. this is still super boring.

Gar Ben says:

I feel like not even an opinion, that youre really bad at listening to music..not even tryn to be mean, its jus, wth are you not hearing? This one of bodoms best records. it’s So interesting and well thought out n put together, and also displays everything they are..thats a real tiny review of it. And judging from like everyone’s opinions on this record, im mostly stating facts about it

Michael Unterweger says:

Hm. I may disagree with your opinion, but I still can like your video. Or can’t I?! :-O
Seriously, I found it a pretty good record, but then again, I am very easy to please 😉

Mr. Coke says:

I actually liked I Worship Chaos

Michael Holmgaard says:

This is their best album since Hatecrew…. absolutely amazing! Love the whole sound and vibe on this album. Totally wicked and sinister like the early days. My favorit song is “This Road” 🙂

Maor Swan says:

I don’t agree at all. I lost track of COB after mediocre-Blooddrunk, hated all their albums ever since because their sound also changed, not just the vibe, and this album got me back to 2003 being a metalhead kid. I rate this album 5/5 and hope they will go with the older sound for many more albums. No need to “invent the wheels”, I like COB just like that.

Wild Open says:

Yeah I don’t get the Under Grass and Clover criticism. It’s just a tightly written song with a MASSIVE hook at it’s core. I love it. Altogether this album is the best thing they’ve put out since Hate Crew Deathroll.

guitarrock58 says:

I prefer Hexed to their previous album I Worship Chaos, but it’s still not as good as Halo Of Blood which was a masterpiece. I feel like this album mixed elements of the last two albums which is both good and bad, I personally don’t like the drop B tuning they use, it just doesn’t sound like Bodom. I feel like it lacked melodies and guitar-keyboard duel soloing, and the riffs are a little little repetitive. The top tracks for me are Under Grass and Clover and Hecate’s Nightmare, overall I give the album a 7/10.

Gareth says:

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but is this guy absolutely braindead? ‘Hexed’ is easily the best album to come out from Bodom since ‘Follow the Reaper’. Alexi and the rest of the band have obviously gone back to the roots of the music which made them who they are. You’re about as metal as a piece of cardboard if you give this a 5/10. Stick to your veganedgecore you daft prick.

MrChurch69 says:

I thought the last album was better I don’t even want this new one

Vivek Choudhury says:

Lost me at Under grass and clover. Superb song.

Tinga Chhakchhuak says:

Nice review
As always

Markus Kokko says:

Who can hate under grass and glover? WTF

Space Ghost says:

I usually enjoy this dudes reviews but I feel like he missed this one by a mile.

Amorality лул says:

10/5 for album and 0/100 for this review

D H says:


kreshBACON says:

4/5 for me man, I really like it and it’s their best since Hate Crew Deathroll in my opinion.
About the shout outs, Twisted Tower Dire was a great recommendation, never heard of them and they’re great ! And I’m really glad to see Aephanemer, this guys are amazing.

Metal Heart says:

Platitudes and Barren Words is a fucking cool song. I’ve listen to all COB albums, they’re my favorite band. I agree with most of the comments below: this is a good album.

Andrew Narzary says:

Truly awesome album dawg but only I missed the old school Laiho shreddings….

Jared Simons says:

Just discovered your channel in New Zealand and it has been a bit of a binge so far. Love all the reviews. Thanks so much for introducing me to Aephanemer. Love it.
Thought I would also plug some NZ bands. Check out Bulletbelt, Beastwars, Alien Weaponry and Sea of Conflict! Love the channel, keep up the high standard.

bfq3000 says:

Blayne’s a metal snob. When I look at him all I see is a dude in a tophat and monacle, eating caviar on his yacht in St. Tropez. Totally out of touch with us common folk.

Kalabei says:

Best tracks: This Road, Glass Houses, Hexed and Kick in the Spleen. You can pretty much just ignore Under Grass and Clover and Platitudes and Barren Words. Musically they have very little to offer and were chosen as singles alongside This Road probably because they are easy listens and will probably get some radio play at least in Finland.

James Haygreen says:

Does anyone else hate this guy

timmsy1236 says:

I only watch reviews out of intrigue and will always listen to the album myself. i respect others opinions but if i only had this review to go off however i would have missed out on 5/5 album, the album grows on me every time i listen it and it has got a very fresh feel and vibe too it.
TLDR go listen for yourself its free to listen to on youtube before you buy it anyway XD

BetterDeadOnRed says:

I’ll never understand why people value some of your guy’s opinions. Y’all Come off as pretentious elitest cunts lol haven’t heard this whole album yet but the 3 tracks I’ve heard off it are all good. The review on Deicide’s latest album I couldn’t disagree more with so I’m assuming I’ll like this entire album based off Banger TV’s shitty opinions lol

Gar Ben says:

Jeez this got even worse of a review when hes stating another just terrible minded opinion how one cant say they made some crazy music and are jus saying that cuz its not crazy. Dude, youre a full on douche! Hhooow do you have this job. Give it to me pls.

Luiz Edgar says:

The problem is: If the label dispute their videos, BangerTV revenue decreases due to all they should win will be of the label, YouTube unfortunalety do not mediate, the channels must find a Solution. A Brazilian channel explained it few days ago. That’s why this review doesn’t have music clips. Hope all Banger fans can understand it.

Joe Hurovich says:

I’d say this album is 4,5/5. I don’t like all songs, but the majority is above average or good. And WTH!! Under Grass and Clover is the best track in the album. Yeah, it’s “catchy”, but who gives a fuck! It’s good stuff, man. I doesn’t sound like pop at all. And the people that disliked this album can’t actually do better than them.

Theantarex says:

This Mf obviously is not into the old or classic COB´s albums.

Nikki Sturlesi says:

CoB is (was) my favorite band, and i totally agreed with your opinion. And i will note it 2.5/5 too.
“Wings Of Fire” by Brymir (it’s a mix between Follow the Reaper and Wintersun) which it was out the same day is way better and I will give it a 5/5

Gar Ben says:

Lol i just watched the channel youyouyou! Review of the album and its literally the opposite of this guy. This is a terrible review while youyouyou! Shows u how to listen to music, its great.

Andrei Grozea says:

2:32 so you’re basically saying “it’s catchy so it’s bad”? that’s kinda stupid

Tony Klar says:

Yeah, pretty disappointing album.

alfvoet dino says:

still find the first three albums thier best

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