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We review Blackened Death Metal from Chile. Featuring Sarah’s Top 5 albums, a pick local journalist Miguel Negrón and suggestions from our Patreon Donors.

Communion – Communion –
Torturer – Oppressed by the Force –
Death Yell – Descent into Hell –
Temple Below – The Dark Goddess –
Soulrot –
Invocation Spells –
Pentagram – Pentagram compilation

Thanks to Miguel Negrón

Read Sarah’s interview w/ Procession:


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Errefxul says:

Big black metal acts from Chile: Animvs Mortis and Sol Sistere

Khaos 156 says:

Check out Coprófago, Bewitched, Mar de Grises, Hetroertzen, Animus Mortis, Ammit, just to name a few bands that come to mind right now

hutch thirteen says:

great scene to cover … ATOMICIDE!!!

Matt Jordan says:

What track is played at the ending credits?

Nicholas Romig says:

un-ahws-preck-lick-en cult-in

Rafael Urrea says:

Why not cronological order? I feel that it kinda feels more like talking about the evolution of what you are talking about than this format, this ways It sounds like you are showing a bottom to top list

Doug Arnold says:

Very informative. Thanks.

James Kelly says:

Iron Bonehead is a suspect name for a label. Are they a white power label?

Joaquin medrano lam says:

A great death metal band Frome here(Chile) would be recrucide, and a doom death one that I personally like would be weight of emptyness

Gabo Roa says:

Inno Obscuritas, chilenian death metal!!!

S. C. says:

I like this show just to know about this kind of things… but man… this bands are just not for me… they sound like any other whatever-metal subgenre bands xD Unaussprechlichen Kulten is nice though

Prometheus Bloom says:

Don’t say “chilly,” don’t say “chilly” oof, she said chilly.

Korgüll the Exterminator says:

The two Pentagram demos from 1987 are incredible, some of the greatest and most vital death/thrash ever.

Tueddel Mors says:

Check out Undercroft. A few guys from Chile, living in Hamburg, Germany now.

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Nothing really stood out for me but I am super happy seeing these scenes shine! Hyped to see what the the chaps represent next time. Hoping for some Polish, Cascadian (don’t like that term) UK black or Norwegian prog!

Endtyme says:

When I think about Chile everyone seems to ignore Diabolical Messiah whom in my opinion are the best Death Metal band I I’ve heard from that country.That band it’s really IMPRESSIVE.The rest mentioned here sounds like shit in comparison.

Alena C says:

This was a killer episode! Thank you Sarah! And Banger 😉

lalo cura says:


ScottOrKaze says:

I never knew the Chilean scene was so gritty and fun! Fucking perfect metal to jump around to and throw down in the pit

Adrian Strath says:

Sarah, I’m curious as to why you rate these albums so high, yet when you said how much you LOVED Immortal’s new album you still couldn’t give it 5 skulls. Why is this?

Andrea Mattei says:

Didn’t know quite anything about this scene but I’m going to spend more time on these band, thank for the suggestions!

Pablo Parra says:

Hello, Banger TV. Great to see you interest in bands from my continent. I wish one day Banger can make one vid for the Colombian Death Metal bands. I assure you that is a bunch of good ones. Cheers!

Blood Bath says:

Please do one on American Black metal we have some of the best black metal bands Really groundbreaking bands in black metal have come from American like Judas Iscariot , Leviathan , Nachtmystium , Xasthur and Panopticon has music features many familiar elements of black metal, but additionally incorporates bluegrass and Appalachian folk. In addition to sounds typical to heavy metal music, such as distorted guitars and rapid drumming, Panopticon also incorporates a diverse range of additional instrumentation, such as banjos, fiddles, bells, synthesizers and acoustic guitars. More can be said about the other bands i listed and i know there is alot more.

Jeison Rivera says:

Sudamérica! Vamos!

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