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We review Chinese Folk Metal Featuring Dylan’s Top 5 albums, a pick from Tengger Cavalry’s Nature G and suggestions from our Patreon Donors

Voodoo Kungfu –
The Samans –
Dream Spirit –
Snowsedim –
Tengger Cavalry –
Nine Treasures –
Black Kirin –

Thanks to Tengger Cavalry’s Nature G.


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Plasfaria Blarka Anisa says:

I know the Chinese are kinda notorious for copying stuff from the west but the Whalesong is overkill. It’s just Numb with flutes.

Curtis Ebl says:

I know its not ‘metal’ per se, but South Korean Hardcore would be sick!

casperado666 says:

BM from Ukraine next plz 😀

Ian Baer says:

Voodoo Kungfu is fucking incredible…

Yiannis Kathidjiotis says:

whalesong reminds me of eluveitie’s-omnos (early metal version)

Jesse Hilton says:

I see “folk metal” and imma gonna click, no matter what country. Very cool video!

Zoe Philo says:


Dr. Forrester says:

This is definitely not my scene, but I always enjoy hearing the musical stylings of different cultures and the way people from those places try to incorporate them into more familiar metal music

Big piper says:

Tengger Cavalry was actually founded in China – they released some material before Nature moved to the USA and started a new line up. You have also failed to mention Ego Fall – which are admittedly, more metalcore. Good show, nonetheless!

Joshua Jasso says:

Egofall is hella old.

autumnocturne says:

This has been my favorite of the series so far. So many good bands from China I’ve never heard of.

Daniel Staab says:

I would recommend Iranian metal

Javier Pazos says:

I recommend Zuriaake.

Kong Lucifan says:

Just curious about metal scene in korea, i wonder if u guys could make that one?

Rin Taeyeon says:

Check out Unlucky Morpheus there a Japanese power metal/ doom metal band and there badass

ScreamBloodyGwar says:

Yo thanks for the shout out for these bands, they really deserved it. Especially thanks for letting people know about Snowsedim. Here is a band that you missed Song of Chu, I don’t know how they did it but they made groove metal actually interesting by making it melodic and adding Chinese folk elements.

zh xu says:

Maybe you should check this one, Holyarrow , Epic Black Metal in Hokkien language from Southeast China :


Thank you so much for making this video!
As a Chinese metalhead, I have to say your list is absolutely awesome and really helpful for people around the world to get to know Chinese metal.
Actually, it’s almost somewhat a trend for many Chinese metal bands to incorporate some folk elements (or for some just ancient Chinese elements really) in their style, either lyrically, musically or presentationally. There are many great bands as you have mentioned. It can be really cool but sometimes it’s a bit cheesy if you don’t know how to do it properly. Some say it’s a shortcut for bands to “stand out” among others but when almost everyone’s doing it, it kinda loses its uniqueness. But props to those bands who really put their heart in their music and help to develop this genre and the Chinese metal scene overall!
For you guys interested in Chinese folk metal or just metal with Chinese folk elements, I would recommend Black Kirin (one of my favs), Zuriaake (with ancient Chinese presentation), Nine Treasures (of course), Ego Fall (if you are more on the “modern” side).
As far as access to Snowsedim’s music and information as Dylan has mentioned, most Chinese bands don’t use Facebook or Twitter that much, if any at all, since there is this firewall thing going on. They use Weibo which is China’s equivalent of Twitter. Their music can be found on many music apps in China such as Netease. I’m sure you can also find some of them on bandcamp.
Big fan of BangerTV! Thank you for making this. Keep up with the good work folks!

Obssy says:

I also recommend Ego Fall. Great Chinese/Mongolian band with a good mixture of groove and traditional instruments, as well as Tuvan throat singing. Give it a listen!

Samuel Farrens says:

Great video! I always enjoy Dylan’s picks.

Donna says:

i’ve seen Dream Spirit live in Greece! They were awesome, had a great time and they are really nice guys!

Jesse Hilton says:

I would LOVE a video recommending some great “Black N’ Roll” bands! Bands similar to Kvelertak is what I am hoping for personally.

Kaitlin McLean says:

turn the comments back on for the sexism in metal video. pc culture has no place in metal and those that think it does need to hear some real talk

Yuhao Yang says:

Hello from China! Thanks for your video to represent my country and culture.

bucky gloober says:

Ive always loved the sound of folk instruments from that region. Usually dont like cheesedicky metal watering it down for me but Voodoo Kungfu is pretty fuckin gnarly. So thanks for that.

Ricardo Magno says:

hahahahaha Folk metal…. we called it differently… it’s just Lame.

Z Z says:

Snowsedim has official weibo page , in Chinese however

Edinson Jimenez says:

When Colombian Black Metal?

William Harvey, Jr. says:

I recommend Yaksa

Adriana Mancuso says:

Ego Fall <3

Fabio Lima says:

to put a caption in Portuguese

er ch says:

can’t believe you guys think Taiwanese wants to be labeled as ‘Chinese.’ lol !! omg, I can’t stop laughing !!! can’t believe there aren’t any comments about that below. but cool show.

Jay V says:

This is why I really enjoy BangerTV you all show metal from all over the world.

JJD says:

Would love a DSBM episode

UberNoodleX says:

Yes, Black Kirin’s first album, National Trauma is fantastic, blending traditional Chinese opera and black metal. 🙂 The band also released a completely acoustic folk album couple of years ago.

Jeff Floyd says:

Mongolian throat singing is the best metal vocal style today! Change my mind!

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