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Bradley reviews “Forever” the new album from Code Orange.
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Bradley Zorgdrager is the Metal/Hardcore Editor for Exclaim!
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Pierce Walters says:

Best album of 2017!!!

Matt Taylor says:

Bands like this need to quit. No melody, boring guitar riffs, no groove. No wonder metal is dying.

Chad M says:

lmao if you didn’t like the sudden stop in Kill the Creator… then what about the one in The Mud? 😀

Jean Lefebvre says:

3 out of 5? I think you just don’t get the record.

Brandon Walls says:

This review was frustrating

brucenatelee says:

Can we just call dissonant chords, um… discords?

Dr. Manhattan says:

Just saw em here in Portland. Crushed.

damillionmalania says:

The thing I liked with the album was the use of modern electronic sounds and the way they actually made it fit without becoming Brokencyde in the process. 😛

Red King says:

lovin the shirt man!

Zysoth says:

Code Orange is addicting and frightening at the same time. When I heard the cut at the end of love is love/return to dust I was freaked out.

William Martin says:

this review is horrible. see code orange in a pit bet you wont !

IɌØN says:

It’s not an easy thing to judge, especially not for me since I only got to know about the band thanks to a friend of mine recently, but I can’t say I liked it much better than their old “Code Orange Kids” stuff, particularly regarding their first full-length (love it!). You’re right saying that they try to be artsy with the sudden stops and since it’s a review based on your point of view, you may also be right claiming they fucked it up. Even though, after all, they are a Hardcore band, which basically stands for doing what the hell you wanna do and that’s something you can’t take away from them. Oh, and the breakdowns are in fact stupidly heavy. Love your reviews! And I still don’t care about being late. More than one fucking year late. Whatever. 😀

WayOfTheFist 36 says:

I think its a good album

Serpico's Beard says:

They’re probably one of the heaviest bands out there right now but their guitar tone and reliance on chuggy breakdown riffs kind of makes a lot of the songs sound the same to me.
Sure, they’re fucking brutal but i don’t really understand why so many people revere them so much.

Heavy Metal Heretic says:

This album is now considered one of the best of 2017.

Jean-Pierre van Wyk says:

Im really enjoying your reviews

Daryl Selix says:

this record is epic..I think it took serious balls to do the cuts…its risky as hell IMO,NOT lazy…its different for sure..and it feels like a total beautifully crafter mess of darkness and anger floating in a big ball of wreckage through space,lol…this record totally made them in my top 5 favorite bands period..heaviest guitar tone on the planet..and I get REAL fucking sick of the constant negative connotations towards Nu Metal online..sure theres a ton of shit Nu metal bands,but theres a TON of shit bands in EVERY genre out there…some of the best bands Ive ever heard are “nu metal”…its opinion though,so..I give the record a 4.5/5

Mike Holly says:

bleeding in the blur is one of my absolute favorite songs right now. such a great song

A金城 says:

Two skulls

That One Guy says:

I fucking love CODE ORANGE

Lucas Garibaldi says:

Wasn’t that big of a fan, felt like an album of moments instead of a coherent whole.

Takfarinas Abdiouene says:

random metal.

Dr. Manhattan says:

I liked the cuts and the creepy ambient and drone parts. They were jarring, and I think that’s what they were going for. The whole album has an unease to it, a kind of intentional dread to emphasize the chaos and heaviness. PRETTY…PRETTY…..PRETTY….good.

TheGanem10 says:

The sudden stops and weirdness in Kill the Creator i think is the uneasy and strange feeling that they were going for

Raed Alamili says:

I wouls give this album a SEND THEM BACK TO TURTLE CREEK/10

holas says:

this guy is the freaking worst reviewer

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