Coffee And Metal – Babymetal ‘Metal Resistance’ Album Review

On todays episode we review Babymetal’s new album ‘Metal Resistance’. So sit back and enjoy!
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Guy Nice says:

Maybe they can’t understand Queen too.

orbitaltower says:

Why did you just skip “KARATE?” which is the leading single in ‘METAL RESISTANCE.’

Denise Mobers says:

Just think of Awadama Fever as the new Gimmie Chocolate

2000jago says:

Who makes up all these “rules” of what qualifies as “metal” or not? Surely the ONLY criteria is “do you enjoy it or not” ? Why deny yourself enjoyment of something because it doesn’t conform to the “rules” that someone made up in order to qualify to enter into a specific genre?
If you don’t like it either way, or for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine, but if you like it but hate on it because it doesn’t conform to your expectations of a “metal band” (4 sweaty guys in a garage, etc), then you’re misguided.

Roger Castro says:


Winter K says:

They are not a band they are a group.
Groups are not the norm in metal butt for the sake of artistic purposes we need to accept that not everything can evolve organically in a garage.
Babymetal is put together by a producer(Kobametal) with a passionate vision that should not always be shot down because he pitched his idea and everything went through Amuse(label) and was agreed upon and paid for. Kobametal is still Babymetals producer and manager(and creator) and always just saying “manufactured” is just putting a negative tone to something that is not negative at all in this instance, but necessary for ideas like this to even have a shot at existing.

Mark Spohn says:

actually Babymetal is beyond just being a gimmick they’ve been around since 2010 not just a couple of years and Babymetal sells out all their solo shows

NotDomo says:

You guys should check out the first album. It’s honestly quite a bit more metal than this one (How much more metal can you get than a song called Headbanger?), and Megitsune is still their best song. I felt this album was sooooo Poppy. I’ll have more to say sometime later.

BladeChild says:

lol, a cash grab gimmick? Better throw your maiden shirt in the trash then.

KillingMachine says:

Watch this and get mind blown

Vincent Suttles says:

you should react to Band Maid they are awesome

HI-METAL says:


Taro says:

May the Fox God bless you.

Singulitarian says:

Something magical. Nuff said!

Katai Kintama says:

Evrybody in this world are created by male and female from SEX. whats wrong?evrything is the same.

agmohdadi says:

That’s the thing. They’re not metal nor are they j-pop. They are a perfect combination of both. They are unique to themselves, or their own genre which is BABYMETAL. They never aimed to be a “metal band” or a “jpop group” from the start. Their aim is to become the “Only One” of its kind. To enjoy this band, you shouldn’t view them as a Metal band, you should just view them as a unique group that makes high quality, enjoyable music.

Saying that it was brought by someone who’s just going to make a “quick buck” out of it, that’s not entirely true. Their producer is a veteran metalhead, Key Kobayashi or KOBAMETAL and he’s backed by top-level musicians. If the producer was just some rich guy that wanted to make a “quick buck”, this concept wouldn’t work. Anyway, when they started 6 YEARS ago, KOBA was basically just a small timer guy that proposes this idea to their agency and it got accepted. They started small (yes, very small like performing in front of mall crowds) and SLOWLY build up their reputation from then on.

Also, all of this wouldn’t work if the girls aren’t hardworking and talented as they are. One of the main reason people love BABYMETAL is because of their astounding live shows. Their live shows plays a very big role in the reason why they are garnering as much attention as they did. In fact, they won Kerrang!’s “Best Live Band” award few days ago. Anyway, their lives usually last for 1hour to 1hour30min where they perform around 13 to 16 songs NON-STOP with DANCING as well. You’d require a damn whole lot of stamina and training to achieve that. The fans acknowledges how hard of a feat that is to do at such a young age and they just can’t help but feels like continuing to support these girls all the way through. Furthermore, they are backed by a very talented backing band called ‘KAMI Band” consisting of 4 top-class musicians (2 gt, 1 bass, 1drum). Their top-level musicianships with the 3 girls as the front women doing their energetic singing & dancing makes their lives one of the most enjoyable out there. I mean, how often do you see w.o.d and mosh pits filled with smiling metalheads. 😀

Barny Thomas says:

They are what they are & I love them… By the way, I’m 45, lifetime Motörhead,Frost,Tankard fan etc … Fresh,fun & still Fukin heavy!!

grizzlednutz says:

The riff on “the one” is enough for me to classify this as a metal band.

Bear Cuddler says:

they even skipped SIS ANGER , GJ on this

Asset says:

I agree on some points, but for me… they are just fun and these days with all the bull shit going on its just good to roll up my windows and crank it and relax. Most Babymetal fans I think are this way of thinking, we know its a gimic but it could last a long while and not to mention they are really great performers in general.

Riduch says:

not so quickly broh, it took 4 years for them to finally appeal to casual metalheads, before that they only appeal to weebs and idol scene fans. but I agree it’s a gimmick. a magical gimmickry

laughing buddha says:

You are not reviewing, you are 2 idiots laughing it up at the most exciting thing of the last 10 years. Stupidity in the flesh.

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