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Brad reviews CONVERGE’S new album “The Dusk in Us”
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Moon Child says:

Damn I’m quite impressed with this band, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of them

Oacir Ferreira says:

Remembered me of Norma Jean… great break parts!

TheGreaterGood80 says:

If you like Ben Koller’s drumming, check out the band Mutoid Man with Stephen Brodsky. He goes ballistic.

Patrick Daley says:


Nocturnal Ritual says:

I think I need to get this album now. Holy shit

Dr. Manhattan says:

I’m commenting before viewing or reading any comments just to say, this album is incredible, and has worked its way up my list of the greatest converge albums. Although not dethroning the gorgeous Jane, it is sitting comfortably close enough to flirt…so stoked to hear your thoughts man. I look forward to your reviews and how good you’ve gotten at them, our tastes often align and I can totally see us kicking back a few beers someday; but this being my absolute favorite fucking band of all time (I have a Jane Doe hand tattoo for fucks sake), I’m even more stoked than usual. Cheers on all your progress brother!

Neel 2000 says:

The title track was very Swans-like in its style and build. An awesome, considering I’m a Swans fan.

And can somebody explain the erect figure on the cover art? It looks like a covered statue, but I know I’m wrong on that.

dvourmusik says:

Brad!! Yez converge is awesome. Jane Doe got me thew high school, and No Heros is my cleaning music.

Toxic Potato says:

Converge is one of those bands that you have to respect, wether you like their music or not. Their songwriting and production has inspired the sound of so many modern bands. No, not just inspired, shaped from the ground up.

Aaron Chris says:

Great video.

Dr. Manhattan says:

*_DUDE WHAT!?_* Your score should’ve been way higher!!! Haha just playing. Awesome review, I can tell you put a lot of work into it and really appreciated every aspect of the record. Cant wait for that Converge retrospective.

Quick Peeks says:

DISCLAIMER: Not Trolling!
You guys are either so arrogant or so dumb to ignore ANNIHILATOR new album, and go for a who-gives-a-shit obscure band from the bowels of hell…
Jeff Waters has done do much for the Canadian metal scene. Fuck he and his band put Canadian Thrash metal on the map back in the 90s’… Have some recognition for the guy… SUPPORTING NEW/UNDERGROUND BANDS IS NOT EVERYTHING…
And ANNIHILATOR is underground anyway…
Please review the new album…

Swiatek702 says:

Honestly, when listening to Converge, I think “this is what Dillinger Escape Plan wants to be”. Weirdly enough, that’s not really an insult, cos DEP have put out some stellar stuff. But that’s still what I think.

Wilhelm Meister says:

Anyone who has been through an overly prolonged Suicidal Tendencies phase and gotten over it for more rewarding fare can’t get terribly excited about Converge.

TeeKay says:

You should definetly check out Solid Mercury on Spotify! This dude goes to same school with me and he makes instrumental “mellow” metal and he is 15? maybe 16 i dont know but he plays every instrument in his room, records it and uploads it to Spotify. But he has only 42 listeners a month anyway he needs some listeners cause i think hes gonna be something in couple of years.

Chase CCC420 says:

somethings up with the audio, no highs? maybe YT

Eric DE BRAUWER says:

Brilliant record, really diverse, hard hitting all over. Would give it a 9|10

Daniel Asher says:

Converge never disappoint and In my opinion , don’t get the love they deserve. It will be on a lot of year end list as usual including mine. Another great review Brad! Hails & Horns!!

K Kr says:

great review can’t wait for the article

Andres Mejia says:

Another outstanding review by B-RAD.

Luny & Milky says:

I guess it’s going to be another contender for the most rotated album on my player x’D

Costantino Andruzzi says:

Salem, MA has always had a special spot in American history, and Converge has put this town on the map of American music since 1990. Period.

Bongwater Jones says:

Am I the only person who doesn’t care for converge? They were ultra popular right when I graduated highschool and I hated it then, still don’t like it now. I’ve “gotten” a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t like back then either, but I still can’t handle more than a few seconds of a converge song.

Dave C says:

I will say upfront I am not really a fan of Converge but this album is not to bad. Instrumentally I like it but the vocals do very little for me. 2.5/5 for me.

Nathan Ma says:

i mean i agree it’s a great album but this guy loses all his objectivity as soon has mentions the back tattoo

Raymond Sanchez says:

Love the record, fantastic review bro!

BrutalV says:

the songwriting on this album is impressive, it’s unconventional, complex, more accessible due to some groove parts. 10/10

Swatchlineart covers says:

Murk and Marrow is disgusting!!!

James Wray says:

Perfect album. Tons of different elements but I love the Unsane tone all over the record.

hol up says:

Vegan boi back at it again

Dave with a fire axe standing on a hill of skulls says:

We love Brad!
We love Brad!

Darth Grimby says:

BANGAR HANGER. I had nothing else to add really, another solid review from Brad. Not a Converge fan at all and from what I’ve heard in this review, not going to start liking it now either.

Avery Johnson says:

Brad is my favorite reviewer. A big reason is because he relates to hardcore kids, and almost none of the others do at all.

y0sefb0i says:

congrats on 100k!

Dudu says:

What a Poor Ampeg Head there

ändrew Salter says:

Honestly , i do like alot of what converge have done over the years but they are the ultimate hipster hardcore band!! the ammount of dudes i see walking around with the bushranger beards ,horn rimmed glasses skinny jeans and a cliche japanese inspired sleeve tattoos wearing a fuckin jane Doe T-shirt have ruined the post hardcore scene for me !! well thats what its like in Australia anyway. all that being said i look foward too checking out this album !! rant over !! xx

Prince Aligorna says:

Converge are godly to me. They’re so hard to pin down in terms of style. I often view them as screamo, but in that 90’s sense. The grind-influenced chaos, the angular guitar riffs, the rolling drums, the bleeding heart lyrics, and the larynx shredding vocals are all present in bands like Antioch Arrow, Heroin, pg.99 (also a huge influence on Pig Destroyer of all bands! JR often wears his pg.99 shirt for press photos!), Saetia, and especially the wonderfully grindy Orchid, as well as more modern bands like Hot Cross, Corn on Macabre, Cobra Kai, From a Second Story Window, Khayembii Communique, Daughters, and Circle Takes the Square (who I swear to God sound like Converge as written by Shakespeare!). A lot of people would disagree with me on that, and that’s understandable given how sullied the term “screamo” has become, like “emo” before it (oddly enough, what’s now called “screamo” sounds more like 90’s emo/post-hardcore, while what passes for “emo” today is a cross of acoustic pop punk like Dashboard Confessional and post-hardcore tinged pop punk like MCR and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus).

I think what we can all agree on though is that this is one killer band. I don’t think they’ve ever made an album I don’t like to some degree. Even the earliest stuff, while more straightforward, was still really good. It’s like since they released Petitioning the Empty Sky though, they’ve been unstoppable. Jake’s vocals are some of the most harrowing I’ve ever heard. I’ve tried to do those vocals before. I can’t do it. I physically hurt myself trying. How the hell he does it remains a mystery to me. His lyrics are some of the most poetic but also immediate as well. Everything feels like it comes from the heart, and sometimes Jake’s heart is a very sad place. And then sometimes it’s a very scary place. Or a very cynical place. Add to that Kurt’s slashing and off-kilter riffs that sound like shards of broken glass being fired from a sonic cannon firing over a wall of old rabbit ear TV static, and it’s a draining but rewarding time. Their best weapon though, in my eyes, is Ben. I rank Ben is probably my second favorite drummer in the business today behind Brann Dailor, and both of them are what I call “the endless roll”. Because that’s what it is. It’s like they don’t know what a straight 4/4 rock beat is. Everything is just rolls, on top of ,more rolls, on top of the occasional blast beat or thrash/skank beat in Ben’s case. It’s drumming that builds to these ridiculous crescendos that leave breathless and crying for release. His drumming is like tantric sex. And then you get the songs that have breakdowns in them, and the relief you feel from those guitars and drums slowing down and pounding your soul into submission…yeah, it’s like tantric sex. Those are the kinds of breakdowns that make you feel like you’ve touched God.


Congrats Banger for 100 thousands subscriber’s.

svoboda simon says:

bravo. good comments and no shit

Joseph Clark says:

You gave a great review! So good that I subscribed. In my opinion there are not enough metal heads that have converge in their library. This is one important band to have in your collection. Thanks banger tv!

Josh Borders says:

I see some similarities of the title track with I Can See Houses by Failure. The build is more epic here, but definitely in the same vein. Great review by the way.

Justin Freeman says:

hammer-on pull-off thing…like a flam?

Fabio B.M. says:

Brad rules!

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