CORROSION OF CONFORMITY No Cross No Crown Album Review | Overkill Reviews

Sarah reviews the latest CORROSION OF CONFORMITY album “No Cross No Crown.”
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HinjuRock says:

0:55 You forgot to add stoner metal 😉

813lynch says:

I dig it. Are you guys gonna review the New Illegals record ? I hope so. Regardless I have my pre-order for Illegals & Ministry,both coming soon. I hope y’all review em.

Johan Leiva Saldarriaga says:

I don’t like this new review format, play more songs and comment on it, it was better like that

Christophe Starling says:

Your hot Sarah!!!! Love your ear rings!!!! Ozzy & King Diamond!!!

Tommy G says:

Raw speedball music !!! Holy hell they are still the greatest. .been my favorite band since 85

dezionlion says:

you’re not even old enough to know what Corrosion does best!

Charles Stone says:

Sounds like the great dark blues sound is gone. I’m worried.

Guse says:

please review Angra’s OMNI, from fucking brazil!!

Charles Stone says:

COC! Long whip big America!

Keith McGrath says:

I’ll check soon.

Yves Arsenault says:

I love this album.

Sleepy Jarvis says:

LOVE LIVE C.O.C !!!!! 5 Skulls All The Way !!!!

Farley's Retro Fancave says:

I miss the punk/crossover COC.

Moses Garner says:

COC has been one of my all time favorite bands since I fist heard them when the Blind album came out. There’s not one record I dislike. A lot of people didn’t dig Americas Volume Dealer but I liked it. I LOVED the last 2 albums they put out without Pepper but…now that he’s back THIS album is jusy KILLER from start to finish. Too long? I guess I see that but for me…it’s the right length. Very much reminds me of Deliverance in it’s song structure and length but also Wiseblood and In the Arms of God.

I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this record and the boys brought it! All of their various styles are present and the riffs…the power of their riffs compel me! MY only complaint is that Pepper sings lead on all of the songs (I think). I wish they would mix it up when he’s in the band because THEY ALL can deliver great lead vocals. I’d very much dig a record where they all take a stab at that the lead vocal role. That’s my only complaint.

Benjamin Adler says:

Sarah, whoever writes your copy needs to be fired.

Lincoln Whisler says:

Got to see them in Springfield MO last week. Crazy good… don’t miss them if you get the chance.

Blackmoore_AJPW82 says:

Although a fan of the Pepper material I still prefer “Eye for an Eye” & “Animosity” over the rest.

Ken G says:

Haha. Classic lineup? I know she means “most popular” lineup but didn’t In the Arms of God come out in 2005? Yes. Yes, it did. Then she doubles down with the “classic lineup” thing. Who in COC was ever in Superjoint Ritual!? Moving on…She knows In the Arms of God is a thing but by now it’s clear she’s just reading something. And that’s worse because now there are at least two people at Banger who can’t do simple research and editing. I understand that not everyone is into COC like me and most of you judging by the comments but as a media outlet, even a simple Youtube channel, you gotta do you your homework or you’ll quickly expose how amateur and ignorant you are.

Garnet K says:

I remember seeing COC with no means no in vancouver in 1987. good times.

nps1016 says:

Great review Sarah. I’m really digging on this album, is their best one since Wiseblood. I can’t wait to see them live.

ComatoseMN says:

I wonder if she knows Pepper Keenan is in down….


Ascendo Tuum says:

This is why “millennials” should not do rock/metal reviews of something they know nothing about. At the 5 minute mark she’s trying to describe what she’s hearing. She’s way off! It’s esoteric/pagan in nature. I know this because I have a Masters in History, I’ve read nearly a 100 books on ancient history, and I’ve read dozens of books by Manly P. Hall. Plus, I’ve notice a lot of other bands going this route via lyrics and in even in their videos. It’s not rocket science. And yet, I still enjoy these bands, despite the fact that they sing about esoteric/pagan things. It is, what it is.

Tyler Baldonade TBOT6 says:

Still surprised there’s no Cavalera Conspiracy’s Psychosis review yet.

813lynch says:

Also- I’m so happy I got to see em on the 7th with Eyehategod and BLS at Upstate Concert Hall in NY. Eyehategod killed it, as did COC. I went for them primarily, altho Zakk is always great. Loved it !

Jon Macisaac says:

Fuck I hate your reviews

WMMA Scoop with Jeremy Ginger says:

Great job Sarah!

Ian Alderman says:

Pre-ordered mine, can’t wait for it to get to my house!

Jason Miller says:

Not impressed by the knowledge shown here, poor research??

Richard King says:

Hello cutey!

Joseph Mikson says:

Terrible show…..terrible host. Give it up

The Negan Guy says:

3.3/5 skulls it is quite a good album

Lee Rochester says:

While I’m happy Pepper is back, this record is just plain weak compared to “Deliverance”, “Wiseblood” and “America’s Volume Dealer”.

Pascal Cousineau says:

The first track isn’t Cast the first stone. The album isn’t too long. ..I don’t think this album had short attention spanned millennials in mind though.

SamhainMisfit says:

The album is great – it has lots of Sabbath influences and undertones whilst remaining original. It’s much better on repeated plays.

*TheVoxOfReason* says:

Really, it sounds like COC. That’s a good thing. They were always a good time.

Giorgi Khazaradze says:

Great review!!
It would be great to review Watain new album as well as Shining and Summoning

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