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Brad reviews new album from Japan’s CROSSFAITH, Ex-Machina

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ändrew Salter says:

EDM .dubstep.metalcore !!! Literally everything I hate mixed together!!! Nope!!!!!

Misaki Moonwing says:

Sadly have to agree with you on this one. For the people who are interested in different Japanese bands: Lynch., DEATHGAZE, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Gyze, Galneryus. Or just check the Visual Kei scene. Plenty of fun!

serranoserrano says:

Dude, Crossfaith sucks! Don’t forget Thousand Eyes! They are Melodic Death Metal band from Tokyo.

Son Of Voorhees says:

Crystal lake or earthists

Pete Hawthorne says:

When in my old band we played in Osaka with an incredible band called RIVERGE, very raw. Highly recommend.

Journey The Crab says:

…Yes yes.

jeffhardy181371 says:

Their first album/ep was the coolest shit ever. Especially the song mirror. That song is a top 20 metal song for me. Check that song out if you don’t believe me.

Simone Arata says:

Endon. Heavy as fuck and excellent music.

Brad Carter says:

Yeah, I’m giving this one a hard pass.

Jedrarx says:

You should try crystal lake new song came out called aeon

lewis56405 says:

Funny, he seems clearly upset that the album is not better than it could have been!!!

Heavy Metal Heretic says:

Is there a way you can do less then one star

DimsiRupsi says:

SIGH is a really awesome band from Japan!

O748159263O says:

Japan band: Friendship “Hatred”. They call it powerviolence – it doesn’t sound like powerviolence to me, but it’s incredible. Truly. They recently released an ep called “Orange” that seems to be a physical copy only thing. And to pique Brad’s interest: they have a cover of “Concubine” on their bandcamp (they nail it).

sam hilterbrand says:

I love the album

Son Of Voorhees says:


92dunbar says:

Regardless of people’s opinions of the album they are still the best band I’ve seen live. Absolutely incredible

zgsoad says:

Death I am released a really great Death Metal album in 2016 (?), self titled. Really nice riffs. Nothing ground breaking but you have your catchiness and your heaviness and I think oyu might dig it.

BoledGAMING says:

Next please review to the new album from dir en grey, please

Donald Soto says:

How did Brad end up reviewing this garbage? He obviously hated it.

S quisky says: crystal lakes. Totally up your alley brad.

BANGERTV - All Metal says:

Q: Why did you call this Ex-Machina? And not Deus Ex-Machina?
A: Because the album is called Ex-Machina. Deus Ex-Machine is just one track. It’s what the album is called in every official Crossfaith page and record shop. Example:

mamoru samuragouchi says:

This album is shit I agree but combining electronic sound and metalcore is what they’ve been doing ever since they started the band. So if you hate ‘electronicore’ then why did you even try it?

SnowboarderBo says:

Church Of Misery totally fucking rocks! So does Sarugutuwa! And don’t forget Bo Ningen!

Simon Metal says:

I just threw up in my mouth a bit

LucidityNow says:

hockey song comment was gold, keep up the good work

Dibbo 92 says:

Crossfaith are shit

Ramin Mikkola says:

Ningen-Isu , Church of Misery, Sabbat, Anthem, Loudness, Bathtub Shitter and Melt-Banana

Peter Brown says:

Metal Hipster

Henrique Aguiar says:

I am bleeding inside, just from the clips you played… Props to you for having to listen to this…

DarkNoctus says:

you didn’t put manticora in the shout outs list

Wietse Pot says:

Maximum the Hormone


Crystal Lake is a great metalcore band from Japan

declaration14 says:

Crossfaith do not have 5 albums do they? I only have 2 and an EP!

Iqbal Hidayat says:

You have to listen coldrain and maybe you can review them

Marc Malloy says:

I think they’re doing their thing, obviously they enjoy a variety of music but so do bands like enter shikari who have influence on crossfaith so I’m not surprised they haven’t found a single genre for their music

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