CRYSTAL VIPER Queen Of The Witches Album Review | Overkill Reviews

Sarah reviews the new album from Crystal Viper entitled ‘Queen of The Witches’
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Francesca Scopelliti says:

Sarah, where did you get your tee

Benjamin Decker says:

Ross the Boss is not Manowar!!! He co-wrote like 3-4 songs and had no big impact on the sound. As a bonus in the shit sandwich he lives of his minor role in the band for the rest of his career. Everybody raving about the KiT concert is just weird to me. Eric and Joey are Manowar. Everybody else is just a hired gun for me.

Sindre Pauli Vik says:

Veil of Maya Review

Aeturnus says:

Nice review. Can’t say I enjoyed the band though. Pretty generic stuff.

Mike Lüders says:

Good Review.

Dopa M1n3rva says:

The general, overwhelming (and highly justified) positivity of most of the review doesn’t at all justify knocking it down to a mediocre/condescending 3.5/5 at the end, just because of some dogmatic waffle about the “acceptability” of ballads.

pelodelperro says:

I’m not into this kind of metal but I appreciate a good review. Keep it up, guys!

MicShazam says:

Now that I actually own this album and have heard it a handful of times, I think it’s pretty much great! I fucking love how catchy it is. The vocals, the layering, the solos, the melodies, the song structures, the production – I’m loving all of it!
Best metal album of the year so far in my book, no joke.

Joshua Wilson says:

Auto-like for the shirt.

השם יברך yitzchakq psykaba says:

I actually only came to watch sarah..

Jesus Frias says:

such a beautiful seeing her review albums she knows her metal

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Sounds super generic but I like the reviews

Eduardo Robles says:

ballads are not bad, theyre more for special occasions. not much use unless its for a loved one.

Bill Hansen says:

Stop saying “juxtaposed,” all the time.

regularjon says:


donnyhayproductions says:

you guys need to do a lock horns episode on slam metal

Jack Harmon-Davis says:

Crystal viper is not only one of my favorite female fronted band, the other being the awesome brutal/technical death metal Abnormality, but crystal viper s also one of my favorite newer heavy metal bands too

Kenneth Taylor says:

I’ve been looking forward to this for years and it sounds great! So glad to have new stuff from them. New Crystal Viper and Overkill albums within a week or two of each other..good month for me.

damillionmalania says:

Great review, not too sure about the album. If you like this kind of music you should really check out Skull Fist, though! Canadian awesomeness! 😀

Matthew Spicka says:

have any of you reviewed Unleash the Archers?

theMetal Gator666 says:

steve grimmet got his leg amputated holy shit!

Aris Panagiotopoulos says:

Didn’t really expect you guys to deal with Crystal Viper, that was a great supeise since I’m a fan of the band! Liked the review and the girl’s style and I also think one ballad would be just fine but still her obsession with this was a bit too much. Also she could have focused on some other even better songs the album has inside. Overall I liked the review, well done.

T. Levi H. says:

Great review for a very generic album. Thanks!

franco montecinos says:

sinergy?…the bitch is back…ajajajja

Hawk999 says:

Well done Sarah. yes, Ross the Boss rules. I enjoyed the review even though I don’t like this style. 🙂

Derek D says:

I adored this album! Crystal Viper is kicking serious ass.

MicShazam says:

I like this band a lot, especially because Marta Gabriel has such a great voice!
I’ve ordered the album and look forward to making up my own mind about it when I get it.
I know this much: The previous Crystal Viper album, Possession, was very good. The first single from the new album was also killer, so… I’m expecting something good.

Kenny Pick says:

Great review! Never heard Crystal Viper before. I’m going to have to pick this up!

Ghostdialoog says:

One of the reasons we dont hear this kind of metal, its overplayed and boring imo. The sound on this is way too thick andbthe constant guitaroverplaying tires me while listening. The production is overkill and makes every part of the band bleed into the other. Not a good listen imo.

Eduardo Robles says:

ever heard of spellcaster from germany? theyre the shit!! lml

MrCyaegha says:

Great review – it gives a good idea of what the album must be like, and also a good feel for the band behind it.

Regarding the ballads… I’m not against ballads in heavy metal (Warlock’s Für Immer is still one of my favorites!), but I think they should really be used sparingly – too many ballads easily disrupt the overall feel of an album, and let’s face it, not all bands who can make kick ass heavy songs can also make good ballads…

Anyway, I loved the first Crystal Viper album when I listened to it years ago, but I didn’t follow what they’ were up to after that; now I’m gonna have to check out the new album!

Christopher Cooper says:

This band kicks ass. Good review.

The Driver says:

Eternal Champion shirt…. That’s a great album and so is their friends Sumerlands. Great traditional metal music. Nice choice, Sarah m/

Bernd Lippert says:

OMG – finally some non black/death/doom metal. Thanks so much!

Is there anyway to buy this album lossless legally?

itsglen9646 says:

I found Crystal Viper on youtube years ago. Glad they are back together and have released a new album. Hopefully there will be a US tour.

CliffBackerTheThird says:

I do sort of like the ballads on the album, but I really admire your general ballad disgust.

KMKimo says:

Brilliant review, Banger has a new star! With these lesser known albums you should be dropping at least 2 reviews a week! This is just excellent material.

christianxfb says:

She is so soft…I know that inside of her, she actually gave them only 3 skulls the extra half was for compassion….What a douche. hahahaha. I think Crystal Viper is really good but they don’t bring something new to the table so I think they deserve 3 skulls as well.

Darren Simes says:

This is a welcome addition to 2017. Sometimes I just yearn for new traditional heavy metal and so few bands are doing this genre right. Metal Church released a solid album in 2016. I love the extreme stuff too, but sometimes I long to harken back to the days of classic Priest, Maiden, Dio and Helloween. m/

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