Deafheaven – Sunbather ALBUM REVIEW


West Coast metal outfit Deafheaven has really improved their sound on this latest outing of theirs, delivering sharper, more triumphant compositions through a barrage of black metal-style instrumentation.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Max Boucher says:

This is about the only metal music I can start listening to and then the vocals come on and its terrifying. All I can listen to the all the way through is irresistible

Nathaniel Byers says:

You might be the only person in the world who listens to more music than I do! I’m impressed!

Pear Lock says:

I like Deafheaven, a lot. Truly, I do.
I can’t help but feel like a LOT of the hate for them is “because they’re not black metal.” But I don’t think they are necessarily trying to be, I think they’re just taking elements from music they like, some of which just happen to be from black metal. The charge that they are trying to be black metal and “redefine the genre”, etc, is a charge that’s always lobbed at them but I’ve NEVER heard them express. Putting words in their mouth essentially. I have never heard them in an interview, say they’re “trying to reinvent the genre,” or whatever stupid shit people accuse them of. For someone who’s listened to them for awhile, they just seem like they’re making music they like.
And I like it! I think the production sounds good, I think the album flows well, has good textural qualities, it’s unique, and memorable. But hey, if you genuinely don’t like them, that’s cool, my dude.

Max Dixon says:

I think Windows is the coolest interlude of the 3, the fucking piano chords….

sloma111 says:

i love to fall asleep to this shhtr.

ronald boreland says:

Explosions in my ASS… Lame screamo lack metal…

Kyle Tomlinson says:

4:46 thats the tattoo he has on his arm

Andre Carvalho says:

I’m in the OathBreacker team.

Lucas Xavier dos Reis says:

HIPSTER! You know the word, I know the word.

Witchy Blackmore says:

I’m not a Black Metal elitist. I just think this is an awful band. I hate that if anyone dislikes this band, they get labeled elitist. I hate Black Metal and I hate this

Peyton Coker says:

burzum is a nazi.

Rashotcake says:

What are the lyrics in this album about?

Metallizombie says:

You sold me on this album. Great record.

Burt Kocain says:

I just listened to this album, as recommended by shoegaze fans. I really didn’t like it though, every track sounded the same to me.

Big1974Jay says:

Love this record, Anthony’s review is spot on

Alberto Ortega says:

this deserves a light 9 at least

percy lmao says:

this album brought tears to my eyes

daniel says:


Jeremy Piquette says:

The peacn tree is the song that made me a Deafheaven fan..the breakdown into the ending is just perfect!!!..

BOT Elmer says:

i see u lost the toothpick hair.

deathzero0212 says:

While it shares a lot in common with some of my favorite albums in the post black metal group, it’s use of positive sounding melodies and lightness on the overall sound contradicts what black metal at it’s core really represents. While it’s obvious stylistically Sunbather takes influence from black metal, it doesn’t take anything other than speed, tremolo picking and crazy drumming. In terms of what emotion and feeling black metal provides, Sunbather lacks that. So because of that, I couldn’t really get into Sunbather. Just felt weak to me, not very intense or dark compared to what I usually listen to and enjoy. It’s definitely for a different crowd entirely. Not a bad album, just isn’t for me.

ThePoopyPeePeeMan says:

4th year

white stick from Fun Dip says:

Was about to check out Deafheaven but needed to hear what melon had to say about them

Punk rock In the wrong hands says:

His least fav track used to be The Pecan Tree.

IKnowKarate says:

I don’t care if it isn’t black metal. This is a good album

yankees 0000 says:

That’s a sexy WITTR vinyl you got there, sir 😛


That album was musically beautiful.

footboy says:

its a screamo album not black metal

Dave Ramer says:

Is Melon that short?

Alexander MR says:

I haven’t listened to this album too many times, maybe not enough, but I just can’t take how it ends.

fireflyry says:

More like worlds busiest music snob. You don’t critique music at all. You pass on what you like and ass fuck the bands you hate.Your a fucking hipster. Period. I’m happy to troll you on that….the complete disrespect you gave Limp Bizkit for example…..fuck off cunt. If you hate them leave them be, I do that with music I’m not into but to call a band out in such a manner?Total disrespect. Music is my passion, the fact you put up a video just to diss on a band you dislike that is a hugely commercial success with the genius that is Wes Borland. Fuck you cunt. Your the worlds busiest music snob.

Anthony Gillis says:

I’m so glad you took the time to make reviews by genre playlists. I had a vague memory of watching your review, and listening to the amazeballs intro song, then passing out. I haven’t come back to listen to it in months, so I couldn’t find it in my history, and I was looking up suneater. If you know any similar, better music much like this, I would appreciate recommendations.

Nathaniel Byers says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this album! I always find the marriage of black metal and shoe-gaze to be a beautiful one!

severi saaristo says:

I’ve been listening to this album a lot the past six months and it’s definitely a pretty great album. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a classic in 20 years from now. All of the elements on the album really compliment each other. And I have to say the drumming is really fantastic on this album.

Lucas Garibaldi says:

I read a lot comments about Deafheaven fans telling purists to go fuck themselves, but I don’t actually see the actual purists whining about deafheaven.

DionysusEleutherios says:

This has since become a Blackgaze masterpiece.

Frank Drebin says:

great album, always thought it sounded like Blut Aus Nord cheered the fuck up and went to the beach. True kvnts, don’t know shit.

jordo thicc boye says:

thats a nice diadem of twelve stars vinyl blackthony metaltano

John Tandberg says:

TLDR: The vocals are UNDERMIXED! and It bugs the crap out of me. Yes I understand it is a statement about the singer being more of an
atmospheric or ambient texture, and not a traitional “rockin’ frontman.”

My biggest complaint about “Sunbather” is the way the vocals are mixed. Yes, I get that the vocals are purposefully undermixed to try and make them part of the atmosphere or ambience. But I wish they could’ve just let the vocals be a little more front and center, a little less reverb, and a good boost to the midrage frequencies so they stuck out more. Especially since the vocals are completely one dimensional and only use screams, and thus have no dynamics, I really wish they had a little bit more of a grip on the mix. I guess the band is making a statement that the vocalist is NOT the centerpiece of the sound, and well they made their point. and I love subdued undermixed vocals that provide atmosphere, hell “TOOL” is a reigning champion in this, but at least tool has dynamics and has very loud vocals to compensate. This album, It’s just not right. I would even settle for a compromise where the vocals get a 50% boost relative to the boost I would apply to them, would be nice. Cool Album though.

King Solomon says:

this album is like if Zao wrote their music in major keys with Godspeed You Black Emperor

XO says:

bunthony bun bun

Dillon Mushen • Expedition Happiness says:

Cal understands

ShoRyu Ken says:

great album!! 8 is great for an anthony review! I will take it!!

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